Moyock, North Carolina

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Moyock /ˈmjɒk/ is an unincorporated community in Currituck County, North Carolina.


It is located on NC 168 just south of the Virginia state line. The community sits at the end of the Chesapeake Expressway toll road, and is only a short drive from downtown Norfolk, Virginia. Because of this, Moyock has begun to witness an increase in residential development as an emerging commuter town for Hampton Roads.

Driving distances[edit]

Areas north of the N.C. state line are a short to medium distance away. Moyock is the closest of all North Carolina locales to these following places:

Greyhound Racing in Moyock[edit]

Originally located in Norfolk County in the 1930s when Virginia officials shutdown the Cavalier Kennel Club (CKC). The CKC moved their operations a half-mile south of the state line in Moyock on NC Highway 168 to a quarter-mile oval track. Prior to when they moved to Moyock, the CKC attracted gamblers and spectators from allover the Hampton Roads region from the late 1940s until the early 1950s. The track's primary market was the thousands of service men (mostly U.S. Navy personnel) that were stationed in Norfolk. Not long after its establishment in North Carolina, anti-gambling advocates & the North Carolina Supreme Court upheld the North Carolina State Legislature's anti-dog racing law in 1954. It was until 2009 that the CKC was able to claim that Paul Hartwell invented the greyhound letter rating system, which stood as the standard for all greyhound racing, which also led to the Composite Speed Rating system.

NASCAR in Moyock[edit]

After the Cavalier Kennel Club (CKC) was eliminated by the North Carolina General Assembly in the 1950s[citation needed], Moyock began to host auto racing which then renamed the track as the Dog Track Speedway (DTS)[citation needed]. Built on the former site of the CKC, the one-quarter mile oval dirt track was then paved and lengthened to one-third of a mile in 1964. At the DTS, it hosted seven NASCAR races from 1962 until 1966. The Moyock 300 was held there from 1964–1965 as well as the Tidewater 300 in 1965.[citation needed]

Ned Jarrett won the most races at the track with two wins in 1962 and 1964. Jarret's Ford raced and won all six times, totaling $4,631 in winnings. Richard Petty "The King" a North Carolina native from Randleman, also raced there six times driving a Chrysler Plymouth in every race. Despite being on The Pole twice (1965 & 1966), Petty never finished above 3rd place. His total winnings at the DTS were $1,700.[citation needed]

The final NASCAR race at the DTS ran on Sunday, May 29, 1966. It was 301 laps (99.9 miles) which David Pearson took the checkered flag in a 1964 Dodge with an average speed of 61.913 miles per hour in which, Pearson took home with $1,000. The track was closed later in 1966 due to declining attendance, poor revenues and larger tracks being built.[citation needed]

Today, the DTS is still visible from Highway 168 where the entry road still exists. Light towers, the racetrack asphalt and the old flag are still evident despite the decades of no upkeep.[original research?]

International business[edit]

Moyock was the corporate headquarters of Blackwater Worldwide, which was renamed Xe Services LLC, and relocated to Arlington County, Virginia as Academi.

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