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Gay America Pageants Gay America Pageants Logo.gif
MottoThe Symbol of Excellence
TypeBeauty Pageant
HeadquartersMemphis, Tennessee
L&T Entertainment
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Gay America Pageants Gay America Pageants Logo.gif
MottoThe Symbol of Excellence
TypeBeauty Pageant
HeadquartersMemphis, Tennessee
L&T Entertainment

Miss Gay America is a national pageant for female impersonators. Established in 1972, the pageant follows a format similar to the official Miss America contest on which it is based. The reigning Miss Gay America titleholder is held to the highest level of elegance, intelligence, and entertainment value.

Each year an estimated 500 contestants compete at various city, state, and direct regional preliminaries where a winner and first alternate advance to compete at the official Miss Gay America pageant. For over 20 years, the city, state, regional, and national titleholders have been awarded the pageant's signature and coveted, gold and aurora borealis rhinestone crown, featuring the system's symbol of excellence logo. Titleholders are often seen as the best in the industry and are hired to entertain in a variety of high-level performance venues, such as Las Vegas shows, cruise ships, and at major pride festivals and related LGBT functions, all while retaining professional careers off-stage.

The Miss Gay America pageant system is the longest running pageant system for female impersonators, and is one of the "Big 4" pageant systems for the art form, which includes Continental Pageantry, established in 1980; Gay USofA Pageantry, established in 1986; and Entertainer of the Year, established in 1990. Many former Miss Gay America titleholders have also held titles in these systems. Each pageant system is unique in their operations and purpose; however, as a pageant dedicated to the pure art of female impersonation, Miss Gay America is the only remaining national pageant that prohibits contestants from using female hormones or having undergone any feminizing plastic surgery, such as breast implants or liquid-silicone injections below the neck. An important component of the competition is an interview in male gender specific attire.[1]

The 43rd recognized, and current, Miss Gay America is Billy Wilson of Roanoke, Virginia, who performs as Jessica Jade. Wilson won the title on October 13, 2013, and competed at the 42nd Miss Gay America Pageant as the reigning titleholder from the Miss Gay East Coast America franchise.

The 2015 Miss Gay America Pageant will held October 08 - 12, 2014 in Nashville, Tennessee at the Millennium Hotel in downtown Nashville.


In 1971, Jerry Peek opened the Watch Your Hat & Coat Saloon in Nashville, Tennessee, Nashville's first gay dance and show bar. Having an understanding of the female illusionist state pageants occurring in various show bars in other states, Peek decided to establish a national level pageant to further recognize the best entertainers. On June 25, 1972, the first pageant was held at Peek's Nashville saloon. Norma Kristie, state representative from Arkansas, was crowned the winner of the 1973 pageant and emeritus titleholder of the Miss Gay America Pageant system. In 1975, Norman "Norma Kristie" Jones assumed ownership of the pageant and later formed Norma Kristie, Inc., operating and directing the success of the Miss Gay America pageant and the Mr. Gay All-America Contest systems, including a vast network of regional, state, and city preliminaries for the next 30 years. [2]

In February 2005, Norman Jones retired from the pageant's regular operations and sold the Miss Gay America pageantry system to Larry Tyger and Terry Eason of L&T Entertainment. Jones is the inaugural recipient of the annual Norma Kristie Lifetime Achievement Award, an award given to an individual for dedicating substantial service and growth to the Miss Gay America Pageant System, and the art of female impersonation.

Former Miss Gay America Titleholders[edit]

