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Misu is a kind of Korean traditional drink made of grain powder.[1] It is usually served in the hot summer days to quench thirst and also as an instant nutritious drink fulfilling the lost energy because of heat.

In an ancient Chinese culinary text, the drink was called qiu or stir-fried powder. In a Joseon Dynasty recipe book, misu was mentioned as stir-fried barley (gu). Gu was a delicacy of that time and easy to served as one went to travel.

Misu made of glutinous rice or other ingredients such as barley or Job's Tears (yulmu). But it is more nutritious if all the ingredients such as barley, glutinous rice, black beans and sesame seeds are mixed together. The mixture of grains is pounded and added with water in a bowl and stirred. Sugar or condensed milk can be added as sweetener.

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