Minister of Foreign Affairs (Norway)

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Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs after 1945

The Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Det Kongelige Utenriksdepartement) was established on June 7, 1905 - the same day the Norwegian legistature decided to dissolve the union with Sweden. The Ministry is currently headed by Minister of Foreign Affairs Jonas Gahr Støre and Minister of International Development Erik Solheim. They have been cabinet ministers in the red-green coalition government headed by prime minister Jens Stoltenberg since October 17, 2005.

Ministers of Foreign Affairs

NameTook OfficeLeft OfficeParty
Jørgen Gunnarsson Løvland19051908Liberal Party
Wilhelm Christopher Christophersen19081910Liberal Party
Johannes Irgens19101913Conservative Party
Nils Claus Ihlen19131920Liberal Party
Christian Fredrik Michelet19201921Conservative Party
Arnold Christopher Ræstad19211922Liberal Party
Johan Ludwig Mowinckel19221923Liberal Party
Christian Fredrik Michelet19231924Conservative Party
Johan Ludwig Mowinckel19241926Liberal Party
Ivar Lykke19261928Conservative Party
Edvard Bull, Sr.19281928Labour Party
Johan Ludwig Mowinckel19281931Liberal Party
Birger Braadland1931Agrarian Party
Nils Trædal (acting)19321932Agrarian Party
Birger Braadland1933Agrarian Party
Johan Ludwig Mowinckel19331935Liberal Party
Halvdan Koht19351940Labour Party
Ingolf Elster Christensen19401940Administrative Council in Oslo
Trygve Halvdan Lie (exile in London)1940Labour Party
Oscar Fredrik Torp (acting in Oslo)19451945Labour Party
Trygve Halvdan Lie1946Labour Party
Halvard Manthey Lange19461963Labour Party
Erling Wikborg19631963Christian Democrats
Halvard Manthey Lange19631965Labour Party
John Lyng19651970Conservative Party
Svenn Stray19701971Conservative Party
Andreas Zeier Cappelen19711972Labour Party
Dagfinn Vårvik19721973Centre Party
Knut Frydenlund19731981Labour Party
Svenn Stray19811986Conservative Party
Knut Frydenlund19861987Labour Party
Thorvald Stoltenberg19871989Labour Party
Kjell Magne Bondevik19891990Christian Democrats
Thorvald Stoltenberg19901993Labour Party
Johan Jørgen Holst19931994Labour Party
Bjørn Tore Godal19941997Labour Party
Knut Vollebæk19972000Christian Democrats
Thorbjørn Jagland20002001Labour Party
Jan Petersen20012005Conservative Party
Jonas Gahr Støre2005presentLabour Party

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