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NFL playoff results is a listing of the year-by-year results of the NFL Playoff games to determine the final two teams for the championship game. The winners of those games are listed in NFL Championship Game article.
The overall franchise records are shown in the last table.

NFL playoff game results 1933-1966[edit]

Beginning with the 1933 season, the NFL featured a championship game, played between the winners of its two divisions. In this era, if there was a tie for first place in the division at the end of the regular season, a one-game playoff was used to determine the team that would represent their division in the NFL Championship Game. This happened nine times during this era.

Teams who went on to win the NFL Championship Game that season are in bold.
PlayoffsTitle at IssueWinnerLoserScore
1941Western DivisionChicago BearsGreen Bay Packers33-14
1943Eastern DivisionWashington RedskinsNew York Giants28-0
1947Eastern DivisionPhiladelphia EaglesPittsburgh Steelers21-0
1950American ConferenceCleveland BrownsNew York Giants8-3
National ConferenceLos Angeles RamsChicago Bears24-14
1952National ConferenceDetroit LionsLos Angeles Rams31-21
1957Western ConferenceDetroit LionsSan Francisco 49ers31-27
1958Eastern ConferenceNew York GiantsCleveland Browns10-0
1965Western ConferenceGreen Bay PackersBaltimore Colts13-10 (OT)

NFL Conference Championship game results 1967-1969[edit]

For the 1967 season, the NFL split into four divisions (two conferences of two divisions each). Each of the four division champions played in their respective Conference Championship Game, with those winners advancing to the NFL Championship Game. 1967 was the first year where a pre-scheduled playoff (rather than regular season results) determined participation in the championship. It also marked the first year in which if there was a tie for first place in a division, the division champion was determined by a system of tiebreakers, rather than via a playoff game (as detailed in the 1933-1966 era above).

NFL Championship winner in bold, who then faced the AFL champion in the AFL-NFL World Championship Game (later to be known as the Super Bowl)
Eastern Conference ChampionshipWestern Conference Championship
1967Dallas CowboysCleveland Browns52-14Green Bay PackersLos Angeles Rams28-7
1968Cleveland BrownsDallas Cowboys31-20Baltimore ColtsMinnesota Vikings24-14
1969Cleveland BrownsDallas Cowboys38-14Minnesota VikingsLos Angeles Rams23-20

NFL Wildcard Round Game Results 1978-present[edit]

In 1978, the NFL expanded its playoffs pool from 8 to 10 teams, requiring the addition of another round of playoffs. From 1978-1989, this round featured one game per conference between the two wild-card (non-division winners) and thus the name "Wildcard" round. In 1982, the league held a 16-team tournament due to the players strike, which reduced the regular season to just 9 games. The playoffs expanded to 12 teams for the 1990 season, and an additional game was added to this week.

