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Founded1999, Irvington, New York as CTC Bulldog
Founder(s)Bill Daugherty and Jonas Steinman[1]
HeadquartersYonkers, New York[2], United States
Area servedWorldwide
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Founded1999, Irvington, New York as CTC Bulldog
Founder(s)Bill Daugherty and Jonas Steinman[1]
HeadquartersYonkers, New York[2], United States
Area servedWorldwide

Mindspark Interactive Network, Inc. in an American digital applications company with a primary concentration on interactive products and web portals. Based in Yonkers, New York, it is a subsidiary of publicly traded IAC/InterActiveCorp. The company was originally incorporated under the name CTC Bulldog, Inc. with the launch of its first project, iWon.com. Prior to being acquired by IAC/InterActiveCorp, it went through numerous acquisitions and name changes and was also previously known as iWon, Inc., The Excite Network, and Interactive Search Holdings. Mindspark has other offices located in Los Angeles, CA; Oakland, CA; New York, NY; Bellevue, WA; and Ra'anana, Israel.


Mindspark was created out of the idea for iWon, a free casual game site and web portal that allows players to win cash for charities.[3] The idea for iWon was conceived by Bill Daugherty and Jonas Steinman in 1999 while brainstorming for an ideas to develop Internet products.[4] Daugherty and Steinman incorporated as CTC Bulldog, Inc. and established offices in Irvington, New York.[3] They launched iWon in October of 1999, with initial funding coming from CBS.[5][4] CTC Bulldog re-branded as iWon.com Inc. and the following year launched a sales team and set up offices in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago.[6]

The company expanded in 2001 with the purchase of Excite, an online service portal providing content that included news and weather, a search engine, web-based email, instant messaging, stock quotes, and a variety of other content.[7] It purchased the assets of the company out of bankruptcy but did not receive any of the equipment or code.[8] It recreated the features of Excite with its own infrastructure of iWon, including customer's portal settings.[8] iWon re-branded with the purchase of Excite, changing its name to The Excite Network.[9] The Excite Network launched a new online portal called MyWay.com in 2002, which replaced many of Yahoo's popular features without advertisements, fees and intrusive privacy policies.[10] That same year, the company launched several entertainment products such as SmileyCentral, Cursormania, and PopularScreensavers. It also went through additional name changes, starting with Focus Interactive and then Interactive Search Holdings.

By December 2003, properties of Interactive Search Holdings reached 17% of US Internet users.[11] The properties included iWon.com, Excite.com, MyWay.com, MyWebSearch, and online advertising sales firm MaxOnline. It was also the 9th most visited property in 2003.[12] Interactive was purchased by Ask Jeeves in 2004 for $501 million in stock and cash.[13][14] The following year, Ask Jeeves was purchased by IAC for $1.9 billion in stock.[15] The acquisition included changing the name of Interactive Search Holdings to IAC Consumer Application & Portals (IAC CAP), a wholly owned subsidiary of IAC/InterActiveCorp. In 2006, IAC CAP launched Zwinky, a virtual world in which the users have the opportunity to communicate and play with other people.[16] The same year, IAC/InterActiveCorp acquired Vimeo, making it a part of IAC CAP in 2008. In 2007, IAC CAP launched Webfetti.com, a site that allows users to customize their social networking profile pages and blogs. It continued to expand the following year with the acquisition of StarNet Interactive, the parent company of the website GirlSense.com. In 2009, IAC Consumer Applications & Portals was renamed Mindspark Interactive, the current name of the company.

After its name change to Mindspark Interactive, Joey Levin was appointed from Senior Vice President to CEO, succeeding John Park.[17] The Ask Partner Network became part of Mindspark, transitioning from a division of Ask.com. Mindspark began to expand rapidly in 2010. It bought a majority stake in DailyBurn, a health and fitness company with approximately 2.5 million members.[18] It also made the transition into virtual world gaming and social gaming with the launch of a new division named Mindspark Worlds,[17] and added VoxPop's gaming platform with the purchase of the company in 2011.[19]

In the third quarter of 2010, IAC’s search revenue increased 20 percent over the previous year to $205.1 million, while operating income in the search business was up 43 percent to $28.9 million.[20] The increase was attributed to the company's toolbar business.[20] Mindspark moved its headquarters to Yonkers, New York in 2013. It is located in a renovated 40,000 square foot building, previously owned by the Otis Elevator Company.[21]

Interactive products and web portals[edit]

Mindspark operates more than 80 interactive products and web portals.[21] The interactive products include virtual world Zwinky and Zwinky Cuties; casual game sites such as iWon, Retrogamer.com and GamingWonderland.com; social and entertainment websites such as Webfetti.com, MyWebFace.com, Girlsense.com, PopularScreensavers.com and MyFuncards.com; fitness product DailyBurn; and toolbar products such as TVF, Cursor Mania, Guffins, CouponAlert, and Television Fanatic.

The MyWebSearch Toolbar also known as MyWay Speedbar, MyWay Education Guide, MyWay Searchbar, MyAllSearch Search Assistant, MyWay Search Assistant or MyWeb Searchbar is a web-browser add-on that provides search function to the browser menu. The toolbar was required in many of Mindspark products, allowing user to query MyWebSearch search engine.[22][23]


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