McLeod's Daughters

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McLeod's Daughters
Mcleod's daughters screenshot.jpg
McLeod's Daughters season 5-7 title card
Also known asDrovers Run, McLeod's
Created by
Opening theme
Country of originAustralia
Original language(s)English
No. of seasons8
No. of episodes224 and Telemovie (List of episodes)
Executive producer(s)
Location(s)Kingsford, between the townships of Gawler and Freeling, one hour north of Adelaide
Running time45 minutes
Production company(s)
Original channelNine Network
Picture format
Audio formatDolby Digital 5.1
Original run8 August 2001 – 31 January 2009
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McLeod's Daughters
Mcleod's daughters screenshot.jpg
McLeod's Daughters season 5-7 title card
Also known asDrovers Run, McLeod's
Created by
Opening theme
Country of originAustralia
Original language(s)English
No. of seasons8
No. of episodes224 and Telemovie (List of episodes)
Executive producer(s)
Location(s)Kingsford, between the townships of Gawler and Freeling, one hour north of Adelaide
Running time45 minutes
Production company(s)
Original channelNine Network
Picture format
Audio formatDolby Digital 5.1
Original run8 August 2001 – 31 January 2009
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McLeod's Daughters is an Australian television series that began airing on the Nine Network on 8 August 2001. This Logie award winning drama series follows the lives of half sisters Claire and Tess McLeod as they embark on a mission: to run Drovers Run, a farm that has been in the McLeod family for generations. After being passed down from father to son, Drover's has now reunited Claire and Tess after 20 years. They now have to run a farm while balancing their lives, loves and losses.


Series history[edit]

Posie Graeme-Evans developed the idea for McLeod's Daughters in the early 1990s for her company Millenium Television in conjunction with the South Australian Film Corporation. She also developed the idea for children's television programs such as The Miraculous Mellops and Hi-5. The idea was for a television drama set on an Australian rural property with two half-sisters running the property inherited from their father with an all-female workforce. She developed the idea from stories from friends who grew up in the country and from the love of South Australian landscapes as shown in the paintings of Hans Heysen.

Graeme-Evans pitched the idea to the board of the Nine Network who agreed to film a telemovie in 1996 with Jack Thompson starring as the father Jack McLeod, whose death leads to the two half-sisters (portrayed by Kym Wilson as Tess and Tammy MacIntosh as Claire) inheriting the property. Following the success of the telemovie shown on Mother's Day 1996 the Nine Network board agreed to commission a 22 episode series, but the project was left on the shelf for four years. It was not until late 2000 after the Opening Ceremony for the 2000 Sydney Olympics featured a The Man from Snowy River theme, which highlighted the cultural significance of the bush to Australians. The first episode of McLeod's Daughters eventually debuted in August 2001 and proved to be a hit, attracting 1.89 million viewers. The first season was a success, attracting an average of 1.5 million viewers per episode in Australia. The show aired in New Zealand on TV2, one of TVNZ's free-to-air channels. The final season on TV2 began airing a month after Australia and eventually became 10 episodes in front of Australia until the finale. Re-runs from Season 1 are currently on Vibe in New Zealand, a channel aimed at woman's programming.

The second season of McLeod's Daughters was equally successful, being the third most popular drama on Australian television. By 2003, the show was the most popular drama series on Australian television

The popularity of the program in Australia was highlighted when the show won four Logie Awards (Logies), including Lisa Chappell winning most popular female actor and Aaron Jeffery winning most popular actor, with the show itself winning most popular Australian drama series in 2004 and 2005.

The show then began to decline in popularity and perceived quality. Cast turn-over was high, and increasingly far-fetched explanations were employed to explain the sudden departure of formerly important characters such as Rachael Carpani who departed in 2007 and Aaron Jeffery who left in 2008. 2007 marked the point at which many viewers considered the show to have "jumped the shark" as the show had drifted into a new direction, that of a soap opera; at that point, the show began to experience low ratings. Aaron Jeffery commented to The Daily Telegraph that his desire to depart from the show was due to the new direction the show was taking, which he did not like.

The 200th episode of McLeod's Daughters aired on 3 October 2007, with Hugh McLeod (Grace, Jasmine and Regan's father) returning for this special event. An entirely different script was originally written when one of the original cast (speculated to be Bridie Carter) agreed to come back; however, it was pulled at the last minute. Ratings for this episode were very poor by Australian standards, with only 1,008,000 viewers tuning in; the highest that season was 1,415,000 for episode 16.

The eighth and final season began on 23 July 2008 with the episode 203, "Aftermath," but after two further episodes, Channel 9 pulled the show from its schedule due to extremely low ratings. The remaining episodes were eventually aired from December to January in a double-episode format, with the final two episodes ("Into the Valley of the Shadow" and "The Long Paddock") airing on 31 January 2009[1] with original cast members returning for the special event.