Teams who later went on to win the Super Bowl that season are in bold.
1978-79Houston OilersMiami Dolphins17-9Atlanta FalconsPhiladelphia Eagles14-13
1979-80Houston OilersDenver Broncos13-7Philadelphia EaglesChicago Bears27-17
1980-81Oakland RaidersHouston Oilers27-7Dallas CowboysLos Angeles Rams34-13
1981-82Buffalo BillsNew York Jets31-27New York GiantsPhiladelphia Eagles27-21
1982-83Miami DolphinsNew England Patriots28-13Washington RedskinsDetroit Lions31-7
Los Angeles RaidersCleveland Browns27-10Green Bay PackersSt. Louis Cardinals41-16
New York JetsCincinnati Bengals44-17Minnesota VikingsAtlanta Falcons30-24
San Diego ChargersPittsburgh Steelers31-28Dallas CowboysTampa Bay Buccaneers30-17
1983-84Seattle SeahawksDenver Broncos31-7Los Angeles RamsDallas Cowboys24-17
1984-85Seattle SeahawksLos Angeles Raiders13-7New York GiantsLos Angeles Rams16-13
1985-86New England PatriotsNew York Jets26-14New York GiantsSan Francisco 49ers17-3
1986-87New York JetsKansas City Chiefs35-15Washington RedskinsLos Angeles Rams19-7
1987-88Houston OilersSeattle Seahawks23-20Minnesota VikingsNew Orleans Saints44-10
1988-89Houston OilersCleveland Browns24-23Minnesota VikingsLos Angeles Rams28-17
1989-90Pittsburgh SteelersHouston Oilers26-23Los Angeles RamsPhiladelphia Eagles21-7
1990-91Miami DolphinsKansas City Chiefs17-16Washington RedskinsPhiladelphia Eagles20-6
Cincinnati BengalsHouston Oilers41-14Chicago BearsNew Orleans Saints16-6
1991-92Kansas City ChiefsLos Angeles Raiders10-6Atlanta FalconsNew Orleans Saints27-20
Houston OilersNew York Jets17-10Dallas CowboysChicago Bears17-13
1992-93San Diego ChargersKansas City Chiefs17-0Washington RedskinsMinnesota Vikings24-7
Buffalo BillsHouston Oilers41-38 (OT)Philadelphia EaglesNew Orleans Saints36-20
1993-94Kansas City ChiefsPittsburgh Steelers27-24 (OT)Green Bay PackersDetroit Lions28-24
Los Angeles RaidersDenver Broncos42-24New York GiantsMinnesota Vikings17-10
1994-95Miami DolphinsKansas City Chiefs27-17Green Bay PackersDetroit Lions16-12
Cleveland BrownsNew England Patriots20-13Chicago BearsMinnesota Vikings35-18
1995-96Buffalo BillsMiami Dolphins37-22Green Bay PackersAtlanta Falcons37-20
Indianapolis ColtsSan Diego Chargers35-20Philadelphia EaglesDetroit Lions58-37
1996-97Jacksonville JaguarsBuffalo Bills30-27Dallas CowboysMinnesota Vikings40-15
Pittsburgh SteelersIndianapolis Colts42-14San Francisco 49ersPhiladelphia Eagles14-0
1997-98New England PatriotsMiami Dolphins17-3Minnesota VikingsNew York Giants23-22
Denver BroncosJacksonville Jaguars42-17Tampa Bay BuccaneersDetroit Lions20-10
