List of adaptations of works by Stephen King

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This is a list of media based on work by Stephen King (including the Richard Bachman titles). Note that the sequels are not based on Stephen King's work, except Creepshow 2 and the remakes.


Theatrical releases


Distribution rights

A number of the above filmed works have distribution rights (TV, video, sometimes theatrical) owned either by CBS Studios/Paramount Pictures, Lionsgate, and/or Warner Bros. Entertainment.

For example, Lionsgate owns US distribution rights to Rose Red, Storm of the Century, and Desperation; while WB has international rights. CBS owns The Stand and the other adaptations produced by Laurel Entertainment.

Comic books

Night Shift


The Dark Tower

The Stand

The Talisman



There have also been dramatizations of many of Stephen Kings short stories, including Nona, Quitters, Inc., In The Deathroom, Strawberry Spring, Harvey's Dream, The Man Who Loved Flowers, Mute, The Ten O'Clock People and King's poem, Paranoid: A Chant. There have also been alleged stage production of Stand By Me and Rage although there is not much evidence surrounding these claims.