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Mike "Squeaky" McClean is a British Comedian television presenter and actor, most famous for being a roving reporter on Richard & Judy and The Big Breakfast.The office Xmas special. House of Games and a hole host of other TV programmes. He has a natural ability with the general public .

When he was 9, McClean won the junior close up magic title, later he attended the Arden College of performing arts before going on to study at the Contact Youth Theatre.[1] Mike spent 2 years at Drama college but left after he was taught how to breath some thing he told the tutors he was very good at and could do it in his sleep. he left to pursue his dream of acting and stand up.

McClean's presenting started on the Nickelodeon channel, he went on to present other children's television show such as It's Not Fair and Mad for It. Since then he has gone on to and present other, more adult shows, most notably Richard & Judy which he appears on regularly.[2] In 2003, McClean appeared in the Christmas special of The Office.[3]

Mike McClean presented the Xfm Manchester Breakfast show between June 2008 - 2009 before ex-Radio 2 DJ Pete Mitchell took over. McClean provided the voice-over for Watchdog Test House in 2014. Mike played Father Tony in Shameless he also Played Fins dad in the C4 series my big fat diary. as well as all this is a very accomplished Stand up comedian and has a very funny mind reading act. Mike loves

Mike McClean is also an avid Manchester City Football Club fan and has made Many appearances at Junior Blue Events. He is also one of the presenters at BT City square where he says he's at home .He is the captain of the celebrity football team, and is a pretty decent player him self.


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