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The Mexican sex comedies film genre, generally known as ficheras film, is a genre of sexploitation films that were produced and distributed in Mexico between the middle 1970s and the late 1980s. They were characterized by the language game called "whims," and their sexual tone was considered "rogue," though they were not particularly explicit.

This genre is believed to have been based on that of Italian erotic comedies.[1] The popular reference to it came from the film Las ficheras, produced and released in 1975, which described the experiences of many women who entertained men who came to a nightclub for fun.

These were commonly recognized as a collection of films that were relatively low-budget and not necessarily of great quality, along with settings and plots that tended to be given to simplicity during that period of the history of Mexican cinema, and they were also known colloquially as "sexicomedias." Though they enjoyed box-office success, in spite of their popularity, they came not to be considered the finest examples of Mexican cinema; moreover, they frequently received classification as being unsuitable for minors.

Some of the films of this Mexican genre included El rey de las ficheras, La pulquería, Muñecas de medianoche, Bellas de noche, and Entre ficheras anda el diablo.

The best-known Mexican actors and actresses who were known to have participated in ficheras films were:

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