Milwaukee County Transit System

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Milwaukee County Transit System
ParentMilwaukee County Government
FoundedJune 1, 1975
Headquarters1942 North 17th St.Coordinates: 43°03′18.5″N 87°55′59″W / 43.055139°N 87.93306°W / 43.055139; -87.93306
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Service areaMilwaukee, Ozaukee and Waukesha counties
Service typebus service
HubsDowntown Transit Center (Wisconsin Ave)
StationsKinnicknnic Ave Garage North 17 Street Garage
Fleet416 buses
Daily ridership166,600
(Q2 2008 avg. weekday)
Fuel typeDiesel
OperatorMilwaukee Transport Services, Inc.
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Milwaukee County Transit System
ParentMilwaukee County Government
FoundedJune 1, 1975
Headquarters1942 North 17th St.Coordinates: 43°03′18.5″N 87°55′59″W / 43.055139°N 87.93306°W / 43.055139; -87.93306
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Service areaMilwaukee, Ozaukee and Waukesha counties
Service typebus service
HubsDowntown Transit Center (Wisconsin Ave)
StationsKinnicknnic Ave Garage North 17 Street Garage
Fleet416 buses
Daily ridership166,600
(Q2 2008 avg. weekday)
Fuel typeDiesel
OperatorMilwaukee Transport Services, Inc.

The Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) is the largest transit agency in Wisconsin, and is the primary transit provider for Milwaukee county. It ranks among the top 50 transit agencies in the United States. The county-run agency was formed in 1975 after it took over the assets of the Milwaukee & Suburban Transport Company, a private operator. Milwaukee Transport Service, Inc.(MTS)is the current operator of the system. Its contract with Milwaukee County was extended for one year and will continue to operate MCTS through 2014.[1]

Bus fleet[edit]

MCTS bus 4413, a 2001 New Flyer D40LF

MCTS operates a fleet of 416 New Flyer low floor buses. 387 (384 active; three inactive) are 40 feet (12 m) long, and 29 (12 active; 17 inactive) of them are 30 feet (9.1 m), including five Gillig Advantage low floor buses dedicated to the Ozaukee County Express (Route 143).

Fleet numbers[edit]


4600-4639New FlyerD40LF20024608, 4611,and 4613 inactive. Most still in service
4700-4750New FlyerD40LF2003
4800-4829New FlyerD40LF2004
4900-4914New FlyerD40LFlate 2004officially “2005” as that is when they were paid for
5000-5008New FlyerD40LFJanuary 2006
5100-5189New FlyerD40LFRJuly 2010first to feature near-zero emissions
5200-5234New FlyerD40LFRMay 2011
5300-5354New FlyerD40LFR2012
5400-5454New FlyerXcelsior2013Clean air buses; first fleet in MCTS' history to feature rear destination signs on the back of the bus
5500-5534New FlyerXcelsior2014Clean air buses


Pre-MCTS (ex Transport Co. fleet)
1320-1483GMCTDH-51051953-1957 & 19591980
1751-1760GMCTDH-530119601985Originally operated by Triboro Coach
1761-1770GMCTDH-530219601985Originally operated by Triboro Coach; 1761 and 1762 were used as sightseeing buses and can be distinguished by their scenic windows.
1901-1960GMCTDH-530319662001Refurbished in 1982-1987 and repainted into MCTS' white with green stripe
2001-2030GMCTDH-530319672001Refurbished in 1982-1987 and repainted into MCTS colors; 2001 was converted into a special bus that was used for handicapped and elderly use; Bus 2003 was used as a shuttle at Mitchell International airport.
Post-MCTS (1975 to present)
3000-3099Flxible53102-8-119781991First order to feature handicapped seating and lifts and first with air conditioning; introduced MCTS' new color scheme.
3100-3249GMCRTS-II19802000First group to display route numbers on right end rear windows. Refurbished in 1987-1990 to add new vertically opening windows and new air conditioning units.
3300-3325NeoplanN4161982199640-ft. Ordered with wheelchair lifts which were removed before entering service. Only 76 of this model built and only MCTS and Atlanta (MARTA) had them plus one demo.
3326-3343NeoplanN4161982199135-ft. Only 18 built and for MCTS
3400–3439Crown-Ikarus2861984[2]200060-foot articulated buses
3500-3571NeoplanAN4401985-19862002Second generation; non-wheelchair
3600-3656NeoplanAN44019872002Third generation: longer wheelbase moved rear axle further away from exit door; non-wheelchair.
3700-3816Orion05.5011990-199120043700-3801 was the last order without wheelchair lifts; 3802-3816 were assigned to the Metrolink route and were identified by an orange stripe adjacent to MCTS's green; wheelchair lifts; last buses to display route destination numbers on right side rear windows.
4000-4145New FlyerD40LF1996-19972011
4200-4208New FlyerD30LF19972010
4300-4389New FlyerD40LF20002014
4400-4468New FlyerD40LF200120144418 was the only bus in MCTS' history in which a homicide took place on board.[3]
4500-4519New FlyerD30LF20022012

Relationship with New Flyer[edit]

MCTS' has had a very long and exclusive relationship with New Flyer since 1996, as their buses have all been first and second generation D40LFs.[4][5] In Summer 2013 MCTS will add 90 New Flyer Excelsiors to its lineup, thus continuing their partnership with NFI as their coach of choice.[6]

Bus routes and fares[edit]

See List of MCTS Bus Routes

Most of the year, MCTS operates more than 50 bus routes covering about 90% of Milwaukee County and parts of Waukesha County and Ozaukee County. In addition, special routes are run for certain festivals, sports games, and other special events.

