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The National Basketball Association All-Star Game Most Valuable Player (MVP) is an annual National Basketball Association (NBA) award given to the player(s) voted best of the annual All-Star Game. The award was established in 1953 when NBA officials decided to designate an MVP for each year's game. The league also re-honored players from the previous two All-Star Games. Ed Macauley and Paul Arizin were selected as the 1951 and 1952 MVP winners respectively.[1] The voting is conducted by a panel of media members, who cast their vote after the conclusion of the game. The player(s) with the most votes or ties for the most votes wins the award.[2] No All-Star Game MVP was named in 1999 since the game was canceled due to the league's lockout.[3]

Bob Pettit and Kobe Bryant are the only two players to win the All-Star Game MVP four times. Oscar Robertson, Michael Jordan, and Shaquille O'Neal have each won the award three times, while Bob Cousy, Julius Erving, Isiah Thomas, Magic Johnson, Karl Malone, Allen Iverson, and LeBron James have all won the award twice. James' first All-Star MVP in 2006 made him the youngest to have ever won the award at the age of 21 years, 1 month. Kyrie Irving, winner of the 2014 All-Star Game MVP, is the second youngest at 21 years, 10 months. They're notable as being the two youngest to win the award, both as Cleveland Cavaliers.[4][5] Four of the games had joint winners—Elgin Baylor and Pettit in 1959, John Stockton and Malone in 1993, O'Neal and Tim Duncan in 2000, and O'Neal and Bryant in 2009. O'Neal became the first player in All-Star history to share two MVP awards. The Los Angeles Lakers have had eleven winners while the Boston Celtics have had eight. Duncan of the U.S. Virgin Islands and Irving of Australia are the only winners not born in the United States. Both Duncan and Irving[a] are American citizens, but are considered "international" players by the NBA because they were not born in one of the fifty states or Washington, D.C.[6] No player trained entirely outside the U.S. has won the award; Irving lived in the U.S. since age two, and Duncan played U.S. college basketball at Wake Forest.

Bob Pettit (1956), Bob Cousy (1957), Wilt Chamberlain (1960), Bill Russell (1963), Oscar Robertson (1964), Willis Reed (1970), Dave Cowens (1973), Michael Jordan (1988, 1996, 1998), Magic Johnson (1990), Shaquille O'Neal (2000), and Allen Iverson (2001) all won the All-Star Game MVP and the NBA Most Valuable Player Award in the same season; Jordan is the only player to do this multiple times.[7] 13 players have won the award playing for the team that hosted the All-Star Game: Macauley (1951), Cousy (1957), Pettit (1958, 1962), Chamberlain (1960), Adrian Smith (1966), Rick Barry (1967), Jerry West (1972), Tom Chambers (1987), Jordan (1988), Karl Malone (1993), John Stockton (1993), O'Neal (2004, 2009) and Bryant (2011); Pettit and O'Neal did this multiple times. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has the distinction of playing in the most All-Star Games (18) without winning the All-Star Game MVP, while Adrian Smith won the MVP in his only All-Star Game.


