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Million Air is an aviation company that operates fixed base operators (FBO) across the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. The Million Air Brand of FBOs has been providing general aviation service since 2006. Its newest location in San Bernardino, CA began operations on May 3, 2010.


Million Air is a network of both franchised and corporate owned or managed FBOs in North America and the Caribbean and is headquartered in Houston, Texas. The first FBO was built in Addison, Texas (Dallas) and at the time, was the first luxury FBO in aviation history.[citation needed] The network expanded across North America.

Aviation Services[edit]

Million Air FBOs provide fueling service, aircraft charter, aircraft sales, general aviation maintenance and maintenance services to airlines.


A FBO is essentially a refueling facility for aircraft that offers a variety of aviation-related services. Million Air also offers charter and aircraft management as well as maintenance centers.

Million Air FBOs provide or make available the following amenities: concierge services, in-flight catering, U.S. Customs, bars with soft drinks, coffee and snacks, VIP lounges, theater rooms, washrooms, crew cars, on-site Hertz rental, conference rooms, flight planning rooms, pilot's lounge, WiFi, and pilot snooze rooms.[citation needed]

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