As of September 2013, the adult, regular, non-discounted bus fare on MCTS is $2.25. 10 pack tickets or a weekly pass can be purchased for $17.50. A monthly pass is $64. Free transfers are given within 1 hour of paying fare.[7]


Route #NameDescriptionService Hours (Weekday)Service Hours (Saturday)Service Hours (Sunday/Holiday)Notes/changes in schedule.
10Humboldt-WisconsinRuns N/S from the Bayshore Town Center (Silver Spring Drive) in Glendale on Santa Monica Boulevard-Wilson Drive to Capitol Drive, E/W on Capitol to Humbodlt Boulevard, N/S on Humboldt to Ogden Avenue, E/W on Ogden to Astor Street, N/S on Astor-Prospect Avenue to Wisconsin Avenue entering Downtown Milwaukee. The route continues E/W on Wisconsin to 87th Street where it loops through the Regional Medical Center and Froedert Hospital. The route goes back to Wisconsin Avenue at 92nd Street, E/W to 95th Street, N/S on 95th to Bluemound Road and E/W on Bluemound to Brookfield Square (Moorland Road) in Brookfield.4AM-1:15AM4AM-1:15AM5AM-1:15AM
1212th-Wisconsin (or Teutonia-Hampton)Runs mainly N/S on Teutonia Avenue and 12th Street, before turning E/W onto Wisconsin Avenue into downtown. The route branches at Teutonia and Hampton, with one branch operating E/W along Hampton to 92nd, and the other operating N/S A.M. via Teutonia and P.M. via 43rd, to Brown Deer Road4AM-2AM4AM-2AM5AM-1AM
14Forest HomeRuns from the Downtown Transit Center E/W on Wisconsin Avenue before turning N/S on 16th Street-Cesar E. Chavez Drive to Forest Home Avenue and NE/SW on Forest Home to Cold Spring Road, E/W on Cold Spring to 76th Street, N/S on 76th to Southridge Mall (Edgerton Avenue) in Greendale.4AM-1:30AM5AM-1:30AM5AM-1:30AMThis service was originally 14-Holton/Forest Home until March 2008 when it assumed portions of the former Route 20 and gave up the Holton Street service to route 11. The Route was also named "14 Forest Home-Howard" until January 2010 when service along 43rd Street from Oklahoma to Howard Avenue and along Howard to 92nd Street was eliminated.
15Holton-KinnicknnicRuns N/S. From the N, this route begins at Bayshore Town Center Bayshore Town Center (Bayshore Mall) at Silver Spring Drive in Glendale, on Marlbourough to Port-Washington Road from there to Capital Drive, E/W on Capital Drive to Holton Street, N/S on Holton Street to Milwaukee Street then heads through Downtown Milwaukee heading Holton Street where it heads on Van Buren to Ogden E/W on Ogden to Milwaukee Street, N/S on Milwaukee Street to Pittsburgh. E/W on Pittsburgh to 1st Street N/S on 1st Street where it becomes Kinnicknnic Avenue then continuing N/S on Kinnicknnic to Plankton Avenue, E/W on Plankton to Packard Avenue, N/S on Packard-Chicago-10th Avenue to Madison Avenue (meaning Packard Avenue in Cudahy where it hits on College Avenue it will become North Chicago Avenue in South Milwaukee then where it hits on Rawson Avenue it will become 10th Avenue). Then heads E on Madison to 5th Avenue. S on 5th Avenue to Columbia, W on Columbia to South Chicago Avenue then N on South Chicago Avenue Past Drexel Avenue then layover. Route 15 buses always takes a layover on the Northside. Note: On South Chicago and Drexel Avenue you will see Route 52 taking a layover on the Southside. Where you will see Route 15 going one way, and Route 52 going the other way. So this means the routes where changed on Sunday, January 29, 2012 (last 2 years ago) when they changed from Oakland-Kinnicknnic to Holton-Kinnicknnic, So route 15 was used to be a 3 branch bus, but now cut down to 1 branch bus, but the other 2 branches are now transferred to route 52 half on 15th Avenue other half on 10th Avenue to Marquette, Marquette to South Chicago, and South Chicago to Drexel.5AM-1AM5AM-1AM5AM-1AMAs of January 29, 2012, Route 15 serves Holton-Kinnickinnic. The Oakland Avenue portion has been replaced with the Greenline (Oakland-Howell), and Clement Avenue branch replaced by Route 52.[8]