The final season began airing in the UK on the Hallmark Channel (now Universal Channel) on 12 October 2008 with double episodes every Sunday morning from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. The final two episode aired in the UK on Sunday 21 December 2008, a month before the episodes aired in Australia.[2] The show continues to air repeat episode on the Universal Channel weekday mornings at 6.00am, usually only seasons 6-8 in rotation.

In Germany the final two episodes aired on 4 November 2008 in a German-dubbed-version, what is actually more than one month before airing in the UK in the original language.

In Ireland, RTÉ Two began airing the final season in mid-2010, with the final episode airing early 2011. This was the first time season 8 had been shown on the channel, as RTÉ had long period gaps between each season. In early 2011, the channel began airing the series from the beginning.

In the US, NetFlix made all 8 seasons available to US subscribers for instant viewing in 2009, and remains available as of 2013.


The first series premiered on 8 August 2001. The series finale aired 20 March 2002. Series one's storylines included:

The second series premiered on 27 March 2002. The series finale aired 16 October 2002. Series two's storylines included:

The third series premiered on 12 February 2003. The series finale aired 29 October 2003. Series three's storylines included:

The fourth series premiered on 11 February 2004. The series finale aired 24 November 2004. Series four's storylines included:


The show followed the lives of half-sisters Claire McLeod and Tess Silverman McLeod, farmhands Jodi Fountain and Becky Howard, the wealthy Killarney farmhands and Ryan brothers, Alex and Nick and Drover's cook and Jodi's mother, Meg.

The cast remained the same until the third series when it was announced that Jessica Napier was leaving the series. Onscreen, Becky Howard decided to take up a job at another farm with boyfriend, Jake. News of a second major cast change then hit when it was announced that Lisa Chappell who played Claire McLeod had left the series. Onscreen, after travelling into town with Tess and baby Charlotte, Claire swerved to miss a brumby and her car flung over the side of a ravine, only holding on by the back wheels. Tess and Charlotte got out safely, however the car went over the side of the cliff, killing Claire instantly.

To replace Claire, Simmone Jade Mackinnon's recurring character, Stevie Hall was promoted to a main in the twenty-eighth episode of the third season.[3]

Main cast[edit]

CharacterActorEpisode countSeasons
Claire McLeodLisa Chappell74Main
Tess Silverman McLeodBridie Carter135Main
Jodi McLeod1Rachael Carpani180MainGuest
Becky HowardJessica Napier70Main
Alex RyanAaron Jeffery202MainGuest
Nick RyanMyles Pollard124MainRecurring
Meg Fountain2Sonia Todd107MainRecurring
Moira DoyleDoris Younane94RecurringMain
Stevie Hall3Simmone Jade Mackinnon153Main
Dave BrewerBrett Tucker100RecurringMain
Kate ManfrediMichala Banas117Main
Regan McLeodZoe Naylor53RecurringMainRecurring
Matt BosnichJonny Pasvolsky36MainRecurring
Patrick BrewerLuke Jacobz78GuestMain
Riley WardDustin Clare49Main
Tayler GeddesGillian Alexy54GuestMain
Marcus Turner4Matt Passmore53Main
Grace Kingston McLeodAbi Tucker45Main
Jasmine McLeod5Anna Torv and Edwina Ritchard17GuestMain
Ben Hall6John Schwarz15Main
1.^ Rachael Carpani returned for the final episode with a guest role in Season 8 as Jodi Fountain McLeod.
2.^ In 2007 Sonia Todd returned with a guest role as Meg Fountain Dodge for two episodes. Meg also returned in Season 8 for the final episode.
3.^ Simmone Jade Mackinnon became a main cast member in season 3 episode 27.
4.^ Matt Passmore appeared on the show in season 6, but not as the character of Marcus Turner.
5.^ Jasmine McLeod was played by Anna Torv in 2004 for two episodes. Edwina Ritchard took the role in 2008 when Jasmine returned.
6.^ John Schwarz appeared on the show in season 6, but not as the character of Ben Hall.

