Pixie and Dixie and Mr. Jinks

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Pixie & Dixie and Mr. Jinks
Pixie&Dixie Jinks.jpg
Pixie & Dixie and Mr. Jinks Title Card
Created byJoseph Barbera
William Hanna
Voices ofDaws Butler
Don Messick
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Pixie & Dixie and Mr. Jinks
Pixie&Dixie Jinks.jpg
Pixie & Dixie and Mr. Jinks Title Card
Created byJoseph Barbera
William Hanna
Voices ofDaws Butler
Don Messick

Pixie & Dixie and Mr. Jinks is a Hanna-Barbera cartoon that featured as a regular segment of the television series The Huckleberry Hound Show from 1958 to 1961.



The show featured two mice, Pixie (voiced by Don Messick) and Dixie (voiced by Daws Butler in a southern accent), and a cat, Mr. Jinks (a.k.a. Jinksy to the mice and voiced by Daws Butler impersonating Marlon Brando).

In many ways the shorts resemble Hanna-Barbera's earlier better-known creation, Tom and Jerry, which also featured a warring cat and mouse (sometimes two) in a domestic setting. However without Tom and Jerry's more lavish budget for full animation, the Jinks team had to rely on funny dialogue and voices to carry the cartoon's humor. The cartoon was also less violent, and unlike the slightly sinister Tom, the headstrong Jinks was, in reality, too dense to pose much of a real threat to the mice. Unlike Tom and Jerry, there were many more times when Jinks would either share a good ending with the mice or actually outwit them himself, whereas the times Tom got the best of Jerry were much more rare.

Pixie and Dixie and Mr. Jinks is also remembered for Mr. Jinks' rhyming but ungrammatical lament, "I hate those meeces to pieces!".

For the first nine episodes, the show featured a theme song with lyrics but from then on switched to theme tunes.

As with Huckleberry Hound, Mr. Jinks would frequently talk directly to the audience, and discuss his plans to trap the "meeces".


Season 1: 1958 - 1959

#TitleAir Date
1"Cousin Tex"October 2, 1958
Pixie and Dixie's cousin Tex arrives from Texas, and proves to be more than a match for Jinks, who in turns summons his cousin Pecos. 
2"Judo Jack"October 9, 1958
Pixie and Dixie call upon Judo Jack to teach them how defend themselves against Jinks in the arts of Judo
3"Kit Kat Kit"October 16, 1958
Jinks builds a robot cat to take care of Pixie and Dixie; their efforts against it don't work until they make it think Jinks is a mouse. 
4"Jinks’ Mice Device"October 23, 1958
Jinks builds a machine he thinks will liquidate Pixie and Dixie. It makes the mice invisible and they drive Jinks mad with their tricks. 
5"Pistol Packin’ Pirate"October 30, 1958
On a pirate ship, the captain threatens to make Jinks walk the plank if Pixie and Dixie are not taken care of. 
6"Scaredycat Dog"November 6, 1958
Pixie and Dixie buy a dog for $5 to get Jinks, but the dog is scared of cats. The dog's twin brother then comes to the rescue. 
7"Little Bird-Mouse"November 13, 1958
Dixie picks up a flying talent and uses it to save Pixie and their teacher from Jinks, who tries to catch Dixie for a lot of money. 
8"Jiggers… It’s Jinks!"November 20, 1958
Pixie, Dixie and Jinks live happily in a cheese factory. Jinks is replaced by a cat named Bullet. All three try creative ways to get back in. 
9"The Ghost with the Most"November 27, 1958
Jinks thinks he killed Dixie. Dixie dresses as a ghost to haunt Jinks and get him to obey him. Jinks finds out and does his own trick. 
10"The Ace of Space"December 4, 1958
After Pixie and Dixie's recent chase by Jinks, Dixie dreams he meets Captain Micetro and becomes an invader against Jinks. 
11"Jinks Junior"December 11, 1958
Jinks tries to teach his boy to catch mice. He is slow at learning but after success, hasn't learned about relationship with dogs. 
12"Jinks The Butler"December 25, 1958
Jinks is under orders to guard a banquet. Pixie and Dixie try incessantly to crash the party, until Jinks plants a firecracker in an apple. 
13"Jinks Flying Carpet"January 1, 1959
Jinks receives a package with a flying carpet. He tries it out on Pixie and Dixie but he loses it out of the window. 
14"Puppet Pals"January 15, 1959
After his usual chase routine, Jinks befriends Bow Wow. Pixie and Dixie decide to break up their friendship, but fail. 
15"Mark of the Mouse"January 22, 1959
Dixie attempts to scare Jinks with a Mark of the Mouse costume. Jinks plays along, but then he duels the real Mark of the Mouse. 
16"Dinky Jinks"February 5, 1959
Jinks mixes a formula that shrinks him to mouse size. He fails to get Pixie and Dixie and seeks their help from a chasing dog. 
17"Hypnotize Surprise"February 12, 1959
Pixie and Dixie try some hypnotism on Jinks. It all goes wrong when they make Jinks think he's a mouse and he makes himself a train. 
18"Nice Mice"February 26, 1959
Pixie and Dixie help a dumped kitten. Jinks tries to stop the mice taking his milk. When he sees the kitten, he takes over caring for it. 
19"King-Size Surprise"March 5, 1959
Pixie and Dixie help a dog King-Size retrieve his license. In return he helps them against Jinks until he is taken by a dog catcher. 
20"Cat-Nap Cat"March 12, 1959
Jinks has been rewarded for mouse catching. Knowing his secret, Pixie and Dixie decide to interrupt his cat nap. 