YearNameTitleGiven NameFirst AlternateCrowning VenueNotes
1973Norma KristieMiss Gay Arkansas AmericaNorman JonesCharlie BrownWatch Your Hat & Coat Saloon, Nashville, Tennessee
1974Lady BaronessaMiss Gay Illinois AmericaCarmel SantiagoRoski FernandezThe Glass Menagery Nightclub, Nashville, TennesseeLady Baronessa's full name was The Lady Baroness Maria Andrea del Santiago.
1975Shawn LuisRoski FernandezAtlanta Americana Hotel Ballroom, Atlanta, Georgia
1976AShan CovingtonMichael AndrewsThe Depository Nightclub, Houston, TexasDecrowned for conduct unbecoming a Miss Gay America titleholder. The title was offered to the 1976 First Alternate, Michael Andrews, who passed it up because he wanted to win the title. The title was then passed to the 1976 Second Alternate, Dani Daletto.
1976BDani DalettoMiss Gay Michigan AmericaJose MondelanoVapors Nightclub, Hot Springs, ArkansasCrowned in a special ceremony at the 1976 Miss Gay South Pageant held at Vapors Nightclub in Hot Springs, AR.
1977Michael AndrewsMiss Gay South Regional AmericaMichael AndrolewiczNaomi Sims (Texas)The Old Plantation Nightclub, Houston, TexasMichael Andrews also held the 1986 emeritus title of Miss Gay United States of America.
1978Jimi DeeMiss Gay South Regional AmericaJimmy DillardHot Chocolate (Texas)Machinist's Hall, St. Louis, Missouri
1979Rachel Wells[3]Miss Gay South Regional America, First AlternateJohn GreenwellHot ChocolateFox Theater, Atlanta, Georgia
1980Hot ChocolateMiss Gay East Coast AmericaLarry EdwardsLady Shawn (Texas)Atlanta Convention Center, Atlanta, Georgia
1981Lady ShawnMiss Gay East Coast AmericaGenevieve Ryder (Missouri)Masonic Temple, Detroit, Michigan
1982Jennifer FoxxMiss Gay North Regional AmericaBobby BrunoFrancesca WakelandDallas Convention Center, Dallas, Texas
1983Francesca WakelandJon MeadowsTasha Kohl (Texas)Ovens Auditorium, Charlotte, North Carolina
1984Tasha KohlMiss Gay Mid-AmericaJerry FaulknerNaomi Sims (South Regional)Oklahoma City Convention Center, Oklahoma City, OklahomaHas also held the title of Miss National Entertainer of the Year, 1991.
1985Naomi SimsMiss Gay Tri-States AmericaNewman S. BraudFritz Capone (Kansas)Dallas Convention Center, Dallas, TXHas also held the 1990 emeritus title to Miss National Entertainer of the Year, and was the crowned winner of the 1985 National Female Impersonator of the Year contest; a contest organized by Norma Kristie, Inc., but created, produced and televised by Showtime's "Dream Boy's Revue." The audience believed the pageant was real, but according to "finalist" Rachel Wells, each of the contestants were paid substantially to "compete" in this one time staged pageant. The televised concept was unsuccessful because of copyright infringement associated with certain lip syncing performances, which required much of the talent portion of the show to be dubbed when aired.
1986Lauren ColbyMiss Gay North Carolina America, First AlternateRobb RobinsonDiana Black (Great Lakes)Indianapolis Convention Center, Indianapolis, Indiana
1987Blaze StarrMiss Gay Tri-States AmericaCherry LaneDallas Convention Center, Dallas, Texas
1988Cherry LaneMiss Gay Tri-States AmericaMichael SmothersRachel MastersFox Theater-Atlanta, Georgia
1989Vicki VincentMiss Gay Midwest AmericaRoger PiattBrandi Alexander (North Regional)Dallas Convention Center, Dallas, Texas
1990Brandi AlexanderRandy FenoliValerie Lohr (Texas)Dallas Convention Center, Dallas, Texas
1991Valerie LohrMiss Gay South Regional America, First AlternateGary LytleCoco (South Regional)Dallas Convention Center, Dallas, Texas
1992Tiffany BonetMiss Gay Mid-Atlantic States AmericaAcey HendricksLeslie RageMajestic Theater, Dallas, Texas
1993Leslie RageMiss Gay Mid-East AmericaLeslie De La CruzCocoMajestic Theater, Dallas, Texas
1994Jacqueline DeVaroeMiss Gay Delta States America, First AlternateDarius CordellRamona LeGer'Majestic Theater, Dallas, TexasAlso held the title of Miss Gay United States of America 1997.