1998-99Miami DolphinsBuffalo Bills24-17Arizona CardinalsDallas Cowboys20-7
Jacksonville JaguarsNew England Patriots25-10San Francisco 49ersGreen Bay Packers30-27
1999-00Tennessee TitansBuffalo Bills22-16Washington RedskinsDetroit Lions27-13
Miami DolphinsSeattle Seahawks20-17Minnesota VikingsDallas Cowboys27-10
2000-01Miami DolphinsIndianapolis Colts23-17 (OT)New Orleans SaintsSt. Louis Rams31-28
Baltimore RavensDenver Broncos21-3Philadelphia EaglesTampa Bay Buccaneers21-3
2001-02Oakland RaidersNew York Jets38-24Philadelphia EaglesTampa Bay Buccaneers31-9
Baltimore RavensMiami Dolphins20-3Green Bay PackersSan Francisco 49ers25-15
2002-03New York JetsIndianapolis Colts41-0Atlanta FalconsGreen Bay Packers27-7
Pittsburgh SteelersCleveland Browns36-33San Francisco 49ersNew York Giants39-38
2003-04Tennessee TitansBaltimore Ravens20-17Carolina PanthersDallas Cowboys29-10
Indianapolis ColtsDenver Broncos41-10Green Bay PackersSeattle Seahawks33-27 (OT)
2004-05New York JetsSan Diego Chargers20-17 (OT)St. Louis RamsSeattle Seahawks27-20
Indianapolis ColtsDenver Broncos49-24Minnesota VikingsGreen Bay Packers31-17
2005-06New England PatriotsJacksonville Jaguars28-3Washington RedskinsTampa Bay Buccaneers17-10
Pittsburgh SteelersCincinnati Bengals31-17Carolina PanthersNew York Giants23-0
2006-07Indianapolis ColtsKansas City Chiefs23-8Seattle SeahawksDallas Cowboys21-20
New England PatriotsNew York Jets37-16Philadelphia EaglesNew York Giants23-20
2007-08San Diego ChargersTennessee Titans17-6Seattle SeahawksWashington Redskins35-14
Jacksonville JaguarsPittsburgh Steelers31-29New York GiantsTampa Bay Buccaneers24-14
2008-09San Diego ChargersIndianapolis Colts23-17 (OT)Arizona CardinalsAtlanta Falcons30-24
Baltimore RavensMiami Dolphins27-9Philadelphia EaglesMinnesota Vikings26-14
2009-10New York JetsCincinnati Bengals24-14Dallas CowboysPhiladelphia Eagles34-14
Baltimore RavensNew England Patriots33-14Arizona CardinalsGreen Bay Packers51-45 (OT)
2010-11New York JetsIndianapolis Colts17-16Seattle SeahawksNew Orleans Saints41-36
Baltimore RavensKansas City Chiefs30-7Green Bay PackersPhiladelphia Eagles21-16
2011-12Houston TexansCincinnati Bengals31-10New Orleans SaintsDetroit Lions45-28
Denver BroncosPittsburgh Steelers29-23 (OT)New York GiantsAtlanta Falcons24-2
2012-13Houston TexansCincinnati Bengals19-13Green Bay PackersMinnesota Vikings24-10
Baltimore RavensIndianapolis Colts24-9Seattle SeahawksWashington Redskins24-14
2013-14Indianapolis ColtsKansas City Chiefs45-44New Orleans SaintsPhiladelphia Eagles26-24
San Diego ChargersCincinnati Bengals27-10San Francisco 49ersGreen Bay Packers23-20

