Milo Manara

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Milo Manara
Milo Manara Lodz 2008.jpg
BornMaurilio Manara
(1945-09-12) September 12, 1945 (age 69)
Lüsen (Luson), South Tyrol, Italy
Area(s)Artist, writer
Notable works
The Adventures of Giuseppe Bergman
Indian Summer
Awardsfull list
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Milo Manara
Milo Manara Lodz 2008.jpg
BornMaurilio Manara
(1945-09-12) September 12, 1945 (age 69)
Lüsen (Luson), South Tyrol, Italy
Area(s)Artist, writer
Notable works
The Adventures of Giuseppe Bergman
Indian Summer
Awardsfull list

Maurilio Manara (born September 12, 1945), known professionally as Milo Manara, is an Italian comic book writer and artist, best known for his erotic approach to the medium.


Portrait of Federico Fellini by Milo Manara, from the collaboration between them "Journey to Tulum".

After architecture and painting studies, he made his comics debut in 1969 drawing for Genius, a Fumetti neri series of pocket books from publisher Furio Vanio in the wake of the popularity of Kriminal and Satanik.[1] In 1970 he illustrated for the magazine Terror, and starting in 1971 drew the erotic series Jolanda de Almaviva written by Francisco Rubino, issued in small format by publisher Erregi. Joining the youth magazine Il Corriere dei Ragazzi, he worked with Rubino, Carlo Barbieri, Mino Milani and Silverio Pisú.[2] With Pisú Manara launched the publications Telerompo and Strategia della Tensione in 1974 and the series Alessio, Il Borghese Rivoluzionario, and with writer Mino Milani the series La parola alla giuria in 1975. Manara and Pisú later went on to publish Lo Scimmiotto (The Ape) along the story of the Chinese Monkey King in Alter Linus in 1976, and with Alfredo Castelli, L'Uomo delle Nevi (The Snowman) in 1978.[2]

During this period Manara began publishing work in several Franco-Belgian comics magazines including Charlie Mensuel, Pilote and L'Écho des savanes.[1] For (A SUIVRE) Manara created the first stories featuring HP and Giuseppe Bergman, which grew to become a large body of work. The character "HP" is based on Manara's friend, the Italian comics creator Hugo Pratt, and a collaborator on some of Manara's most acclaimed work, initially Tutto ricominciò con un'estate indiana (1983, Indian Summer) and later El Gaucho (1991). Manara also completed two stories working with another of his heroes, Federico Fellini.[1] In his own right Manara has been commended on his skills as a scenarist, as with the western L'uomo di carta (1982, The Paper Man).[2]

Erotic illustration typical of Manara's style as it comes to expression in his Click series.

Manara's reputation for producing comics that revolve around elegant, beautiful women caught up in unlikely and fantastical erotic scenarios became solidified with work such as Il Gioco (1983, also known as Click or Le Déclic), about a device which renders women helplessly aroused, Il Profumo dell'invisibile (1986, Butterscotch), introducing the heroine Miele (Honey) and a sweet-smelling body-paint which makes the wearer invisible, and Candid camera (1988, Hidden Camera) featuring the same protagonist in further explicit adventures. In the following years of combining sequels, original work and collaborations with noted creators, Manara's production continued in this direction to explore erotic comics themes with an artistic and storytelling expression in a manner considered unique to Manara.

In the U.S. The Ape was serialised in Heavy Metal in the early 1980s and Manara received some exposure through collaborations with Neil Gaiman and other artists.

Later work[edit]

In connection with their joint project Quarantasei, in July 2006, Manara designed a helmet for Moto GP rider Valentino Rossi, specifically made for the Italian GP in Mugello. Rossi declared:

In 2003, Manara's work featured on the cover of Scottish rock band Biffy Clyro's second studio album "The Vertigo of Bliss". Manara also created the artwork for all the singles released from this album.

In October 2006, Manara developed character designs for the animated television series City Hunters. The series, of ten 11-minute episodes, blends traditional animation techniques with modern CGI, to be broadcast across all of Latin America on the FOX network throughout 2006 and 2007.

Manara penciled an X-Men project written by Chris Claremont for Marvel Comics. X-Men: Ragazze in fuga was released in April 2009 in Italy this was later reprinted by Marvel Comics in English as X-Women.[3]

in 2013 he started to do variant covers for issues of Marvel comic books


Original titleEnglish titleYear0Remarks
Jolanda de Almaviva – La Figlia del Mare1971written by Francesco Rubino
La parola alla giuria1975written by Mino Milani
Alessio, Il Borghese RivoluzionarioAlessio1975written by Silverio Pisu
Lo scimmiottoThe Ape1976written by Silverio Pisu
Un uomo un'avventura: L'uomo delle neviThe Snowman1978written by Alfredo Castelli
HP e Giuseppe BergmanHP and Giuseppe Bergman1978
Le avventure asiatiche di Giuseppe BergmanThe Indian Adventures of Giuseppe Bergman1980
L'uomo di carta, o Quattro ditaThe Paper Man1982
Tutto ricominciò con un'estate IndianaIndian Summer1983with Hugo Pratt
Il giocoClick1983
Il profumo dell'invisibileButterscotch1986
Candid cameraHidden Camera1988
L'apparenza inganna1988
Viaggio a TulumTrip to Tulum1989with Federico Fellini
L'arte della sculacciataThe Art of Spanking1989written by Jean-Pierre Enard
Le avventure africane di Giuseppe BergmanAn Author in Search of Six Characters and Dies Irae 01990Published as a Serial in Heavy Metal Magazine – 1984 to 1985
Breakthrough1990written by Neil Gaiman
Il gioco 2Click 21991
El GauchoEl Gaucho1991with Hugo Pratt
Il sogno di Oengus1991written by Giordano Berti
Il viaggio di G. Mastorna detto Fernet1992with Federico Fellini
La feu aux entrailles1993with Pedro Almodóvar
Il gioco vol.3Click 31994
Storie breviShorts1995
I viaggi di Gulliver, o GulliverianaGulliveriana1995based on text by Jonathan Swift0
KamasutraManara's Kama Sutra1997based on text by Vatsyayana
Ballata in si bemolleFatal Rendezvous1997
L'asino d'oroThe Golden Ass1999based on text by Apuleius
Le avventure metropolitane di Giuseppe Bergman0The Urban Adventures of Giuseppe Bergman 01999
Tre ragazze nella retewww.2000
Il gioco vol.4Click 42001
Il profumo dell'invisibile 2Butterscotch 22001
Le donne di ManaraWomen of Manara2001
Fuga da PiranesiPiranese: The Prison Planet2002
Il pittore e la modellaThe Model2002
Pin-up art2002
AphroditeAphrodite, Book 12003written by Pierre Louÿs
Donne e motori2003
L'odissea di BergmanThe Odyssey of Giuseppe Bergman2004
I Borgia – La conquista del papatoBorgia 1: Blood for the Pope2004with Alejandro Jodorowsky
The Sandman: Endless Nights2004written by Neil Gaiman
I Borgia vol.2 – Il potere e l'incestoBorgia 2: Power and Incest2006with Alejandro Jodorowsky
Quarantasei2006with Valentino Rossi
I Borgia vol. 3Borgia 3: Flames from Hell2008with Alejandro Jodorowsky
X-Men: Ragazze in fugaX-Women2009written by Chris Claremont
Gli Occhi di PandoraPandora's Eyes2009written by Vincenzo Cerami




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