Recurring cast members[edit]

Season 8 cast
Marshall NapierHarry Ryan/Karl Weatherdon2001–2006
John JarrattTerry Dodge2001–2006
Fletcher HumphrysBrett "Brick" Buchanan2001–2003
Henry NixonShearer/Greg Dawson2001, 2005, 2006
Rodger CorserPeter Johnson2001–2004
Ben MortleyAlberto Borelli2001, 2002–2003
Kathryn HartmanSally Clemments2002–2005
Stelios YiakmisSergeant Frank Da Costa2002
Charlie ClausenJake Harrison2002–2003
Richard HealyKevin Fountain2002, 2003, 2006
Inge HornstraSandra Kinsella-Ryan2002–2006
Reece HornerNat2003–2008
Peter StefanouVince Lavise2003
Jovita Lee ShawKylie Buchanan2003
John StantonBryce Redstaff2003–2007
Carmel JohnsonBeth Martin2003–2009
Brooke, Kaitlyn and Tahlia Stacey-ClarkCharlotte Prudence McLeod2004–2006, 2009
Harold HopkinsKen Logan2004
Susan GodfreyJennifer Logan2004
Tasma WaltonTracy Morrison2004
Grant BowlerJared Wuchowski2004
Glenda LinscottCelia Rivers2004
Craig McLachlanKane Morgan2004
Basia A'HernRose Hall Smith2004–2009
Dean O'GormanLuke Morgan2004–2005
Anna Torv / Edwina RitchardJazmine McLeod2004
Josef BerHugh McLeod2004, 2005, 2007
Zoe NaylorRegan McLeod2005, 2008–2009
Rhys MuldoonJeremy Quaid2005
Jeremy SimsWill Hamilton2005
Sonja TallisAlessa Manfredi2005
Tara MoriceMichelle Hall – Smith2005
Sophie ClearyCatrina Bradfield2005, 2006
John AtkinsonRoger McIvor2005, 2006, 2007
Matt PassmoreGreg Hope2006
Michelle LangstoneFiona Webb2006
Peter HardyPhil Rakich2006–2009
Damien RichardsonTom Braiden2006
Daniel FeuerriegelLeo Coombes2006
Joe PetruzziSgt. Tony Rablsi2006
Andrew.S.GilbertJoel Sanderson2006
Alicya Debnam CareyChloe Sanderson2006
Robert ColebyHoward Webb2006
Steve VidlerHugh Doyle2006
Rebecca LavelleBindy Martin2006
Sullivan StapletonDrew Cornwell2006
Sonia ToddMeg Fountain2007, 2009
Samantha ToljHeather Richardson2007
Liam HemsworthDamon2007
Callan MulveyMitch Wahlberg2007
Jay Laga'aiaGabe2007
Wendy BosKaren Aitken2007
Sam HealyAshleigh Redstaff2007
Rachael CoopesIngrid Marr2007–2009
Scott LoweJim Selkirk2007–2008
Sandy WintonHeath Barrett2007
Anita HeghSharon Buckingham2008
Martin LynesFrank Edwards2008
Gus MurrayFather Dan2008
Ashton & Tate HutchinsXander Hall2008



A hotel in Freeling, is painted as the "Gungellan Hotel" for a set in McLeod's Daughters.

Locations in Gungellan[edit]

McLeod's Daughters is filmed on location at Kingsford, a 35-acre (55 ha) property on the outskirts of Gawler. Gawler is north of Adelaide, which Posie Graeme-Evans refers to as "our very own backlot". Kingsford was originally part of a 30,000-acre (12,245ha) property, Kingsford has been used in recent years by the South Australian Government as a wheat research station. The property was purchased by The Nine Network in 1999. The Historical house was built from Edinburgh sandstone, transported to Australia as a ship ballast. The house took over 30 years to build and was finished by 1856. The producers of McLeod's Daughters were thrilled to have a location. Although Kingsford was a grand property at the time, it is now quite run down - a look that was important for the production design of the series, as the McLeod family has no money for maintenance.

The interior scenes set at Drover's Run are all, in fact, filmed inside the house. It added authenticity to the production, and it was convenient in that the large rooms and high ceilings were ideal for filming. Kingsford was a working farm in its day.[4]


The show was shot on Super 16 mm film,[5] and is the first Australian drama series to be delivered in HDTV format. Three cameras were used, two on main unit and the third on second unit. The cinematography is vast. Director of phototography, Roger Dowling had created the illusion that the series is shot on 200,000-hectare property in the Australian bush, instead of on a heritage estate, the size of a hobby farm, one hour north of Adelaide.[6]

Ratings, rank and fans ranks[edit]

SeasonTimeslotSeason premiereSeason finaleTelevision seasonRankFans rankViewers
(in millions)
1Wednesday 7:30 pm8 August 200120 March 20022001–2002#1#11.85
2Wednesday 7:30 pm27 March 200216 October 20022002#1#11.84
3Wednesday 7:30 pm12 February 200329 October 20032003#1#11.82
4Wednesday 7:30 pm11 February 200424 November 20042004#1#11.68
5Wednesday 7:30 pm9 February 200523 November 20052005#1#21.65
6Wednesday 7:30 pm15 February 200629 November 20062006#2#31.44
7Wednesday 7:30 pm7 February 200717 October 20072007#8#51.17
8Wednesday 8:30 pm (1–3), Saturday 8:30 pm (4–6), Saturday 10:00 pm (7–8), Saturday 9:30 pm (9–22)23 July 200831 January 20092008–2009#30#100.65

Home Video[edit]

For further information on each individual release, see the relevant season article.


