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Mike Bond is an American novelist, war and human rights journalist, and poet.

Bond was a Democratic candidate for the United States Senate in Montana in 1982, and served in Al Gore's 2000 Presidential campaign as head of Colorado Business Leaders for Gore and as a spokesman in several western states (Colorado, Utah, and Oregon) for Gore environmental positions.

Bond was a correspondent for The Financial Times newsletters in Paris from 1990 to 1998, and has reported for many newspapers including The Dallas Morning News (12/26/1983), The San Francisco Chronicle (4/26/1999), The Denver Post (9/13/2001), and The Oregonian (12/08/1983. He was also the co-anchor of the PBS news program European Journal in 1987, produced by Deutsche Welle in Cologne, Germany.

His works have been widely praised. The BBC has referred to him as the "master of the existential thriller"[citation needed] and Publishers Weekly praised him as a writer of "deft thrillers".[citation needed] Bond bases his works on his own experiences in war zone s, revolutions, and dangerous regions in many foreign countries during his years as a journalist. He has more recently worked on international problems relating to Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism, the subject of his latest novel, Assassins.


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