19Martin Luther King Junior Drive - South 13th Street & South 20th StreetRuns N/S from 35th Street & Silver Spring Drive on the N side to Atkinson Avenue, NW/SE on Atkinson to MLK Drive (3rd Street). N/S on MLK to Kilbourn Avenue before entering Downtown Milwaukee. In Downtown the route operates N on Plankinton Avenue and S on 2nd Street between Kilbourn and St. Paul Avenue, continuing N/S on 2nd to National Avenue, E/W on National to 11th Street and N/S on 11th to Mitchell Street. The route then splits with the College via 13th branch continuing N/S on 11th to Windlake Avenue, NE/SW on Windlake to 13th Street and N/S on 13th to College Avenue. The College via 20th branch heads E/W on Mitchell to Forest Home Avenue, NE/SW on Forest Home to 16th Street, N/S on 16th to Wndlake, NE/SW on Windlake to 20th Street, N/S on 20th to College and E/W on College to 13th. Both branches continue N/S from 13th & College 1/2 mile to Zellman Court on the S Side.5AM-1AM6AM-12:30AM6AM-12:30AM
23Fond du Lac-NationalServes the far NW Side and near S Side, from 68th and Orchard in West Allis, E/W on Greenfield Avenue to 62nd Street where it merges onto National Avenue, looping through the VA Medical Center, before continuing E/W on National to 2nd Street before turning N/S to head Downtown and E/W on Wisconsin Avenue to 16th/17th Street. Follows the one-way 16th/17th Street route to Fond Du Lac Avenue NW/SE on Fond Du Lac to Congress Street, E/W on Congress Street, and N/S on 92nd and 91st Streets to Granville & Calumet.4:30AM–12:30AM5AM-12:30AM5AM-12AM
30Sherman-WisconsinRuns N/S on the E Side, service begins at the UWM campus, uses the Prospect and Farwell Avenue corridors through the E Side neighborhood, and turns E/W downtown on Wisconsin Avenue, before turning N/S on 35th Street, looping around Washington Park, then to Sherman Boulevard. Continues up Sherman Boulevard and splits at Sherman and Keefe Avenues; one goes all the way to 43rd street and Florist on the NorthSide; the other route goes west on Keefe Avenue to 67th Street.5AM-1AM6AM-1AM6AM-1AMThis is the most heavily used public bus route in the city of Milwaukee as evidenced by the number of trips in its schedule.
31State-HighlandRuns E/W. 1 branch from Mayfair Mall uses North Avenue/Ludington Avenue/Milwaukee Avenue/Vliet Street/Highland Boulevard, the other from the Milwaukee Regional Medical Center uses Watertown Plank Road/State Street/37th Street. Both join at 37th & Highland, and head E/W on Highland Boulevard, to 12th Street, down to Wisconsin Avenue, heading E/W through downtown to the Downtown Transit Center.5AM-1 AM6AM-1 AM6AM-1 AM
33Vliet StreetRuns E/W on Vliet Street from 60th Street on the Milwaukee/Wauwatosa border to 6th Street before turning N/S on 6th to Kilbourn Avenue, E/W on Kilbourn to Plankinton Avenue /2nd Street N/S on Plankinton/2nd to Michigan Street and E/W on Michigan to the Downtown Transit Center.5AM-11:40PM6AM-11PM6AM-11AMThis route took over the former Vliet Street branch of the defunct Route 11 one year after it was eliminated.
57Walnut-Lisbon (or Walnut-92nd)Runs mainly E/W from 92nd & Grantosa on the NW side, N/S on 92nd Street to Center Street, E/W on Center to 60th Street, where it merges onto Lisbon Avenue, NW/SE on Lisbon until it becomes Walnut Street, continuing E/W on Walnut to MLK Drive (3rd Street), N/S on MLK to Cherry Street, E/W on Cherry to Water Street, N/S on Water to Michigan Street,E/W on Michigan to 5th Street and N/S on 5th to the Milwaukee Intermodal Station (St. Paul Avenue).6AM-11PM6AM-11PM6AM-11PM
806th StreetRuns E/W along Villard Avenue on the far N Side, from Appleton Ave. to Green Bay Ave., heads N/S on Green Bay Ave. until 7th/8th Streets (N on 7th, S on 8th). A branch of the route starts at 35th & Capitol, and operates NW/SE on Hopkins, and E/W on Locust to 7th/8th Streets. Both branches then run N/S on 6th Street, through downtown, to Edgerton Avenue, E/W on Edgerton to Howell Avenue, and N/S on Howell to General Mitchell International Airport. On weekdays the route continues N/S on Howell after the Airport and goes to the MATC south campus (College Avenue) on the far S Side. In addition, limited weekday service is provided south of MATC to Oak Creek (Puetz Road).4AM-1:30 AM5AM-1 AM5AM-1 AM

Freeway Flyer Routes[edit]

All routes operate Monday through Friday during AM and PM hours only.