NFL Divisional Round game results 1970-present[edit]

Starting with the 1970 merger with the American Football League the NFL expanded its playoffs to 8 teams total. The round of 8 has traditionally been known as the "Divisional" round.

Teams who later went on to win the Super Bowl that season are in bold.
1970-71Baltimore ColtsCincinnati Bengals17-0Dallas CowboysDetroit Lions5-0
Oakland RaidersMiami Dolphins21-14San Francisco 49ersMinnesota Vikings17-14
1971-72Miami DolphinsKansas City Chiefs27-24 (2OT)Dallas CowboysMinnesota Vikings20-12
Baltimore ColtsCleveland Browns20-3San Francisco 49ersWashington Redskins24-20
1972-73Pittsburgh SteelersOakland Raiders13-7Dallas CowboysSan Francisco 49ers30-28
Miami DolphinsCleveland Browns20-14Washington RedskinsGreen Bay Packers16-3
1973-74Oakland RaidersPittsburgh Steelers33-14Minnesota VikingsWashington Redskins27-20
Miami DolphinsCincinnati Bengals34-16Dallas CowboysLos Angeles Rams27-16
1974-75Oakland RaidersMiami Dolphins28-26Minnesota VikingsSt. Louis Cardinals30-14
Pittsburgh SteelersBuffalo Bills32-14Los Angeles RamsWashington Redskins19-10
1975-76Pittsburgh SteelersBaltimore Colts28-10Los Angeles RamsSt. Louis Cardinals35-23
Oakland RaidersCincinnati Bengals31-28Dallas CowboysMinnesota Vikings17-14
1976-77Oakland RaidersNew England Patriots24-21Minnesota VikingsWashington Redskins35-20
Pittsburgh SteelersBaltimore Colts40-14Los Angeles RamsDallas Cowboys14-12
1977-78Denver BroncosPittsburgh Steelers34-21Dallas CowboysChicago Bears37-7
Oakland RaidersBaltimore Colts37-31 (2OT)Minnesota VikingsLos Angeles Rams14-7
1978-79Pittsburgh SteelersDenver Broncos33-10Dallas CowboysAtlanta Falcons27-20
Houston OilersNew England Patriots31-14Los Angeles RamsMinnesota Vikings34-10
1979-80Houston OilersSan Diego Chargers17-14Tampa Bay BuccaneersPhiladelphia Eagles24-17
Pittsburgh SteelersMiami Dolphins34-14Los Angeles RamsDallas Cowboys21-19
1980-81San Diego ChargersBuffalo Bills20-14Philadelphia EaglesMinnesota Vikings31-16
Oakland RaidersCleveland Browns14-12Dallas CowboysAtlanta Falcons30-27
1981-82San Diego ChargersMiami Dolphins41-38Dallas CowboysTampa Bay Buccaneers38-0
Cincinnati BengalsBuffalo Bills21-10San Francisco 49ersNew York Giants38-24
1982-83New York JetsLos Angeles Raiders17-14Washington RedskinsMinnesota Vikings21-7
Miami DolphinsSan Diego Chargers34-13Dallas CowboysGreen Bay Packers37-26
1983-84Seattle SeahawksMiami Dolphins27-20San Francisco 49ersDetroit Lions24-23
Los Angeles RaidersPittsburgh Steelers38-10Washington RedskinsLos Angeles Rams51-7
1984-85Miami DolphinsSeattle Seahawks31-10San Francisco 49ersNew York Giants21-10
Pittsburgh SteelersDenver Broncos24-17Chicago BearsWashington Redskins23-19
1985-86Miami DolphinsCleveland Browns24-21Los Angeles RamsDallas Cowboys20-0
New England PatriotsLos Angeles Raiders27-20Chicago BearsNew York Giants21-0
1986-87Cleveland BrownsNew York Jets23-20 (2OT)Washington RedskinsChicago Bears27-13
Denver BroncosNew England Patriots22-17New York GiantsSan Francisco 49ers49-3
1987-88Cleveland BrownsIndianapolis Colts38-21Minnesota VikingsSan Francisco 49ers36-24
Denver BroncosHouston Oilers34-10Washington RedskinsChicago Bears21-17
1988-89Cincinnati BengalsSeattle Seahawks21-13Chicago BearsPhiladelphia Eagles20-12
Buffalo BillsHouston Oilers17-10San Francisco 49ersMinnesota Vikings34-9
1989-90Cleveland BrownsBuffalo Bills34-30Los Angeles RamsNew York Giants19-13 (OT)
Denver BroncosPittsburgh Steelers24-23San Francisco 49ersMinnesota Vikings41-13
1990-91Buffalo BillsMiami Dolphins44-34San Francisco 49ersWashington Redskins28-10
Los Angeles RaidersCincinnati Bengals20-10New York GiantsChicago Bears31-3
1991-92Denver BroncosHouston Oilers26-24Washington RedskinsAtlanta Falcons24-7
