List of Middle East peace proposals

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This is a reversed chronological list of peace proposals in the Middle East.

Arab Spring peace and reconciliation proposals[edit]

Egyptian civil unrest reconciliation[edit]

Syrian civil war peace proposals[edit]

Yemeni revolution reconciliation[edit]

Hamas–Fatah reconciliation talks[edit]

Iran nuclear talks[edit]

Iraq War peace proposals[edit]

Gulf War peace initiatives[edit]

1991 and after[edit]

Turkish–Kurdish conflict negotiations[edit]

Internal Lebanese reconciliation[edit]

Iraqi–Kurdish conflict peace negotiations[edit]

Arab–Israeli peace diplomacy and treaties[edit]

Arab League-Israel accords[edit]

Peace process in the Israeli–Palestinian conflict[edit]

Turkish War of Independence peace treaties[edit]

WWI and post-war accords[edit]

Saudi related peace treaties[edit]

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