Route numberRoute nameDescriptionNotes
40Ryan-College FlyerRuns from the Ryan Road and College Avenue Park & Ride Lots (each of which is just off of I-94) to downtown Milwaukee via I-94 and I-794
43Whitnall (Hales Corners) FlyerRuns from 84th & Forest Home SW/NE on Forest Home, E/W on Grange, and N/S on 108th Street to the Whitnall Park & Ride Lot in Hales Corners. The route then runs via I-894, I-94, and I-794 to downtown Milwaukee.
44National FlyerRuns from 102nd & Lincoln, E/W on Lincoln, N/S on 108th, E/W on Cleveland, NE/SW on National Avenue and N/S on 84th. Eastbound buses operate N on 84th to Kearney, and E on Kearney to the Wisconsin State Fair Park Park & Ride Lot. Buses then operate east to 68th Street, and via I-94 to downtown. Westbound buses operate via I-94 to 68th Street, then W via O'Connor, S on 76th to the Fair Park Park & Ride Lot, continuing S on 76th to Greenfield, and W on Greenfield to 84th.
46Loomis-Southridge FlyerRuns from the Southridge Park & Ride Lot near Southridge Mall, via 76th Street to I-894. The route makes a stop at the Loomis Road Park & Ride lot off of I-894 south of 38th & Loomis, and select trips also stop at the Holt Avenue Park & Ride Lot off of I-43/94 and Holt, then operates via I-94, and I-794 to downtown Milwaukee.
48South Shore FlyerRuns from Howell & Ryan Road (Highway 100), E/W on Highway 100 to Chicago Road/Chicago Avenue, N/S on Chicago (South Milwaukee) and Packard (Cudahy) Avenues to Lake Drive, NE/SW on Lake Drive to Oklahoma Avenue, and E/W on Oklahoma to the Lake Parkway (SR-794). The route then operates via SR-794/I-794 to downtown Milwaukee.
49Brown Deer-Northshore (Bayshore) FlyerRuns from the Green Bay Road (at Brown Deer & Green Bay Roads), Brown Deer East (at Brown Deer Road & I-43), and Northshore (at Silver Spring Drive & Port Washington Road, near I-43) Park & Ride lots. The route then operates south via I-43 to downtown Milwaukee.
79Menomonee Falls FlyerRuns from the Menomonee Falls Park & Ride lot (near US-45 at Pilgrim Road in Menomonee Falls), S on Pilgrim, W on Main Street, SE on Appleton Avenue, and E on Good Hope Road to the Good Hope Park & Ride Lot (at Good Hope & US-45). Also makes a stop at the Watertown Plank Park & Ride (at Watertown Plank Road & US-45). The route then runs via US-45 and I-94 to downtown Milwaukee.This service is funded by Waukesha County, but operates as a regular MCTS route. Fare on this route is regular fare plus $1.35 cents (or premium fare plus 35 cents).

Downtown Freeway Flyer routings[edit]

Ozaukee County[edit]

These buses and bus stops can be distinguished by their brown color scheme.

Route #NameDescriptionService Hours (Weekday)Service Hours (Saturday)Service Hours (Sunday/Holiday)Notes/changes in schedule
143Ozaukee County ExpressServes two main purposes: the peak direction commute from Ozaukee County to downtown Milwaukee, and the reverse commute from Milwaukee to businesses and industrial parks in Ozaukee County. Route 143 offers service between the Ozaukee County municipalities of Port Washington, Fredonia, Grafton, Cedarburg, and Mequon and Downtown Milwaukee.4AM-1AM5AM-12AM5AM-12AMThe Ozaukee County Express, which funded by Ozaukee County but operated by MCTS, is the only route on which the five Gillig Advantage buses operate. However, if one of the Gilligs is out of service for maintenance, a regular MCTS D40LF will operate in its place.

MetroEXpress Routes[edit]

Both BlueLine and GreenLine routes serve Downtown Milwaukee. All routes make stops at major route connections.

Route #NameDescriptionService Hours (Weekday)Service Hours (Saturday)Service Hours (Sunday/Holiday)Notes/changes in schedule.
BlueLineFond du Lac - NationalExpress route between Park Place & Liberty on the northwest side to 68th & Greenfield in West Allis. Route travels N/S on 107th Street to Fond Du Lac Avenue, NW/SE on Fond Du Lac to Mill Road, E/W on Mill to 64th Street. N/S on 64th to Villard Avenue, E/W on Villard to 60th Street, N/S on 60th back to Fond Du Lac, Fond Du Lac NW/SE to 16th/17th Streets, 16th NB/17th SB to Wisconsin Avenue, E/W on Wisconsin to 2nd Street/Plankinton Avenue, Plankinton NB/2nd SB to National Avenue, E/W on National to the Veterans Administration Medical Center, looping through the VA grounds before continuing E/W on National to Greenfield Avenue, continuing E/W on Greenfield to 68th Street.4AM-2AM4AM-2AM4AM-2AM
GreenLineBayshore - Airport (or Oakland-Howell)Express route between Bayshore Town Centre in Glendale to General Mitchell International Airport on the south side. Route travels N/S on Port Washington Road to Silver Spring Drive, E/W on Silver Spring to Marlborough Drive, N/S on Marlborough to Hampton Avenue, E/W on Hampton to Oakland Avenue, N/S on Oakland to Cambridge Avenue, continuing N/S on Cambridge to Brady Street, E/W on Brady to Water Street, N/S on Water to 1st Street continuing N/S on 1st to Kinnickinnic Avenue, continuing N/S on Kinnickinnic to Howell Avenue, continuing N/S on Howell to the Airport.4AM-1AM4AM-1AM4AM-1AM
RedLineCapitol DriveExpress route between 124th & Capitol in Brookfield to UWM on the east side. Route travels E/W on Capitol to Downer Avenue, N/S on Downer to the UWM campus.4AM-1AM5AM-12AM6AM-11PM