Buffalo BillsKansas City Chiefs37-14Detroit LionsDallas Cowboys38-6
1992-93Buffalo BillsPittsburgh Steelers24-3San Francisco 49ersWashington Redskins20-13
Miami DolphinsSan Diego Chargers31-0Dallas CowboysPhiladelphia Eagles34-10
1993-94Buffalo BillsLos Angeles Raiders29-23San Francisco 49ersNew York Giants44-3
Kansas City ChiefsHouston Oilers28-20Dallas CowboysGreen Bay Packers27-17
1994-95Pittsburgh SteelersCleveland Browns29-9San Francisco 49ersChicago Bears44-15
San Diego ChargersMiami Dolphins22-21Dallas CowboysGreen Bay Packers35-9
1995-96Pittsburgh SteelersBuffalo Bills40-21Green Bay PackersSan Francisco 49ers27-17
Indianapolis ColtsKansas City Chiefs10-7Dallas CowboysPhiladelphia Eagles30-11
1996-97Jacksonville JaguarsDenver Broncos30-27Green Bay PackersSan Francisco 49ers35-14
New England PatriotsPittsburgh Steelers28-3Carolina PanthersDallas Cowboys26-17
1997-98Pittsburgh SteelersNew England Patriots7-6San Francisco 49ersMinnesota Vikings38-22
Denver BroncosKansas City Chiefs14-10Green Bay PackersTampa Bay Buccaneers21-7
1998-99Denver BroncosMiami Dolphins38-3Atlanta FalconsSan Francisco 49ers20-18
New York JetsJacksonville Jaguars34-24Minnesota VikingsArizona Cardinals41-21
1999-00Jacksonville JaguarsMiami Dolphins62-7Tampa Bay BuccaneersWashington Redskins14-13
Tennessee TitansIndianapolis Colts19-16St. Louis RamsMinnesota Vikings49-37
2000-01Oakland RaidersMiami Dolphins27-0Minnesota VikingsNew Orleans Saints34-16
Baltimore RavensTennessee Titans24-10New York GiantsPhiladelphia Eagles20-10
2001-02New England PatriotsOakland Raiders16-13Philadelphia EaglesChicago Bears33-19
Pittsburgh SteelersBaltimore Ravens27-10St. Louis RamsGreen Bay Packers45-17
2002-03Tennessee TitansPittsburgh Steelers34-31 (OT)Tampa Bay BuccaneersSan Francisco 49ers31-6
Oakland RaidersNew York Jets30-10Philadelphia EaglesAtlanta Falcons20-6
2003-04New England PatriotsTennessee Titans17-14Carolina PanthersSt. Louis Rams29-23 (2OT)
Indianapolis ColtsKansas City Chiefs38-31Philadelphia EaglesGreen Bay Packers20-17 (OT)
2004-05Pittsburgh SteelersNew York Jets20-17 (OT)Atlanta FalconsSt. Louis Rams47-17
New England PatriotsIndianapolis Colts20-3Philadelphia EaglesMinnesota Vikings27-14
2005-06Denver BroncosNew England Patriots24-13Seattle SeahawksWashington Redskins20-10
Pittsburgh SteelersIndianapolis Colts21-18Carolina PanthersChicago Bears29-21
2006-07Indianapolis ColtsBaltimore Ravens15-6New Orleans SaintsPhiladelphia Eagles27-24
New England PatriotsSan Diego Chargers24-21Chicago BearsSeattle Seahawks27-24 (OT)
2007-08New England PatriotsJacksonville Jaguars31-20New York GiantsDallas Cowboys21-17
San Diego ChargersIndianapolis Colts28-24Green Bay PackersSeattle Seahawks42-20
2008-09Baltimore RavensTennessee Titans13-10Arizona CardinalsCarolina Panthers33-13
Pittsburgh SteelersSan Diego Chargers35-24Philadelphia EaglesNew York Giants23-11
2009-10Indianapolis ColtsBaltimore Ravens20-3New Orleans SaintsArizona Cardinals45-14
New York JetsSan Diego Chargers17-14Minnesota VikingsDallas Cowboys34-3
2010-11Pittsburgh SteelersBaltimore Ravens31-24Green Bay PackersAtlanta Falcons48-21
New York JetsNew England Patriots28-21Chicago BearsSeattle Seahawks35-24
2011-12Baltimore RavensHouston Texans20-13San Francisco 49ersNew Orleans Saints36-32
New England PatriotsDenver Broncos45-10New York GiantsGreen Bay Packers37-20
2012-13Baltimore RavensDenver Broncos38-35 (2OT)San Francisco 49ersGreen Bay Packers45-31
New England PatriotsHouston Texans41-28Atlanta FalconsSeattle Seahawks30-28
2013-14Denver BroncosSan Diego Chargers24-17Seattle SeahawksNew Orleans Saints23-15
New England PatriotsIndianapolis Colts43-22San Francisco 49ersCarolina Panthers23-10

