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Julia Brückner (born 9 December 1986), best known as Mia Magma, is a German model, singer and former pornographic actress.

Born in Gilching, Bavaria,[1] Magma debuted in adult industry in December 2010, starring in the film Das Sennenlutschi.[2] She had previously attended several swinger clubs together with her husband Peter, a former insurance agent, who later became her manager and an occasional actor in her films.[2]

Magma's image in life-size appeared at the 2011 24 Hours Nürburgring on a BMW touring car sponsored by pornographic company Magmafilm, and she even attended the event as a special guest.[3] In Summer 2012, she was also part of the 2012 touring music show Bierkönig.[4]

In late 2011 Magma also appeared on the K.I.Z. music video of the song "Fremdgehen", and featured a series of commercials for the airline "Germanwings".[5][6]

In September 2012 Magma announced her retirement from pornography to pursue a career in music and television with the new stage name Mia Miya.[7][8] For this reason she even withdrew a Venus Award nomination.[7][8]

Magma appeared on several magazine covers, including the May 2012 German issue of FHM and the October 2012 German issue of Penthouse.[7][9]



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