Crosstown and feeder routes[edit]

Route #NameDescriptionService Hours (Weekday)Service Hours (Saturday)Service Hours (Sunday/Holiday)Notes/changes in schedule.
21North AvenueRuns E/W along North Avenue, from Mayfair Mall in Wauwatosa, to Lake Drive on the E Side. During the non-summer months (generally late August/early September to mid June), route 21 provides weekday-only service to the UWM campus, via Downer Avenue.5AM-1AM5AM-1AM5AM-1AM
22Center StreetRuns E/W along Center Street, from 60th Street at the Milwaukee/Wauwatosa border, to Humboldt, where it heads 2 blocks north to Locust Street, then follows Locust Street E/W to Downer Avenue and N/S to the UWM campus.4AM-2AM4AM-2AM5AM-1AM
2727th StreetRuns north-south along 27th Street, from Hampton Avenue, with rush hour service to and from Johnson Controls in the Glendale Industrial Park on the north side, to the Franklin Wal-Mart (1/2 mile south of College Avenue) on the south side.5AM-1AM5AM-1AM5AM-1AM
28108th StreetRuns N/S along S.108th Street/Mayfair Road/N. Lovers Lane, from Silver Spring Drive on the far Northwest side, loops through Mayfair Mall and North Avenue-124th Street and Watertown Plank Road to the Whitnall Park-Ride Lot (Layton Avenue) on the far SW Side.6AM-11PM6AM-11PM7AM-10PM
3535th StreetRuns N/S mainly on 35th Street, from Howard Avenue on the S Side to Congress Street on the N Side where it merges onto Hopkins Street and operates NW/SE to Villard Avenue, E/W on Villard, and N/S on Sherman Boulevard to Silver Spring Drive..5AM-1AM5AM-1AM5AM-12AM
51Oklahoma AvenueRuns E/W on Oklahoma Avenue, from 123rd Street in West Allis, to the Marian Center on Superior Avenue on the S Side5AM-1AM5AM-1AM6AM-12AM
52Clement-15th AvenueRuns NW/SE on Kinnickinnic Avenue from Mitchell Street to Clement Avenue, N/S on Clement to Howard Avenue, E/W on Howard to Pennsylvania Avenue, N/S on Pennsylvania to College Avenue, E/W on College to 15th Avenue, N/S on 15th Avenue to Rawson Avenue where it loops around South Milwaukee via Rawson, 10th Avenue, Marquette Avenue, and South Chicago Avenue to the layover at Drexel Boulevard. After the layover it continues the loop via Drexel, 15th Avenue, Milwaukee Avenue, 17th Avenue, and Rawson back to 15th Avenue. After layover Route 52 Northbound heads South on South Chicago to Drexel Avenue, West on Drexel to 15th Avenue, North on 15th Avenue to Milwaukee, West on Milwaukee to 17th Avenue, North on 17th Avenue to Rawson, East on Rawson to 15th Avenue, North on 15th Avenue to College, West on College to Pennsylvania Avenue, North on Pennsylvania to Howard, West on Howard to Clement, North on Clement to Kinnicknnic, Northeast on Kinnicknnic to layover on Kinnicknnic and Mitchell. After layover Route 52 Southbound heads North on Kinnicknnic to Mitchell, West on Mitchell to 1st Street, South on 1st to Maple Street, East on Maple to Kinnicknnic, Southwest on Kinnicknnic to Clement, South on Clement to Howard, East on Howard to Pennsylvania Avenue, South on Pennsylvania to College, East on College to 15th Avenue, South on 15th Avenue to Rawson, East on Rawson to 10th Avenue, South on 10th Avenue to Marquette, West on Marquette to South Chicago, South on South Chicago to Drexel Avenue and then layover.4AM-12:45AM4AM-12:45AM5AM-12:45AM
53Lincoln AvenueRuns E/W on Lincoln Avenue, from 114th Street in West Allis, to Bay Street on the S Side.5AM-1AM5AM-1AM5AM-1AM
54Mitchell-BurnhamRuns E/W along Mitchell Street, from Kinnickinnic Avenue to 24th Street, then heads N/S to Burnham Street, then heads E/W to 66th Street, then heads NE/SW along National Avenue, to 92nd Street and N/S to West Allis Memorial Hospital, lops around the hospital and continues E/W on Lincoln Avenue back to National, NE/SW on National to Cleveland Avenue and E/W on Cleveland to 108th Street. On weekdays between 8am and 6pm, service starts at UMOS on Chase Avenue, N/S on 1st Street to Becher Street, E/W on Becher to Kinnickinnic and N/S on Kinnickinnic to Mitchell.5AM-1AM5AM-1AM5AM-12:30AM
