Medial ligament of talocrural joint

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Ligament: Medial ligament of talocrural joint
Ligaments of the medial aspect of the foot.
Latinligamentum collaterale mediale articulationis talocruralis, ligamentum deltoideum
Gray'ssubject #95 350
FromTalus bone (tarsal bones)
Tomedial malleolus of the tibia (crura)

The medial ligament of talocrural joint (or deltoid ligament) is a strong, flat, triangular band, attached, above, to the apex and anterior and posterior borders of the medial malleolus. The Deltoid ligament is composed of the Anterior Tibiotalar Ligament, Tibiocalcaneal Ligament, Posterior Tibiotalar Ligament, and Tibionavicular Ligament. It consists of two sets of fibres, superficial and deep.


Superficial fibres

Of the superficial fibres,

Deep fibres

The deep fibres (anterior tibiotalar) are attached, above, to the tip of the medial malleolus, and, below, to the medial surface of the talus.


The deltoid ligament is covered by the tendons of the Tibialis posterior and Flexor digitorum longus.

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