NIT Season Tip-Off

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North Carolina vs. Tennessee, Third Place Game, November 24, 2006

The NIT Season Tip-Off is an annual college basketball tournament that takes place in November of each year, around the beginning of the season. The first two rounds are held at campus sites and the semifinals and the finals are held at Madison Square Garden. The tournament began in 1985 as the Preseason NIT, so called to distinguish it from the post-season NIT. In 2005, the NCAA purchased the Men's Preseason and Postseason NIT and renamed the November tournament the NIT Season Tip-Off. The tournament remains one of the most well-known preseason tournaments, along with the Maui Invitational and the Great Alaska Shootout.

The tournament had a new format in 2006.[1] The first two rounds were held at regional "common sites" instead of campus sites, making the format more like the postseason NCAA Tournament. The semifinals and finals were still held at Madison Square Garden. In 2006, the common sites were Charlotte, N.C., Nashville, Tenn., Indianapolis and Spokane, Wash. The tournament returned to its previous format in 2007.


Past championship games


 First Round
November 12
November 13
November 21
November 23
1 Michigan9:00 pm 
7 Cleveland State6:00 pm
 Bowling Green  
4 Pittsburgh6:00 pm 
5 Lehigh8:30 pm
6 Robert Morris  
    4:30 pm
3 Kansas State8:00 pm 
 North Texas10:30 pm
2 Virginia7:00 pm 
8 Delaware9:30 pm

*All Times Eastern


 First RoundQuarterfinalsSemifinalsFinals
1 Syracuse95 
 1 Syracuse98 
 1 Syracuse69 
 4 Virginia Tech58 
4 Virginia Tech91 
 4 Virginia Tech78
5 George Mason76
 1 Syracuse69
 3 Stanford63
3 Stanford75 
 Fresno State59 
 3 Stanford64
 7 Colorado State52 
7 Colorado State75
 3 Stanford82
 2 Oklahoma State67 
2 Oklahoma State73 
 Arkansas-Pine Bluff46 
 2 Oklahoma State90
 8 UTSA85 
6 Oral Roberts77
8 UTSA78 


 First RoundQuarterfinalsSemifinalsFinals
1 Villanova84 
 1 Villanova82 
  Boston U.66 
7 George Washington67
 Boston U.76 
 1 Villanova82 
 4 UCLA70 
4 UCLA79 
 4 UCLA57
8 Nevada53
 1 Villanova68
 2 Tennessee78
3 Wake Forest63 
 3 Wake Forest69
 5 VCU90 
5 VCU67
 5 VCU72
 2 Tennessee77 
2 Tennessee85 
 2 Tennessee60
 6 Missouri State56 
6 Missouri State80
 Arkansas State71 


 First RoundQuarterfinalsSemifinalsFinals
1 Duke74 
 Coastal Carolina49 
 1 Duke101 
 8 Charlotte59 
8 Charlotte75
 1 Duke64 
 4 Arizona State53 
4 Arizona State84 
 Texas State62 
 4 Arizona State52
 7 TCU49 
7 TCU83
 Cal State Northridge65 
 1 Duke68
 2 Connecticut59
3 LSU56 
 Indiana State45 
 3 LSU71
 5 Western Kentucky67 
5 Western Kentucky69
 3 LSU55
 2 Connecticut81 
6 Hofstra68 
 6 Hofstra67
 2 Connecticut76 
2 Connecticut77


 First RoundQuarterfinalsSemifinalsFinals
E1 Boston College90 
E4 Loyola (MD)57 
 E1 Boston College82 
 E2 St John's70 
E2 St John's86
E3 Cornell75 
 E1 Boston College64 
 M1 Purdue71 
M1 Purdue87 
M4 Eastern Michigan58 
 M1 Purdue78
 M3 Loyola46 
M2 Georgia53
M3 Loyola (IL)74 
 M1 Purdue82
 S1 Oklahoma87
W1 Arizona75 
W4 Florida Atlantic62 
 W1 Arizona71
 W2 UAB72 
W2 UAB64
W3 Santa Clara61 
 W2 UAB67
 S1 Oklahoma77 
S1 Oklahoma94 
S4 Mississippi Valley State53 
 S1 Oklahoma82
 S2 Davidson78 
S2 Davidson99
S3 James Madison64 


 First RoundQuarterfinalsSemifinalsFinals
E1 Syracuse97 
E4 Siena89 
 E1 Syracuse72 
 E2 St. Joseph's69 
E2 St. Joseph's86
E3 Fairleigh Dickinson66 
 E1 Syracuse65 
 M1 Ohio State79 
M1 Ohio State91 
M4 Wisconsin-Green Bay68 
 M1 Ohio State68
 M2 Columbia54 
M2 Columbia47
M3 Delaware State41 
 M1 Ohio State47
 S1 Texas A&M70
W1 Washington88 
W4 NJIT47 
 W1 Washington83
 W2 Utah77 
W2 Utah77
W3 High Point64 
 W1 Washington63
 S1 Texas A&M77 
S1 Texas A&M67 
S4 Oral Roberts53 
 S1 Texas A&M81
 S2 UTEP76 
S3 Texas A&M-CC62 

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