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Mrs. Mike, the Story of Katherine Mary Flannigan is a novel by Benedict and Nancy Mars Freedman set in the Canadian wilderness in the early 1900s. Considered by some a young adult classic, Mrs. Mike has been published in several editions and is read worldwide. The work combines the landscape and hardships of the Great Canadian North with a love story between Royal Canadian Mounted Police Sergeant Mike Flannigan and a young Katherine Mary O'Fallon, newly arrived from Boston, Massachusetts. Mrs. Mike, based on the life of Katherine Mary O'Fallon Flannigan, documents the young couple's trials, sorrows, and growth.

In 1949, the book was loosely adapted for the screen as Mrs. Mike,[1] produced by Sam Bischoff and starring actor Dick Powell as Mike and a young Evelyn Keyes as Kathy. The film was directed by Louis King.

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