1995-ARamona LeGer'Miss Gay Mid-East AmericaLouis MarcelloPatti Le Plae Safe (Gulf States)Majestic Theater, Dallas, TexasRamona LeGer' passed away 5 months into his reign, and 1995 First Alternate, Patti Le Plae Safe, requested not to be crowned or wear the crown during the pageant year in Ramona's memory. La Plae Safe served as the official Miss Gay America Representative in place of Ramona LeGer' until the 1996 Pageant, at which time he was crowned in a special ceremony as Miss Gay America 1995.
1995-BPatti Le Plae SafeMiss Gay Gulf States AmericaRodd GreyNicole Dubois (Southern Elegance)Robinson Center Music Auditorium, Little Rock, Arkansas (During the 1996 Pageant)
1996Kerri NicholsMiss Gay Mid-AmericaJeff CapellLauren Taylor (Texas)Robinson Center Music Auditorium, Little Rock, Arkansas
1997Lauren TaylorMiss Gay Mid-West AmericaDarrell CantuLaken EdwardsOvens Auditorium, Charlotte, North CarolinaAlso held the title of Miss Gay United States of America 1998.
1998Maya MontanaMiss Gay Virginia AmericaLinda Carrero (Mid-America)Ovens Auditorium, Charlotte, North Carolina
1999Linda CarreroMiss Gay Mid-Atlantic AmericaOmar ReyesKirby Colby (West Virginia)Athena Theater, Little Rock, Arkansas
2000Catia Lee LoveMiss Gay Mid-America AmericaAron HarveyCharity Case (Southern Elegance)Lincoln Theater, Washington D.C.Also held the title of Miss Gay United States of America Classic 2011.
2001Charity CaseMiss Gay Central States AmericaMarc ColemanSabrina WhiteAthena Theater, Little Rock, Arkansas
2002Sabrina WhiteMiss Gay Mid-Atlantic AmericaRussell MarcumKitty Bob Aimes (Oklahoma)Dallas Convention Center-Dallas, Texas
2003Dominique SanchezMiss Gay Mid-AmericaChris WilliamsJayda Alexander (Louisiana)Athena Theater-Little Rock, ArkansasAlso has held the title of Miss Gay United States of America 2010.
2004Rachael ErikksMiss Gay Heart of AmericaAlana Steele (Indiana)Athena Theater, Little Rock, Arkansas
2005Raquel ChevallierMiss Gay Tri-States AmericaAlina Meletti (Florida)Athena Theater, Little Rock, Arkansas
2006Nicole DuBoisMiss Gay Mid-AmericaTommy DavisCoti Collins (East Coast)Cannon Center, Memphis, Tennessee
2007LusciousMiss Gay Western States AmericaCoti Collins (North Carolina)Cannon Center, Memphis, TennesseeAlso held the title of Miss Gay United States of America 2011.
2008Mikaila KayMiss Gay Western States America, First AlternateJosh BolinLayla Larue (Southern Elegance)Holiday Inn Select Airport Grand Ballroom, Memphis, Tennessee
2009Victoria DePaulaMiss Gay District of Columbia (D.C.) AmericaCarl GloriosoChantel Reshae (East Coast)Millennium Hotel Grand Ballroom, St. Louis, Missouri
2010-AAlyssa EdwardsMiss Gay Heartland America, First Alternate[4]Justin JohnsonCoco Montrese (Heart of America)Millennium Hotel Ballroom, St. Louis, MissouriAlyssa Edwards had his title revoked due to scheduling conflicts with previous engagements and his Miss Gay America duties. The title was passed to the 2010 First Alternate, Coco Montrese, who was crowned in a special ceremony at The Grey Fox Nightclub in St. Louis, MO. Alyssa Edwards and Coco Montrese appeared as contestants in Season Five of Rupaul's Drag Race, where the 2010 Miss Gay America pageant issues and the animosity between Alyssa and Coco played a central theme throughout the season. L&T Productions later released a vague statement about the dramatized events, explaining their reasons for revoking Alyssa's title and their lack of knowledge about how this issue would be portrayed in the television series.
2010-BCoco MontreseMiss Gay Heart of AmericaMartin CooperJessica Jade (District of Columbia)The Grey Fox Nightclub, St. Louis, Missouri
2011Coti CollinsMiss Gay District of Columbia (D.C.) AmericaDavid LowmanJessica Jade (Mid-East)Lifestyles Pavilion Auditorium, Columbus, OhioCoti Collins is the longest competing Miss Gay America winner. His first appearance at Miss Gay America was in 1988 as the First Alternate from the Miss Gay West Virginia America franchise.
2012Kirby KolbyMiss Gay District of Columbia (D.C.) AmericaMark SmithJessica Jade (Atlantic States)Capitol Theatre at the Riffe Center, Columbus, Ohio
2013Sally SparklesMiss Gay Mid-AmericaMichael SharpBlair Williams (Mid-America)Sheraton Hotel Ball Room, Columbus, Ohio
2014Jessica JadeMiss Gay East Coast AmericaBilly WilsonBlair Williams (District of Columbia)Millennium Hotel Ball Room, St. Louis, Missouri


