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MyLink aka Chevrolet MyLink is a telematics system/infotainment system. The system allows users to control online services through apps, like Pandora Internet Radio or Stitcher Radio through voice commands or the touch-screen interface. The car is able to access online content via a smartphone with a 3G data connection connected through Bluetooth.[1] Users are also able to control their phone wirelessly via the same interface. MyLink also integrates OnStar's services (Advanced Automatic Collision Notification, roadside assistance, vehicle diagnostics information, live advisors, and turn-by-turn navigation).[2]


MyLink can play video and image files in select formats. Images should be in .jpg, .bmp, .png, or .gif format. Video files should be .avi, .mpg, .mp4, .divx, .xvid, or .wmv. Additionally, MyLink supports a large variety of song file formats, including MP3, WMA, and AAC. It also supports the following playlist files M3U standard and extended, iTunes, PLS, WAX, ASX and RMP.[3]


Note that the supported features and services vary from model to model. For example, MyLink in the Chevrolet Sonic and Spark models does do not support Gracenote (since those models have no CD player) or climate control. The screen size, trim and appearance vary from model to model as well.

Additional features have been announced by Chevrolet for delivery in calendar year 2013.


Intellilink is the branding for MyLink used by Buick, GMC and Opel, It is basically the same system as MyLink with the only differences being the graphic interface used.[2]


Originally the MyLink systems were set to be available on select 2012 model year vehicles before the end of 2011, however that was pushed back until "Spring 2012".[4]

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