55Layton AvenueRuns E/W along Layton Avenue, from Lake Drive in Cudahy to Southridge Mall (76th Street) in Greendale. Route 55 Westbound starts at Warnimont Park and Kelly Senior Center and ends at Southridge Mall. After layover Route 55 Westbound heads West on unnamed road to Lake Drive, North on Lake Drive to Layton Avenue, West on Layton Avenue to Whitnall, then turns West on Whitnall to Burst Avenue, South on Burst to Layton Avenue, West on Layton Avenue to 76th Street, South on 76th Street to Southridge Mall, then loops around the driveway to Southridge Mall then layover. Route 55 Eastbound starts at Southridge Mall and ends at Warnimont Park and Kelly Senior Center. After layover Route 55 Eastbound heads a loop around through the driveway to 74th Street, North on 74th Street to Edgerton Avenue, West on Edgerton Avenue to 76th Street, North on 76th Street to Layton Avenue, East on Layton to Burst Avenue, North on Burst to Whitnall Avenue, East on Whitnall to Layton, then turns East on Layton Avenue to Lake Drive, South on Lake Drive to Warnimont Park and Kelly Senior Center then East on unnamed road to layover.5AM-1AM5AM-1AM5AM-1AM
56Greenfield AvenueRuns E/W from on Greenfield Avenue between 124th Street in West Allis to 60th Street, turning N/S on 60th to Burnham Street, E/W on Burnham to Miller Park Way, N/S on Miller Park Way back to Greenfield, E/W again on Greenfield to 1st and N/S on 1st to Mitchell Street.5AM-12:30AM5AM-12AM6AM-12AM
60Burleigh StreetRuns E/W along Burleigh Street, from either 124th Street in Wauwatosa or Mayfair Mall in Wauwatosa to Humboldt Boulevard in the Riverwest Area. During the non-summer months, the route provides weekday-only service the UWM campus on the E Side via Locust Street.5AM-1:30AM5AM-1AM6AM-12:30AM
62Capitol DriveRuns E/W along Capitol Drive, from 76th Street to Humboldt Boulevard4AM-1AM5AM-12:30AM6AM-12AMUntil January 2012 Route 62 served Capitol between 124th Street and Downer Avenue before heading N/S to the UWM campus. That service was takening over by the modern day RedLine.
63Silver Spring-Port WashingtonRuns E/W along Silver Spring Drive, from Lovers Lane Road on the NW Side to Port Washington Road in Glendale, passing by the Bayshore Town Center and continuing N/S on Port Washington to Brown Deer Road in Bayside.5AM-12AM6AM-12AM6AM-12AMThis Route took over the former Route 68 service along Port Washington from Silver Spring to Brown Deer in January 2012.
64S 60th StreetOn Weekdays runs N/S along Hawley Road, from Vliet Street on the W Side, until Hawley Road becomes 60th Street, continuing N/S on 60th til it becomes Northway, through the Village of Greendale to Southridge Mall (Grange Avenue). On weekends and holidays, the route only operates between 60th and Greenfield in West Allis and Southridge Mall.5AM-12AM6AM-12AM6AM-12AM
67N 76th-S 84thRuns N/S from Brown Deer Road on the far NW Side, to Howard Avenue on the S Side. The route branches at Harwood and Glenview Avenues in Wauwatosa, with buses using either 84th Street or 92nd Street to get to Howard Avenue. 92nd Street trips also loop through the Regional Medical Center and Froedert Hospital.5AM-1AM5AM-12:30AM5AM-12:30AM
76N 60th-S 70thRuns mainly N/S, from Southridge Mall in Greendale, via either 76th Street or 68th Street to Blue Mound Road, where both branches converge. Then the route continues N/S on 68th to Milwaukee Avenue (Vliet Street), E/W on Milwaukee to 60th Street, then N/S on 60th to Brown Deer Road and E/W on Brown Deer to 96th Street.4AM-2AM5AM-1AM5AM-1AM