Contestants for the national Miss Gay America pageant qualify through franchised state and direct regional preliminaries such as Miss Gay Arkansas, Miss Gay North Carolina, and Miss Gay Mid-America. The winner and first alternate of the preliminary contests advance to the national pageant. Many states require contestants to first compete in franchised city preliminaries such as Miss Gay Little Rock Arkansas, Miss Gay Springfield Missouri, and Miss Gay Southern Charm Oklahoma, where the winner and first alternate advance to the state pageant.


Historically, pageant competition consisted of interview, evening gown and talent categories. Later a sportswear category was added, called "Contemporary Fashion." After about a decade it was changed to "Creative Fashion", a category that was never fully understood by judges or contestants and was later changed to "Creative Costume." It was eventually replaced with "Solo Talent." While some of the contestants perform live vocal, dance or comedy skits, the vast majority showcase their talent of lip syncing to prerecorded music.

The modern national pageant consists of 3 nights of preliminary competition, where all contestants compete in male interview, solo talent, evening gown, and production talent. Awards for each night of these categories are presented on the 4th night of the pageant week during the official Miss Gay America Revue Show, where former titleholders return to entertain. The final competition night is held on the fifth night, typically at a larger and more formal venue, and the top 10 finalists are announced. These finalists then compete again in evening gown, stage interview, and production talent. At the end of the final pageant, the top four runners-up are announced and the winner is crowned.

State & Regional Preliminaries[edit]