Season 2: 1959–1960

#TitleAir Date
21"Mouse-Nappers"March 19, 1959
A cat takes Pixie and Dixie away and Jinks begins a fight with him until both of them share the mice. 
22"Boxing Buddy"March 26, 1959
Pixie and Dixie meet a kangaroo called Ka-Pow. Jinks thinks Ka-Pow is an oversized mouse. Ka-Pow is soon reclaimed to star on television. 
23"Sour Puss"September 12, 1959
Jinks is thrown out by the house butler after disposing of Pixie and Dixie. Jinks gets them back, but the butler takes his job shortly. 
24"Rapid Robot"September 19, 1959
Jinks gets a cat robot to catch Pixie and Dixie for him. To get even, the mice get a dog robot. Both robots cause chaos. 
25"King Size Poodle"September 26, 1959
Pixie and Dixie disguise an escaped lion as a giant poodle. The lion misleads Jinks to protect his cover, but the zoo keepers find him. 
26"Hi-Fido"October 3, 1959
Pixie and Dixie try to scare Jinks with ventriloquism. It soon stops working until it summons a bulldog in the house. 
27"Batty Bat"October 10, 1959
Jinks keeps Pixie and Dixie cloistered, when their cousin Batty arrives to help them. Jinks' every attempt to get Batty is futile. 
28"Mighty Mite"October 17, 1959
Pixie and Dixie invite Champion Rooster El Puncho in their house. El Puncho then gives Jinks a punching fight, with Jinks outclassed. 
29"Bird Brained Cat"October 24, 1959
Jinks gets the awful feelings when a canary is brought in the house. Pixie and Dixie take drastic methods to snap him out of them. 
30"Lend-Lease Meece"October 31, 1959
A new cat Charlie moves in and Jinks sends Pixie and Dixie into his house. The two mice enjoy their stay, but Jinks feels lonesome without them. Both mice and cats come to an agreement when a new mouse moves in. 
31"A Good Good Fairy"November 7, 1959
Pixie and Dixie rely on a fairy mouse godmother to take care of the bullying Jinks. She plays tricks on him, until he feels unwell. 
32"Heavens to Jinksy"November 14, 1959
In an unconscious dream, Jinks is on a thin line between the afterlifes, but has a chance to make up for antagonizing Pixie and Dixie. 
33"Goldfish Fever"November 21, 1959
Jinks tries his efforts to get the neighbour's goldfish, whilst running into the bulldog. Pixie and Dixie try to snap Jinks out of his mania. 
34"Pushy Cat"November 28, 1959
A cat claiming to be Jinks' buddy Arnold, barges in. The claim jumping Arnold's true intention is catch both Pixie and Dixie. 
35"Puss in Boats"December 5, 1959
Pixie and Dixie depart for a vacation. But Jinks can't bear to part with them. When the mice feel homesick, they call for Jinks' help. 
36"High Jinks"September 11, 1960
Jinks forces Pixie and Dixie to take part in his project of going to the moon. Then Jinks has to rescue them from a cheese factory. 
37"Price for Mice"September 18, 1960
Jinks tricks Pixie and Dixie into getting painted white, so he can sell them to a lab. His curiosity soon gets him on a launch to the moon. 
38"Plutocrat Cat"September 25, 1960
Pixie and Dixie move to a rich cat's home to get away from Jinks. While Jinks is lonesome, some luxuries disagree with the mice. 
39"Pied Piper Pipe"October 2, 1960
Jinks picks up the idea from a book of controlling Pixie and Dixie with a pipe. In turn, the two mice trick him with a dog whistle. 