School-day Routes[edit]

These routes operate Monday through Friday during the school year, unless noted

MPS Contracted Routes[edit]

Route #NameSupplementary routes
RR1-3Reagan High SchoolRR1 Route 19, RR2 Route 27, RR3 Route 23/BlueLine.
RS1-4Riverside High SchoolRS1 GreenLine, RS2 Route 22, RS3 Route 60, RS4 Route 62/RedLine

Other School-day Routes[edit]

Route #NameDescription
50Morgan AvenueRuns along E/W Morgan Avenue, from 96th & Beloit to 6th & Holt, then E/W on Holt, N/S on Chase/Howell, E/W on Howard, N on Iowa, E on St. Francis, S on Kinnickinnic, and W on Howard. This route primarily serves Hamilton High School (MPS), but can also be convenient for students of Bell Middle School (MPS) and Thomas More High School (private). Formerly an all-day route, cut in March 2004 to school day-only service due to budget restrictions.
85Whitman WestThis route serves Whitman Middle School and Wauwatosa West High School, both of which are within a block of each other near 113th & Center Street in Wauwatosa. Route 85 serves these schools from the north and the south. From the north, the route starts at 100th & Capitol, and operates via 100th, Hampton (with a loop to 118th & Courtland), Lovers Lane, Mayfair Road (108th Street) and Center Street. From the south, buses start at 84th & Blue Mound, and run via Blue Mound, 115th, Watertown Plank, 124th, and Center Street.
87Nathan Hale EastServes Nathan Hale High School in West Allis, as well as West Allis Central High School and Frank Lloyd Wright Middle School. Operates from National & Wollmer SE on Wollmer, N on 108th, NE on National, E on Cleveland, S on 92nd, E on Oklahoma, N on 84th, and W on Lincoln to Nathan Hale High School (116th & Lincoln). PM service operates in reverse, except the bus continues SW on National to Wollmer.
88CudahyOperates in a loop around Cudahy, serving Cudahy Middle School and Cudahy High School
89St. FrancisOperates in a loop through St. Francis serving St. Francis High School, Deer Creek Grade School, and Willow Glen Grade School.

UBUS Routes[edit]

MCTS has four UBUS routes. Three of them serve the UWM Campus from different parts of Milwaukee County. Two of them serve MATC Downtown Campus, one serves the Mequon Campus, and one serves the Oak Creek Campus. One route also serves Concordia University in Mequon. These routes operate similar to Freeway Flyer routes, however and they do not require a 50-cent surcharge to ride. They operate all day long during the UWM and MATC school year, usually are scheduled to meet most class start and end times, and run a special schedule during exam week. Summer service is dependent on available funding. Route 16 (now route 44U) operated during summer 2005, however no UBUS service operated during summer 2006

Route #NameDescriptionNotes
40UHolt-College UBUSBegins at the MATC Oak Creek Campus, heads E/W on College Avenue to the College Avenue Park & Ride Lot (the UBUS lot is in a separate location from the downtown route 40 lot; the UBUS lot is on the southwest corner of the I-94/College Avenue intersection, whereas the downtown lot is on the northeast corner) before entering I-94/I-43, stopping at the Holt Avenue Park & Ride Lot (same stop as Route 40), and continuing on 94/43, exiting at Michigan Street in Downtown, heading N/S on 6th past the MATC Downtown Campus, continuing N on 6th/Halyard/7th to Locust Street, E/W on Locust to Oakland Avenue and N/S on Oakland to the UWM campus, circling via Hartford, Downer, and Kenwood to the layover in front of the UWM Union. Southbound trips use I-43 between 7th & Locust and the MATC Downtown Campus
42U6th Street-Port Washington Road UBUSBegins at the Downtown Transit Center and follows Route 33 to 6th and Juneau at the MATC Downtown Campus. Continues N/S on 6th/Halyard/7th/8th to Keefe Avenue where it turns E/W to Port Washington Road, N/S on Port Washington, passing the Bayshore Town Center to Good Hope Road, where it enters I-43, stopping at the Brown Deer Road Park & Ride, before continuing on I-43 to Port Washington and West Towne Square Road. It then continues N/S on Port Washington to Highland Road, where it will then turn right on Highland to serve Concordia University first, then goes back on Highland Road, west of Port Washington to the MATC Mequon Campus.
44UFair Park-Whitnall (Hales Corners) UBUSThis route serves the Whitnall Park & Ride Lot in Hales Corners, then operates N/S on 108th Street, and E/W on Greenfield to 84th. Eastbound buses operate N on 84th, E on Kearney to the Fair Park Park & Ride, then E to 68th, and E via I-94. Westbound buses exit I-94 at 68th Street, and operate W to 76th, S past the Fair Park Park & Ride Lot to Greenfield, and W on Greenfield. Buses operate via I-94, I-794, and Lincoln Memorial Drive to Kenwood Boulevard, and W to the layover in front of the UWM Union. Buses return via Kenwood, Oakland, Hartford, Downer, and Kenwood to Lincoln Memorial Drive.Formerly route 16: South 108th Street UBUS, this route was changed to route 44U in December, 2005, to be more consistent with the other UBUS route names and numbers. Until May 2005, route 16 buses operated via I-94 and I-43 to Locust Street, and served UWM with the same routing as used by route 40U. However, due to Marquette Interchange construction, the route was shifted to Lincoln Memorial Drive to alleviate delays encountered by buses using the EB 94 to NB 43 ramp. Officially, the Lincoln Memorial Drive routing is considered a detour.
49UBrown Deer UBUSBegins at the Green Bay Road Park & Ride Lot and then heads E/W on Brown Deer Road to the Brown Deer East Park & Ride Lot, then operates via I-43 to Capitol Drive, E/W to Oakland, N/S to Hartford (with no stops on Capitol or Oakland), and E on Hartford and S on Downer to the layover on the eastern edge of the UWM campus. Return trips operate via Downer, Kenwood, Oakland, and Capitol.

Other limited services[edit]

These routes generally operate to business or industrial parks that are not served by regular routes.