McLeod's Daughters Australian VHS release
15 VHS tapes1–22
25 VHS tapes23–44
36 VHS tapes45–74
47 VHS tapes75–106


Sony Pictures has released the entire series on DVD in Region 4.

In Region 1, Entertainment One has released all 8 seasons on DVD.

SeasonEpRegion 1Region 2Region 4Special FeaturesRating
1223 March 2006-10 September 2003Pilot TV Movie, Cast and Crew Interviews M 
2228 May 2007-13 April 2004None M 
33014 August 2007-12 April 2005None M 
4326 November 2007-10 October 2005None M 
5325 February 2008-2 May 2006None PG 
63210 June 2008-11 April 2007None M 
7329 December 2008-30 April 2008None M 
82219 May 2009-17 November 2008Cast Interviews, Top 3 Moments M 
Complete224--23 November 2009Pilot TV Movie, Cast and Crew Interviews, Top 3 Moments M 

All 8 seasons and the complete boxset have been released on region 2 in other countries not Ireland or UK. The original pilot TV movie has also been released separately in other countries.


Music From McLeod's Daughters[edit]

Three volumes of McLeod's Daughters: Songs from the Series were released. They were composed by Chris Martin with vocals by Rebecca Lavelle.

Logie Awards[edit]

McLeod's Daughters has been nominated for, and won, numerous Logie awards. Lisa Chappell won "Most Popular New Female Talent" in 2002 and Aaron Jeffery was awarded "Most Popular Actor" in 2004. McLeod's Daughters was nominated in 2008 and 2009 for "Most Popular Australian Drama" and Simmone Jade Mackinnon was nominated in 2008 and 2009 for "Most Popular Actress".


CountryNameNetwork/ChannelStart DateEnd Date
Asia (orthographic projection).svg AsiaMcLeod's DaughtersUniversal Channel (formerly Hallmark Channel)
 AustraliaMcLeod's DaughtersUniversal Channel
Nine Network8 August 200131 January 2009
 AustriaMcLeods TöchterVOXJanuary 20062009
 BelgiumMcLeod's DaughtersVTM2011
Hallmark Channel-
 BrazilAs filhas de McLeod
 BulgariaДъщерите на МаклаудUniversal Channel
 CanadaMcLeod's DaughtersVision TV Series Plus (in French)
 SpainLas hermanas McLeodSony Entertainment Television20 July 200925 June 2010
 CataloniaLes germanes McLeodTV3
 CroatiaMcLeodove kćeriHRT2 August 2010
 Czech RepublicMcLeodovy dceryCT1February 2008November 2008
 DenmarkMcLeod's DaughtersKanal 4
 EstoniaMcLeodi tütredKanal 2
Kanal 11
 FinlandMcLeodin TyttäretYLE TV2
Hallmark Channel
 GaliciaAs irmás McLeodTVG
 GermanyMcLeods TöchterVOX19 January 20064 November 2008
 GreeceΟι Κόρες του McLeodET-3September 200927 July 2010
 HungaryMcLeod LányaiM1, M2
Hallmark Channel
 IrelandMcLeod's DaughtersRTÉ One
RTÉ Two20032011
 IsraelHallmark Channel
 ItalyLe Sorelle Mc Leod-
Rai Uno
 KuwaitMcLeod's DaughtersKTV2 National Channel
Kuwait TV2
Latin America (orthographic projection).svg Latin AmericaHallmark Channel
 LithuaniaMakleodo dukterysLTVFebruary 200927 January 2010
 LatviaMakleoda meitasTV3 Latvia
 MalaysiaMcLeod's DaughtersHallmark Channel
Net 520013 August 2009
 New ZealandTV2[7]Between 2001–200312 February 2009
 PolandCórki McLeodaHallmark Channel
TVP2March 2009March 2010
 PhilippinesMcLeod's DaughtersAustralia Network and Hallmark Channel
 PortugalAs Irmãs McLeodSET Portugal
 RomaniaFiicele lui McLeodHallmark Channel
 RussiaДочери Маклеода
 SerbiaMcLeod's Daughters
 SloveniaMcLeodove hčereRTV SLO (only Season 1) and Hallmark Channel
 South AfricaMcLeod's DaughtersHallmark Channel[8]
 SwedenMcLeods döttrar-
Kanal 5
 SwitzerlandMcLeods Töchter3+September 20062009
VOXJanuary 20062009
 United KingdomMcLeod's DaughtersUniversal Channel (formerly Hallmark Channel)200121 December 2008
 United States of AmericaMcleod's DaughtersWE tv

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