PreliminaryEmeritus TitleholderCurrent TitleholderFirst AlternateFranchise OwnerStatusNotes
Miss Gay Arizona AmericaTamara St. Duboise, 1985Tyra Marie, 2013Savannah Stevens, 2013Daniel EckstromActiveState Pageant
Miss Gay Arkansas AmericaNorma Kristie, 1972 & MGA 1973Brooklyn Bisette, 2013Eden Alive, 2013Arkansas Alumni ProductionsActiveState Pageant. The Miss Gay Arkansas America pageant is the oldest and longest running franchise in the America pageant system.
Miss Gay Atlantic States AmericaTatiyanna Voche', 2010LeQuitcha Rodriguez, 2013Sue Nami, 2013Minnier & DudleyActiveRegional Pageant
Miss Gay California AmericaShannon Forrester, 1991Paju Monro, 2013La Moni, 2013Robbie Wayne ProductionsActiveState Pageant
Miss Gay D.C. AmericaBrandi Dover, 1984Roxy Brooks, 2014Deva Station, 2014Cocker Productions, LLCActiveRegional Pageant
Miss Gay East Coast AmericaJessica Jade, 2013Charity Saude, 2013Joseph DriscollActiveRegional Pageant
Miss Gay Florida AmericaLori Del Mar, 1986Sharde' Ross, 2013Essence T. Van Cartier, 2013Dan BarrisActiveState Pageant
Miss Gay Gulf States AmericaPatti La Plae Safe, 1994Jessica Raynes Starr, 2013Celebrity Starr, 2013David GreenActiveRegional Pageant
Miss Gay Illinois AmericaLady Baronessa, 1973 & MGA 1974Diva Coppafeel, 2013Nadia Louis, 2013Curt Godier & Chad JohnsonActiveState Pageant
Miss Gay Kansas AmericaMelinda Ryder, 1985Jade Sinclair, 2013Brown Sugar, 2013Vanna VincentActiveRegional Pageant
Miss Gay Louisiana AmericaTiffany Alexander, 1991Mercedes Ellis Loreal, 2013Delanie Valentine, 2013David GreenActiveState Pageant
Miss Gay Maryland AmericaStaci Maxwell, 1985Alondra Sanchez, 2014Miss D. Meaner, 2014Bowers and AlascioActiveState Pageant
Miss Gay Mid-AmericaTasha Kohl, 1984 & MGA 1985Suzy Wong, 2013Sasha Leigh Chambers, 2013L&T EntertainmentActiveRegional Pageant
Miss Gay Mid-AtlanticVicki Vox, 1987Patti Lovelace, 2013Deva Station, 2013Believe EntertainmentActiveRegional Pageant
Miss Gay Mid-WestDonna Drag, 1978Vicki Valentino, 2013Tova Uravitch, 2013Klataske & VolkmanActiveRegional Pageant
Miss Gay Missouri AmericaJulie Tomorrow, 1974Adria Andrews, 2014Taylor Madison Monroe, 2014Miss Gay Missouri Alumni AssociationActiveState Pageant
Miss Gay New York AmericaCherry Pie, 1999(R), 2013(R), 2013Charles IavaroneActiveState Pageant
Miss Gay North Carolina AmericaBrandy Alexander, 1980Lauren Scott, 2013Brittney O'Bryan, 2013Von EntertainmentActiveState Pageant. The Miss Gay North Carolina America pageant has the largest number of city preliminaries (20 on average, totaling 40 contestants).
Miss Gay Northeast AmericaBrandi Alexander, 1985LeQuitcha Rodriguez, 2014Patti Lovelace, 2013Brown & KinnierActiveRegional Pageant
Miss Gay Oklahoma AmericaTrudy Tyler, 1978Bianca LeBlanc, 2013Alizay Zane Paige, 20138305 ProductionActiveState Pageant
Miss Gay Ohio AmericaSamantha, 1973Britney Blair, 2013Honey Below, 2013Believe EntertainmentActiveState Pageant
Miss Gay Pennsylvania AmericaDanae Russo, 1991Georgia Versace Couture, 2013Victoria Robinson, 2013Stallions, Inc.ActiveState Pageant
Miss Gay Southern Elegance AmericaSummer Holiday, 1993Dextaci, 2013Trixie Larue, 2013David GreenActiveRegional Pageant
Miss Gay Southern States AmericaAriel Nicole Knight Addams, 2013Ambrosia Edwards Black, 2013David GreenActiveRegional Pageant
Miss Gay Tennessee AmericaGinger Roberts, 1977Venus Knight, 2013Jeffery CulbertActiveState Pageant
Miss Gay Texas AmericaJodie Lane, 1974Alaina Marquez, 2013Alexia Crawford, 2013The Star of KC ProductionsActiveState Pageant
Miss Gay Tri-States AmericaFrancesca Wakeland, 1980 & MGA 1983Rhoda Horse (R), 2012Cherry Poppins (R), 2012Trent ThomasActiveRegional Pageant
Miss Gay Alabama AmericaAshley Kruiz, 2006InactiveState Pageant
Miss Gay Alaska AmericaInactiveState Pageant
Miss Gay Atlantic Coast AmericaInactiveRegional Pageant
Miss Gay Blue Grass AmericaInactiveRegional Pageant
Miss Gay Central States AmericaCelebrity Starr, 1997Nikki Stevens, 2009InactiveRegional Pageant
Miss Gay Colorado AmericaNina Montaldo, 1980Dakota St. James (R)Sache' (R), 2006InactiveState Pageant
Miss Gay Delaware AmericaMahogany, 1989Tisha Towers, 2009InactiveState Pageant
Miss Gay Delta States AmericaLoreal Chilane, 1999InactiveRegional Pageant
Miss Gay Eastern States AmericaInactiveRegional Pageant
Miss Gay Georgia AmericaLoreal Chilane, 1996Ginger Manchester (R, 2006)Stephanie Lane (R), 2006InactiveState Pageant
Miss Gay Heart of AmericaVicki Vincent, 1986 & MGA 1989Sally Sparkles, 2011InactiveRegional Pageant
Miss Gay Heartland AmericaAshlyn Taylor, 2005Brionna Brooks (R), 2009Moltyn Decadence (R), 2009InactiveRegional Pageant
Miss Gay Idaho AmericaInactiveState Pageant
Miss Gay Indiana AmericaAmber Richards, 1978Erica King, 2005InactiveState Pageant
Miss Gay Iowa AmericaSandra Truit, 1989Chanel Cavalier, 2006InactiveState Pageant
Miss Gay Kentucky AmericaInactiveState Pageant
Miss Gay Keystone AmericaInactiveRegional Pageant
Miss Gay Land of Enchantment AmericaInactiveRegional Pageant
Miss Gay Las Vegas AmericaInactiveRegional Pageant
Miss Gay Michigan AmericaDani Daletto, 1975 & MGA 1976Trish Stevens, 1987InactiveState Pageant
Miss Gay Mid-EastCoti Collins, 2008Emory Starr, 2012InactiveRegional Pageant
Miss Gay Mid-South AmericaInactiveRegional Pageant
Miss Gay Mississippi AmericaInactiveState Pageant
Miss Gay Montana AmericaInactiveState Pageant
Miss Gay Nevada AmericaInactiveState Pageant
Miss Gay Nebraska America1986InactiveState Pageant
Miss Gay New Hampshire AmericaInactiveState Pageant
Miss Gay New Jersey AmericaRobin Wayne, 1988Tyler Alyxander, 1990InactiveState Pageant
Miss Gay New Mexico AmericaInactiveState Pageant
Miss Gay North Regional AmericaInactiveRegional Pageant
Miss Gay North Dakota AmericaInactiveState Pageant
Miss Gay Northern States AmericaInactiveRegional Pageant
Miss Gay Northwest AmericaInactiveRegional Pageant
Miss Gay Oregon AmericaInactiveState Pageant
Miss Gay Rhode Island AmericaInactiveState Pageant
Miss Gay Smokey Mountain AmericaInactiveRegional Pageant
Miss Gay South Regional AmericaMichael Andrews,1976Kofi, 2013Morgan WoodsRodney SeilerInactiveRegional Pageant
Miss Gay South Carolina AmericaInactiveState Pageant
Miss Gay South DakotaInactiveState Pageant
Miss Gay Southeast AmericaEmory Starr, 2011Jessica Deveraux, 2012InactiveRegional Pageant
Miss Gay Southwest AmericaTrudy Tyler, 1985InactiveRegional Pageant
Miss Gay Utah AmericaInactiveState Pageant
Miss Gay Vermont AmericaInactiveState Pageant
Miss Gay Virginia AmericaMelissa Lan, 1986Jazmen Diamond, 2012InactiveLimited Regional Pageant
Miss Gay Washington AmericaInactiveState Pageant
Miss Gay Western States AmericaTruly Fabu, 1998Chantel Reshae, 2013Truly Fabu, 2013InactiveRegional Pageant
Miss Gay West VirginiaDina Jackson, 1986InactiveState Pageant
Miss Gay Wisconsin AmericaInactiveState Pageant
Miss Gay Wyoming AmericaInactiveState Pageant