NFL Conference Championship game results 1970-present[edit]

Note: Since the AFL-NFL Merger, the playoffs have generally been held over two calendar years. For example, the Indianapolis Colts are regarded as the 2006 NFL Champions even though the Super Bowl was in February 2007.
Super Bowl winner in bold. For a list of Super Bowl games, see List of Super Bowl champions.
AFC ChampionshipNFC Championship
1970-71Baltimore ColtsOakland Raiders27-17Dallas CowboysSan Francisco 49ers17-10
1971-72Miami DolphinsBaltimore Colts21-0Dallas CowboysSan Francisco 49ers14-3
1972-73Miami DolphinsPittsburgh Steelers21-17Washington RedskinsDallas Cowboys26-3
1973-74Miami DolphinsOakland Raiders27-10Minnesota VikingsDallas Cowboys27-10
1974-75Pittsburgh SteelersOakland Raiders24-13Minnesota VikingsLos Angeles Rams14-10
1975-76Pittsburgh SteelersOakland Raiders16-10Dallas CowboysLos Angeles Rams37-7
1976-77Oakland RaidersPittsburgh Steelers24-7Minnesota VikingsLos Angeles Rams24-13
1977-78Denver BroncosOakland Raiders20-17Dallas CowboysMinnesota Vikings23-6
1978-79Pittsburgh SteelersHouston Oilers34-5Dallas CowboysLos Angeles Rams28-0
1979-80Pittsburgh SteelersHouston Oilers27-13Los Angeles RamsTampa Bay Buccaneers9-0
1980-81Oakland RaidersSan Diego Chargers34-27Philadelphia EaglesDallas Cowboys20-7
1981-82Cincinnati BengalsSan Diego Chargers27-7San Francisco 49ersDallas Cowboys28-27
1982-83Miami DolphinsNew York Jets14-0Washington RedskinsDallas Cowboys31-17
1983-84Los Angeles RaidersSeattle Seahawks30-14Washington RedskinsSan Francisco 49ers24-21
1984-85Miami DolphinsPittsburgh Steelers45-28San Francisco 49ersChicago Bears23-0
1985-86New England PatriotsMiami Dolphins31-14Chicago BearsLos Angeles Rams24-0
1986-87Denver BroncosCleveland Browns23-20 (OT)New York GiantsWashington Redskins17-0
1987-88Denver BroncosCleveland Browns38-33Washington RedskinsMinnesota Vikings17-10
1988-89Cincinnati BengalsBuffalo Bills21-10San Francisco 49ersChicago Bears28-3
1989-90Denver BroncosCleveland Browns37-21San Francisco 49ersLos Angeles Rams30-3
1990-91Buffalo BillsLos Angeles Raiders51-3New York GiantsSan Francisco 49ers15-13
1991-92Buffalo BillsDenver Broncos10-7Washington RedskinsDetroit Lions41-10
1992-93Buffalo BillsMiami Dolphins29-10Dallas CowboysSan Francisco 49ers30-20
1993-94Buffalo BillsKansas City Chiefs30-13Dallas CowboysSan Francisco 49ers38-21
1994-95San Diego ChargersPittsburgh Steelers17-13San Francisco 49ersDallas Cowboys38-28
1995-96Pittsburgh SteelersIndianapolis Colts20-16Dallas CowboysGreen Bay Packers38-27
1996-97New England PatriotsJacksonville Jaguars20-6Green Bay PackersCarolina Panthers30-13
1997-98Denver BroncosPittsburgh Steelers24-21Green Bay PackersSan Francisco 49ers23-10
1998-99Denver BroncosNew York Jets23-10Atlanta FalconsMinnesota Vikings30-27 (OT)
1999-00Tennessee TitansJacksonville Jaguars33-14St. Louis RamsTampa Bay Buccaneers11-6
2000-01Baltimore RavensOakland Raiders16-3New York GiantsMinnesota Vikings41-0
2001-02New England PatriotsPittsburgh Steelers24-17St. Louis RamsPhiladelphia Eagles29-24
2002-03Oakland RaidersTennessee Titans41-24Tampa Bay BuccaneersPhiladelphia Eagles27-10
2003-04New England PatriotsIndianapolis Colts24-14Carolina PanthersPhiladelphia Eagles14-3
2004-05New England PatriotsPittsburgh Steelers41-27Philadelphia EaglesAtlanta Falcons27-10
2005-06Pittsburgh SteelersDenver Broncos34-17Seattle SeahawksCarolina Panthers34-14
2006-07Indianapolis ColtsNew England Patriots38-34Chicago BearsNew Orleans Saints39-14
2007-08New England PatriotsSan Diego Chargers21-12New York GiantsGreen Bay Packers23-20 (OT)
2008-09Pittsburgh SteelersBaltimore Ravens23-14Arizona CardinalsPhiladelphia Eagles32-25
2009-10Indianapolis ColtsNew York Jets30-17New Orleans SaintsMinnesota Vikings31-28 (OT)
2010-11Pittsburgh SteelersNew York Jets24-19Green Bay PackersChicago Bears21-14
2011-12New England PatriotsBaltimore Ravens23-20New York GiantsSan Francisco 49ers20-17 (OT)
2012-13Baltimore RavensNew England Patriots28-13San Francisco 49ersAtlanta Falcons28-24
2013-14Denver BroncosNew England Patriots26-16Seattle SeahawksSan Francisco 49ers23-17

All-time playoff records (NFL/AFL)[edit]

