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Mikra (also spelled Miqra) (מקרא) is a Hebrew word derived from קרא, Kärä, meaning "that which is read", and refers to the Hebrew Bible, or Tanakh. It is also a Greek word (μικρά), the feminine singular (or neutral plural) form of the adjective μικρός, meaning "small".

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Mikra (mem-kuf-raish-aleph) in modern Hebrew usage also means convocation, or assembly (from Alcalay) as well as referring to scripture, biblical verse, or the bible. Perhaps the reason that this word means both 'convocation' as well as 'scripture' or 'biblical verse' dates to the time of Ezra, during the second temple period, when this sage brought the Torah (scripture) to the people assmbled to be read aloud.[citation needed]