Mr. Gay All-American (1983-2009)[edit]

The Mr. Gay All-American Contest was founded by Norma Kristie, Inc. in 1983 by Norman Jones and Carmel Santiago (Norma Kristie, Miss Gay America 1973, and Lady Baronessa, Miss Gay America 1974, respectively), the current operators of the Miss Gay America Pageant System at that time. The MGAA Contest was launched to provide a venue for gay men to showcase their intellect, community service, and talent, such as live singing, piano and dance, and launched many careers in professional entertainment for young gay men. MGAA was the fist contest of its kind, and was directly viewed as the co-titleholder to Miss Gay America.

In 1995, Jones sold the Mr. Gay All-American Contest to Gib Hauersperger, the contest director who assumed the position in 1990 after the death of Lady Baronessa. Hauersperger operated the pageant until his retirement in 1999. Paul Lopez, Mr. Gay All-American 2000 assumed operations of the contest until 2003 when Richard Greer, Mr. Gay All-American 1999, assumed the directorial role. Greer operated the contest until John Beebe assumed control as the national contest director. After 25 years of operation, Gib Hauersperger announced in January 2009 that the Mr. Gay All-American Contest system would cease operations indefinitely.

Former Mr. Gay All-American Titleholders[edit]

83/84Ron East
1985Keith Mitchell
1986Ered Matthew
1987Medwin Johnson
1988Brad Bemis
1989Patrick Boyd
1990Milo Masters
1991TJ McKay
1992John Michael Gordon
1993EJ White
1994David Pace
1995John Reny
1996John Martin Beebee
1997Jonathan George
1998Antonio Edwards
1999Richard Greer
2000Kristian Martinez
2001Paul Lopez
2002Ryan Davis
2003Enrique Perez
2004Dave Morgan
2005Lucas Lander
2006John Lucas
2007Taz Bailey
2008Sebastian Armonte
2009Rasean Montrese


The documentary film Pageant presented a behind-the-scenes look at the 34th Miss Gay America pageant and some of the competitors, many of whom have since won the title of Miss Gay America.[5]

Elizabeth Grace Ward, Miss America 1982, made her directorial debut with a documentary feature called "The Damn Deal." The film is an intimate portrait of three female impersonators participating in the events surrounding the Miss Gay Little Rock Arkansas America pageant, and includes Miss Gay Arkansas 1993 and multi-time Miss Gay America top ten finalist, Kelly Cruise. The film was submitted to the Toronto Film Festival in 1998.


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