Season 3: 1960 - 1961

#TitleAir Date
40"Woo For Two"October 9, 1960
Jinks is in love with Brigette. To his surprise she's engaged to another cat. Pixie and Dixie try to sort the problem out. 
41"Party Peeper Jinks"October 16, 1960
After Jinks rejects Pixie and Dixie from his party, Rocky decides to teach Jinks' a lesson, which makes Jinks distrust his invited friends. 
42"A Wise Quack"October 23, 1960
Jinks sends a duckling out of the house, but Pixie and Dixie convince him to save the duckling from the duck hunting season. 
43"Missile Bound Cat"October 30, 1960
Jinks insists to Pixie and Dixie, that Space Cat is only a TV show. Space Cat arrives to take Jinks to his planet where Jinks changes his priorities. 
44"Kind to Meeces Week"November 6, 1960
Spike tries to convince Jinks it is "Be Kind to Animals Week". When Jinks gets the message, Pixie and Dixie take advantage of this. 
45"Crew Cat"November 13, 1960
Jinks takes Pixie and Dixie aboard ship to get the job of ship's cat. Knowing they've been used, the mice deliver payback to Jinks. 
46"Jinxed Jinks"November 20, 1960
Jinks gets Pixie and Dixie an insurance, for his own personal gain. He tries to get the mice in an accident but runs into one of his own. 
47"Light Headed Cat"November 27, 1960
Jinks has applied for a job, which unknown to him will have his gravity removed. A monkey keeps Jinks in anti-gravity for a long time. 
48"Mouse For Rent"December 4, 1960
Jinks starts up a renting service, where cats can rent Pixie and Dixie. When the business starts to prosper, the mice take over. 
49"Jinks’ Jinx"August 18, 1961
Jinks' old pal Howard comes and they play games with Pixie and Dixie. The mice decide to make Jinks think Howard brings misfortune. 
50"Fresh Heir"August 25, 1961
Jinks has inherited from Mrs. Smithers an old mansion and moves in, leaving Pixie and Dixie behind. The two mice make the place haunted to scare Jinks into going back home. 
51"Strong Mouse (Hercules)"September 1, 1961
Jinks is taken to meet Master cat Gus, while Pixie and Dixie's cousin Hercules comes and unknowingly saves Jinks' bacon from Gus. 
52"Bombay Mouse"September 8, 1961
An Indian mouse Tabu meets Pixie and Dixie and demonstrates some magic on Jinks. Tabu leaves a few magics behind as he departs. 
53"Mouse Trapped"September 15, 1961
Jinks builds a robot mouse dame to get Pixie and Dixie to squabble over her affection. When the see through the trick, they use the robot mouse against Jinks. 
54"Magician Jinks"September 22, 1961
Jinks receives a magic kit. With it he makes Pixie and Dixie, disappear. The mice aided by a bulldog, get even with him. 
55"Meece Missiles"September 29, 1961
Jinks tries to dispose of Pixie and Dixie in a balloon. The mice are tailed by the air force and broadcasted on television. 
56"Homeless Jinks"October 6, 1961
Jinks' master throws him out due to his messes. Pixie and Dixie summon mice to overrun the house making Jinks wanted in the house. 
57"Home Flea"October 13, 1961
A homeward bound flea with great strength takes refuge on Jinks and prevents him from bullying Pixie and Dixie. 

DVD release

On November 15, 2005, Warner Home Video released The Huckleberry Hound Show - Vol 1. Some cartoons are available on this DVD release. The Heavvens To Jinksy short is Available on the dvd Cartoon Network Cartoon Crack Ups.

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