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Rowe as Maid Marian in When Things Were Rotten, 1975.

Mistella "Misty" Rowe (born June 1, 1950; Glendora, California) is an actress most known for portraying the perky lisping blond on the American television series Hee Haw for 19 years. She also starred in the show's 1978 spinoff Hee Haw Honeys, cast with then-newcomer Kathie Lee Gifford (then known as Kathie Lee Johnson, prior to her marriage to Frank Gifford) as the singing daughters of diner owners Lulu Roman and Kenny Price; it also spawned a national road show. She and several other of the "honeys" were notable for performing in cleavage inducing halter tops, "Daisy Duke" shorts, and country-style minidresses.

Rowe was often Junior Samples' assistant during the used car comedy segments of Hee Haw.

She is also known for portraying Marilyn Monroe in two films, Minnie Pearl in another, Maid Marian in Mel Brooks' When Things Were Rotten, Patsy Cline in a Broadway musical, being a 1976 Playboy model, and appearing in early seasons of the classic TV sitcom Happy Days as Wendy, a carhop at Arnold's Drive-In. Other films include National Lampoon's Class Reunion and Meatballs Part II and the TV movie SST: Death Flight. A mid-80s TV appearance included Airwolf as a country & western singer. She also appeared for a time on the game show The Cross-Wits.

Her recent projects include children's theater (Misty's Magic Moo Town) and the Atlantic City production Misty Christmas, Finally a Fruitcake You'll Like! She is also starring in the new broadway musical "Fandance: The Legend of Sally Rand" on April 25, 2010.[citation needed]

Austin, TX rock band Young Heart Attack wrote a song called "Misty Rowe". Supposedly the song was written because Misty was the first woman the bassist ever looked at and thought "wow she's not like my mom".

Rowe once appeared on a Valentine's Day special episode of The Dating Game.Her lucky winner was Mikola V. Shevchek, current President of One School Media Inc. They won an all expenses paid trip to Carson City, Nevada.

She was married to and divorced from former One Life to Live star James DePaiva, with whom she has a daughter, Dreama, born in 1992.

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