17: Canal Street. Once connecting Downtown Milwaukee with the "valley" on Canal Street, it now operates from the Kinnickinnic Transit Center on the corner of 1st Street/Kinnickinnic and Mitchell and runs as a shuttle via Mitchell St, 16th St-Cesar E. Chavez Dr, Emmber Ln, and Canal St, connecting the near southside of Milwaukee with Miller Park Stadium and various businesses on Canal Street including Potawatomi Casino, Cargill, Badger Railing, Palermo Pizza and the Harley-Davidson Museum.

137: House of Correction. Serves the Milwaukee County House of Correction on the far south side of Milwaukee County (near 68th & Ryan Road). The route operates three trips, on Saturdays only, to bring visitors to the facility. The route originates downtown, providing convenient connections with many routes.

219: Oak Creek Shuttle. Serves an industrial park in the Oak Creek area, and offers a connection with route 19 at 13th & Zellman Court. This route offers service during weekday rush hours only.

223: Park Place-Bradley Woods Shuttle. Serves the Park Place, Westbrook Corporate Center, Bradley Woods Business Center, and Calumet Industrial Park on the far northwest side and Menomonee Falls. Operates on weekdays during rush hours and late evenings only.

Special services[edit]

Baseball games[edit]

90: Miller Park. Serves Miller Park, home of the Milwaukee Brewers. The route operates along Wisconsin Avenue from the Downtown Transit Center, west to 37th Street. Service runs game days only, starting approximately 2 hours before game time, up until the game starts. Return service is on a "load and go" basis, generally running from the 7th inning until the stadium is empty following the end of the game.

On certain days, when high attendance is anticipated (such as opening day), MCTS will operate a shuttle service between the State Fair Park Park & Ride Lot and Miller Park.


Summerfest, the World's Largest Music Festival, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, runs for 11 days in early Summer (late June to early July). MCTS provides service to this festival; up to one-third of the fleet is in use for Summerfest service alone. Service to the festival is provided with downtown shuttles and freeway flyers, which operate frequently from about 11:00 a.m. until the festival closes, each night of the fest. Some of the Summerfest freeway flyers serve different Park & Ride lots than do the regular rush-hour flyers with the same number.

Downtown Shuttle. Internally referred to as Route 7, the downtown shuttle operates along Wisconsin Avenue between 10th Street and Jackson Street, before turning south to the Henry Maier Festival Park.

40: College Avenue Flyer. Serves the College Avenue Park & Ride Lot.

41: Ryan Flyer. Serves the Ryan Road Park & Ride Lot.

42: Northshore Flyer. Serves the Northshore Park & Ride Lot.

43: Whitnall Flyer. Serves the Whitnall Park & Ride Lot.

44: Fair Park Flyer. Serves the State Fair Park Park & Ride Lot.

45: Watertown Plank Flyer. Serves the Watertown Plank Road Park & Ride Lot.

46: Southridge Flyer. Serves the Southridge Mall Park & Ride Lot.

47: Holt-Loomis Flyer. Serves the Holt Avenue Park & Ride Lot and the Loomis Road Park & Ride Lot.

49: Brown Deer-Green Bay. Serves the Brown Deer East Park & Ride Lot and the Green Bay Road Park & Ride Lot.

143: Ozaukee County Express. Serves the Port Washington, Grafton, and Cedarburg Park & Ride Lots.

Wisconsin State Fair[edit]

MCTS provides service to the State Fair during all days of the fair (which is 11 days long, in early August). Service includes a shuttle from Watertown Plank Park & Ride Lot (route 45), and freeway flyers from different Park & Ride lots across the county. Provided there is no conflict with the Milwaukee Brewers, a shuttle to Miller Park (route 82) is also operated.

Ethnic Festivals[edit]

MCTS also operates shuttle during the many Ethnic Festivals held at the Henry Maier Festival Park. Festa Italiana, PrideFest, German Fest, and Irish Fest also have Freeway Flyer service (though not as extensive as that to Summerfest) available.

Other transit services[edit]

MCTS is a partner in the Southeast Wisconsin Transit System, a joint-venture transit partnership that also includes Waukesha Metro Transit and Wisconsin Coach Lines in Waukesha, Washington County Commuter Express operated by Riteway Bus Service in Richfield, Belle Urban System (THE BUS) in Racine and Kenosha Area Transit (KAT) in Kenosha.

Other projects[edit]

Milwaukee Streetcar[edit]

MCTS is currently involved in the Milwaukee Streetcar project, which is planning a streetcar line between Milwaukee's downtown and East Side neighborhoods. The streetcar project is being led by the city of Milwaukee after the failure of earlier guided bus and BRT proposals to gain political approval. The City Council approved the project on July 26, 2011, with construction to begin in the fall of 2012, and new streetcars to arrive in 2015. The service is scheduled for a 2016 launch.[9]

Regional Transit Authority[edit]

In 2010, a proposal to form a regional transit authority that would incorporate MCTS was made in the Wisconsin State Legislature. The move faced opposition from some lawmakers, and was vetoed by then Governor Doyle.[10]


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