Complete through the 2013 season

Listed in order of Overall Win Percentage
Era:Post NFL/AFL MergerPre NFL/AFL Merger
Round:OverallWildcardDivisionalConferenceSuper BowlLeagueDivisionalTiebreakers
Baltimore Ravens014070.6670060010.8570 4040.50000200 20 .50000200001.000
Green Bay Packers0300190.6120080050.6150 5080.38500300 20 .6000040010.8000 8020 .8000 10 00 1.0000 10 10.500
Pittsburgh Steelers0330210.6110040040.5000 15070.68200800 70 .5330060020.7500 0000 .0000 00 00 .0000 00 10.000
San Francisco 49ers0300200.6000040020.6670 15070.68200600 90 .4000050010.8330 0000 .0000 00 00 .0000 00 10.000
New England/Boston Patriots0250180.5810040040.5000 10060.62500700 30 .7000030040.4290 0010 .0000 00 00 .0000 10 001.000
Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders0250180.5810040020.6670 11050.68800400 70 .3640030020.6000 1020 .3330 10 00 1.0000 10 001.000
Dallas Cowboys0330250.5690050050.5000 14070.66700800 60 .5710050030.6250 0020 .0000 10 20 .3330 00 00.000
Washington/Boston Redskins0230180.5610060020.7500 6090.40000500 10 .8330030020.6000 2040 .3330 00 00 .0000 10 001.000
Carolina Panthers06050.54500200001.0000 3020.60000100 20 .3330000010.000
Denver Broncos0200180.5260020060.2500 9050.64300700 20 .7780020050.286
New York Giants0240240.5000060040.6000 5060.45500500 00 1.0000040010.8000 30110 .2140 00 00 .0000 10 20.333
Miami Dolphins0200200.5000060050.5450 70100.41200500 20 .7140020030.400
Seattle Seahawks0120120.5000060040.6000 3060.33300200 10 .6670010010.500
Houston Texans02020.50000200001.0000 0020.00000000 00 .0000000000.000
Chicago Bears0170180.4860020020.5000 5070.41700200 30 .4000010010.5000 6040 .6000 00 00 .0000 10 10.500
Buffalo Bills0140150.4830030030.5000 5050.50000400 10 .8000000040.0000 2010 .6670 00 00 .0000 00 10.000
New York Jets0120130.4800060050.5450 4030.57100000 40 .00000100001.0000 1000 1.0000 00 10 .0000 00 00.000
Indianapolis/Baltimore Colts0200220.4760050060.4550 6090.40000300 30 .5000020020.5000 3010 .7500 10 00 1.0000 00 10.000
Philadelphia Eagles0190210.4750070080.4670 6060.50000200 40 .3330000020.0000 3010 .7500 00 00 .0000 10 001.000
Arizona/St. Louis/Chicago Cardinals06070.4620030010.7500 1040.20000100 00 1.0000000010.0000 1010 .5000 00 00 .0000 00 00.000
Jacksonville Jaguars05060.4550030020.6000 2020.50000000 20 .0000000000.000
St. Louis/LA/Cleveland Rams0190240.4420030050.3750 9050.64300300 60 .3330010020.3330 2030 .4000 00 20 .0000 10 10.500
New Orleans Saints07090.4380030050.3750 2030.40000100 10 .50000100001.000
Tennessee Titans/Houston Oilers0140190.4240070050.5830 4070.36400100 30 .2500000010.0000 2020 .5000 00 10 .0000 00 00.000
Minnesota Vikings0190270.4130060060.5000 80110.42100300 50 .3750000040.0000 1000 1.0000 10 10 .5000 00 00.000
Tampa Bay Buccaneers06090.4000010050.1670 3020.60000100 20 .33300100001.000
San Diego/Los Angeles Chargers0110170.3930050020.7140 4070.36400100 30 .2500000010.0000 1040 .2000 00 00 .0000 00 00.000
Detroit Lions070110.3890000070.0000 1020.33300000 10 .0000000000.0000 4010 .8000 00 00 .0000 20 001.000
Atlanta Falcons070120.3680030040.4290 3050.37500100 20 .3330000010.000
Kansas City Chiefs/Dallas Texans080150.3480020070.2220 1050.16700000 10 .0000010010.5000 3000 1.0000 10 00 1.0000 00 10.000
Cleveland Browns0110200.3550010030.2500 3050.37500000 30 .0000000000.0000 4070 .3640 20 10 .6670 10 10.500
Cincinnati Bengals050120.2940010060.1430 2040.33300200 00 1.0000000020.000