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Mike Jones
Birth nameMichael Jones
Also known asSache, Ice Age
Born(1981-01-06) January 6, 1981 (age 33)
OriginHouston, Texas, United States
GenresHip hop
Years active2001–present
LabelsIce Age Entertainment
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Mike Jones
Birth nameMichael Jones
Also known asSache, Ice Age
Born(1981-01-06) January 6, 1981 (age 33)
OriginHouston, Texas, United States
GenresHip hop
Years active2001–present
LabelsIce Age Entertainment

Michael "Mike" Jones (born January 6, 1981)[1][2] is an American rapper. He initially was affiliated with the record label Swishahouse, then left to be the owner of his own label Ice Age Entertainment. Before he was on Swishahouse he was in a group called Souf Folk and his alias was "Sache". He has released one album with Souf Folk called Country Thuggin in 2003.[3][4] He is also known for his catchphrase "WHO!, MIKE JONES" and at his concerts handing out shirts with his cell phone number on the back.


Early life

Jones originally wanted to be a National Basketball Association player who rapped on the side. Jones transferred many times, forcing him to only play in YMCA leagues due to transfer rules after the 9th Grade. Jones dropped out of high school and briefly took jobs at fast food restaurants. Jones worked at a Compaq plant and sold cell phones from an apartment on Antoine Drive. T. Brown, Jones's partner in several financial ventures, said that he sold some "dime bags" for six months, but they mainly bought "T-Mobile Sidekicks" and sold them for an inexpensive price.[1]

Jones often visited his grandmother's house in the Studewood (an area of Houston). Jones credited her for giving him the ideas to pursue rap, to use his real name, and to write songs for strippers.[1]

Music career

Early career

Before he was on Swishahouse he was in a group called Souf Folk and his alias was "Sache". He has released one album with Souf Folk called Country Thuggin. In 2001, Mike formed his own independent record label, Ice Age Entertainment and began solo rapping. He independently promoted his music on the streets and showed them to DJs at strip clubs.

Mike Jones eventually signed to upcoming southern record label Swishahouse after meeting with Swishahouse A&R T. Farris, which also at the time was becoming the label homes for fellow upcoming southern rappers Slim Thug, Paul Wall & Chamillionaire. T. Farris recalled signing Jones "I heard him on one of my partner’s mixtapes and I wanted to meet him and try to get him to rap on our mix tapes. We linked up, signed him."[5] An influential early champion was disc jockey DJ Casual from Meridian, Mississippi who was the first person to play Mike Jones on the radio. He loved what Mike Jones was doing and passed it on to several fellow DJs.[5]

Who Is Mike Jones? & The American Dream - EP (2004–07)

In 2004 after the release of his first breakout single "Still Tippin'" which was receiving lots of radio play. Jones signed a major deal to Jive Records & Warner Bros.. He then released his second single "Back Then" which eventually went Platinum making it Jones first Platinum single. On April 19, 2005, Jones released his debut album Who Is Mike Jones? after two months the album went certified Platinum & eventually went 2x Platinum, it is Jones highest selling album to date.

After leaving Jive Records & signing to a distribution deal with Asylum Records for his label Ice Age. On September, 2006 Jones released the single entitled "Mr. Jones" it debuted at #92 on the Billboard Charts the song was more popuralized when fellow rapper Lil Wayne freestyle on his version "Sky Is The Limit" for his "Da Drought 3" mixtape. On January 31, 2007, Jones announced the name of his EP & a movie entitled The American Dream.[6] On April 21, 2007, Jones released the second single from the EP entitled "My 64" featuring legend southern rapper Bun B & legend west coast rapper Snoop Dogg, it debuted on the Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles at #1. On November 20, 2007, Jones released The American Dream it debuted on the Billboard charts at #183.

The Voice (2008–09)

On November 27, 2007, Jones released his debut single "Drop & Gimme 50" which featured Louisiana rapper Hurricane Chris for his second album at the time entitled Voice. On May 19, 2008, Jones released the second single from the album entitled "Cuddy Buddy" the single did good on the Billboard Hot 100 debuting at #78. On December 2, 2009, the third single from the album was entitled "Next To You" it debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 at #63. On April 28, 2009 Voice was released, it debuted on the Billboard 200 at #12 selling 25,000 copies its first week.

Hiatus & Where Is Mike Jones? (2012-present)

During the years of 2010 & 2011, Jones was in a total hiatus with no music or videos. On August 20, 2012, Jones announced his return he said the reason for his hiatus was due to financial disputes with his former label Asylum Records & money being taken from him.[7][8] He also announced he was finished on his new album Where Is Mike Jones? & he is working on a second new album entitled WHO!Print & planning to release his upcoming mixtape Ballin Underground 2.

Other ventures

Acting career

On November 20, 2007, Jones made his starring acting debut on his movie The American Dream which was mostly based on his life.

House Of Dobbe

Jones embarked on a partnership with ProConcept Marketing Group to release his own line of Cognac called "House of Dobbe".

Personal life


Jones was actively involved in many charity programs, such as his "Ice Age for Kids" & "The American Dream Foundation", through which he hosted community youth events & donated thousands of dollars to help.

Weight Loss

On March 31, 2009, Jones announced he lost 100 pounds of his original 300.[9]



In 2004, Chamillionaire called out the rest of the Houston scene because he felt like they "weren't lyrically up to par with anyone else" and he wanted them to be doing it right if their music was gonna start to get nationwide, so in return Swishahouse took offence with what Chamillionaire said and responded in a negative way.[10] Chamillionaire then accused Mike Jones, a past member of Swishahouse, of slander, and as a result, the first CD of The Mixtape Messiah was all directed at Mike Jones. Tracks include; "You Got Wrecked", "Who They Want", "Game Over".[11]

On 22 April 2008, YouTube user BakaCrisis uploaded a parody video of Chamillionaire shooting Mike Jones. It ridiculed Mike Jones and caused a lot of controversy.[12]

However, in late 2008, the beef between the pair had died down. Chamillionaire apologized to Mike Jones in 2010, this marked that the beef in fact had ended for real. He said, live on stage; "From the bottom of my heart, I apologize to Mike Jones for the triple disc Mixtape Messiah 1 diss tracks, I mean no disrespect."[13]

Trae Tha Truth

On August 12, 2008, at the Ozone Awards, Mike Jones entered an altercation with Trae "The Truth. Trae punched Jones three times, once in the back, once to the face, and once in the nose. The last blow broke Jone's nose. They have since resolved their issues & are now back on good terms.[14]

Stolen jewelry

On April 16, 2009, Jones announced that his personal jewelry got stolen from him by his own friends while he was sleeping, but he also announced that he was having new pieces made.[15]


Studio albums
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