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Mayra Lizbeth Rosales (born 1980) has been recorded as one of the heaviest living people in the world. At her heaviest, she weighed 470 kg (1,036 lb)[1] but currently weighs an estimated 91 kg (200 lb)[citation needed]. She came to prominence in March 2008 when her sister was jailed for murdering her two year old son. She decided to get back into life in order to get the custody of her sister's children, who had no real parent at that time.

2008 Incident[edit]

In March 2008, in La Joya, Texas, Eliseo Rosales Jr. was taken to the hospital suffering from breathing difficulties and a serious head injury, from which he later died. His aunt, Mayra Lizbeth Rosales, was arrested on suspicion of murder. Rosales initially took responsibility for her nephew's death, claiming that she had fallen and accidentally crushed him when her right hand slipped, while trying to pick the child up.[2] However, medical staff soon established that Eliseo had died from massive blunt force trauma, casting doubt on Rosales's confession. Jaime Lee Rosales, the child's mother and Mayra Rosales's sister, was also arrested on charges of causing injury to a child, and of failing to protect a child.[2]

Subsequent Events and Trial[edit]

During the run up to her trial, it was determined that Rosales could not possibly have caused the kind of injuries that killed Eliseo by falling on him. The injuries could only have been caused by a direct strike to the head. Rosales's defense lawyer, Sergio Valdez, claimed that Rosales's immobilizing weight would not have allowed her to carry out such an attack.[3]

At her trial for capital murder, Mayra Rosales revealed that she had made up her story to protect her sister, whom Rosales accused of both neglecting and regularly physically abusing Eliseo.[3] In this particular instance, Jaime Lee had hit Eliseo with a hairbrush for refusing to eat. When paramedics arrived, Rosales agreed to take the blame for causing the injuries to her nephew.[4]

Jaime Lee Rosales fled when her sister revealed the truth, but returned to Texas after 2 1/2 years.[5] She was sentenced to 15 years in jail for causing Eliseo's death. Jaime will be released in 2025.

Media Attention[edit]

Rosales has been the subject of intense media attention, both on the death of her nephew, and due to her massive weight. In 2012, the US television channel TLC aired a documentary entitled 'Half-Ton Killer?' This was later also screened by UK broadcaster Channel 4. Rosales's case has been featured around the world, and she has given several interviews to media organizations.

Current life[edit]

In 2013, Rosales stated she had lost 800 pounds on the Spanish-language tv show Sábado Gigante.[6] She also appeared on Anderson Cooper in 2012 to discuss the changes that she had made.[7]


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