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Misugaru (미숫가루) is a traditional grain powder, made of a combination of 7-10 different grains. It is usually served in the hot summer days to quench thirst or as an instant nutritious drink for breakfast or as a healthy snack.

In a ancient Chinese culinary text, the drink was called qiu or stir-fried powder. In a Joseon Dynasty recipe book, misu was mentioned as stir-fried barley (gu). Gu was a delicacy of that time and easy to serve as one went to travel.

Misu is made of glutinous rice and other ingredients such as barley, Job's Tears (yulmu), brown rice, black rice, Alda beans, black beans, corn, white bean, millet, and sesame seeds which are ground, roasted and/or steamed, then mixed together. Misugaru is commonly added to water or milk and stirred to make a drink. Sugar or condensed milk can be added as sweetener. It is known for health benefits such as being high in protein, vitamins, calcium, magnesium, molybdenum, folate, and selenium, as well as being a dieter's drink as it is quite filling but low in calories.[1]