Wilt Chamberlain holding a basketball
Hall of Famer Wilt Chamberlain won the award in the 1960 NBA All-Star Game.
head shot of Michael Jordan
Hall of Famer Michael Jordan won the award three times in his career.
head shot of Charles Barkley
Hall of Famer Charles Barkley won the award in the 1991 NBA All-Star Game.
Shaquille O'Neal preparing to shoot a free throw
Shaquille O'Neal has won the award three times in his career.
Kobe Bryant at a game
Kobe Bryant has won the award four times in his career and is the all-time leader in points scored in NBA All-Star Game history.
LeBron James as a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers.
LeBron James was the youngest player to ever win the award at 21 years and 51 days old.
Kyrie Irving, the most recent winner, won the award in his second All-Star game in 2014
^Denotes player who is still active in the NBA
*Elected to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame
Player (X)Denotes the number of times the player has been awarded the MVP award
Team (X)Denotes the number of times a player from this team has won
1951Macauley, EdEd Macauley*Center/Forward United StatesBoston Celtics
1952Arizin, PaulPaul Arizin*Forward/Guard United StatesPhiladelphia Warriors
1953Mikan, GeorgeGeorge Mikan*Center United StatesMinneapolis Lakers
1954Cousy, BobBob Cousy*Guard United StatesBoston Celtics (2)
1955Sharman, BillBill Sharman*Guard United StatesBoston Celtics (3)
1956Pettit, BobBob Pettit*Forward/Center United StatesSt. Louis Hawks
1957Cousy, BobBob Cousy* (2)Guard United StatesBoston Celtics (4)
1958Pettit, BobBob Pettit* (2)Forward/Center United StatesSt. Louis Hawks (2)
1959[b]Baylor, ElginElgin Baylor*Forward United StatesMinneapolis Lakers (2)
1959[b]Pettit, BobBob Pettit* (3)Forward/Center United StatesSt. Louis Hawks (3)
1960Chamberlain, WiltWilt Chamberlain*Center United StatesPhiladelphia Warriors (2)
1961Robertson, OscarOscar Robertson*Guard United StatesCincinnati Royals
1962Pettit, BobBob Pettit* (4)Forward/Center United StatesSt. Louis Hawks (4)
1963Russell, BillBill Russell*Center United StatesBoston Celtics (5)
1964Robertson, OscarOscar Robertson* (2)Guard United StatesCincinnati Royals (2)
1965Lucas, JerryJerry Lucas*Forward/Center United StatesCincinnati Royals (3)
1966Smith, AdrianAdrian SmithGuard United StatesCincinnati Royals (4)
1967Barry, RickRick Barry*Forward United StatesSan Francisco Warriors (3)
1968Greer, HalHal Greer*Guard/Forward United StatesPhiladelphia 76ers
1969Robertson, OscarOscar Robertson* (3)Guard United StatesCincinnati Royals (5)
1970Reed, WillisWillis Reed*Center/Forward United StatesNew York Knicks
1971Wilkens, LennyLenny Wilkens*Guard United StatesSeattle SuperSonics
1972West, JerryJerry West*Guard/Forward United StatesLos Angeles Lakers (3)
1973Cowens, DaveDave Cowens*Center/Forward United StatesBoston Celtics (6)
1974Lanier, BobBob Lanier*Center United StatesDetroit Pistons
1975Frazier, WaltWalt Frazier*Guard United StatesNew York Knicks (2)
1976Bing, DaveDave Bing*Guard United StatesWashington Bullets
1977Erving, JuliusJulius Erving*Forward/Guard United StatesPhiladelphia 76ers (2)
1978Smith, RandyRandy SmithGuard/Forward United StatesBuffalo Braves
1979Thompson, DavidDavid Thompson*Guard/Forward United StatesDenver Nuggets
1980Gervin, GeorgeGeorge Gervin*Guard/Forward United StatesSan Antonio Spurs
1981Archibald, NateNate Archibald*Guard United StatesBoston Celtics (7)
1982Bird, LarryLarry Bird*Forward United StatesBoston Celtics (8)
1983Erving, JuliusJulius Erving* (2)Forward/Guard United StatesPhiladelphia 76ers (3)
1984Thomas, IsiahIsiah Thomas*Guard United StatesDetroit Pistons (2)
1985Sampson, RalphRalph Sampson*Center/Forward United StatesHouston Rockets
1986Thomas, IsiahIsiah Thomas* (2)Guard United StatesDetroit Pistons (3)
1987Chambers, TomTom ChambersForward/Center United StatesSeattle SuperSonics (2)
1988Jordan, MichaelMichael Jordan*Guard United StatesChicago Bulls
1989Malone, KarlKarl MaloneForward United StatesUtah Jazz
1990Johnson, MagicMagic Johnson*Guard United StatesLos Angeles Lakers (4)
1991Barkley, CharlesCharles Barkley*Forward United StatesPhiladelphia 76ers (4)
1992Johnson, MagicMagic Johnson* (2)Guard United StatesLos Angeles Lakers (5)
1993[b]Stockton, JohnJohn Stockton*Guard United StatesUtah Jazz (2)
1993[b]Malone, KarlKarl Malone* (2)Forward United StatesUtah Jazz (3)
1994Pippen, ScottieScottie Pippen*Forward/Guard United StatesChicago Bulls (2)
1995Richmond, MitchMitch Richmond*Guard United StatesSacramento Kings (6)
1996Jordan, MichaelMichael Jordan* (2)Guard United StatesChicago Bulls (3)
1997Rice, GlenGlen RiceForward United StatesCharlotte Hornets
1998Jordan, MichaelMichael Jordan* (3)Guard United StatesChicago Bulls (4)
1999Not awarded as the game was canceled due to the league's lockout.[3]
2000[b]O'Neal, ShaquilleShaquille O'NealCenter United StatesLos Angeles Lakers (6)
2000[b]Duncan, TimTim Duncan^Forward/Center United States[c]San Antonio Spurs (2)
2001Iverson, AllenAllen IversonGuard United StatesPhiladelphia 76ers (5)
2002Bryant, KobeKobe Bryant^Guard United StatesLos Angeles Lakers (7)
2003Garnett, KevinKevin Garnett^Forward United StatesMinnesota Timberwolves
2004O'Neal, ShaquilleShaquille O'Neal (2)Center United StatesLos Angeles Lakers (8)
2005Iverson, AllenAllen Iverson (2)Guard United StatesPhiladelphia 76ers (6)
2006James, LeBronLeBron James^Forward United StatesCleveland Cavaliers
2007Bryant, KobeKobe Bryant^ (2)Guard United StatesLos Angeles Lakers (9)
2008James, LeBronLeBron James^ (2)Forward United StatesCleveland Cavaliers (2)
2009[b]Bryant, KobeKobe Bryant^ (3)Guard United StatesLos Angeles Lakers (10)
2009[b]O'Neal, ShaquilleShaquille O'Neal (3)Center United StatesPhoenix Suns
2010Wade, DwyaneDwyane Wade^Guard United StatesMiami Heat
2011Bryant, KobeKobe Bryant^ (4)Guard United StatesLos Angeles Lakers (11)
2012Durant, KevinKevin Durant^Forward United StatesOklahoma City Thunder (3)
2013Paul, ChrisChris Paul^Guard United StatesLos Angeles Clippers (2)
2014Irving, KyrieKyrie Irving^Guard United States[a]Cleveland Cavaliers (3)


  1. ^ a b Irving is a dual citizen of both Australia and the United States. He was born in Australia, but grew up in the U.S. and represented them in underage international matches.[10]
  2. ^ a b c d e f g h Denotes All-Star Games in which joint winners were named
  3. ^ Because Tim Duncan is a United States citizen by birth, as are all natives of the U.S. Virgin Islands,[8] he was able to play for the U.S. internationally.[9]

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