List of mayors of Saginaw, Michigan

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This is a list of Mayors of Saginaw, Michigan.

City of East Saginaw 1859-1889[edit]

The City of East Saginaw was incorporated in 1859 and existed until it was consolidated with the City of Saginaw in 1889 (effective 1890). The City Charter was granted by the legislature. Mayors were elected for one-year terms.

MayorStart of TermEnd of TermNotes
William L. P. Little18591859
William J. Bartlow18601860
Charles B. Mott18611862
William F. Glasby18631863
James F. Brown18641864
Samuel W. Yawkey18651865
Dwight G. Holland18661866
Wellington R. Burt18671867
James L. Ketcham18681869
John G. Owen18701870
Leander Siomoneau18711871
Charles L. Ortman18721872
William L. Webber18731873
Herbert H. Hoyt18741874
Chauncey W. Wisner18751876
Bradley M. Thompson18771878
John Welch18791881
Leander Simoneau18821882
Frank Lawrence18831883
John S. Estabrook18841885
Henry M. Youmans18861887
William B. Baum18881889Last mayor of the City of East Saginaw. Later served as mayor of the (consolidated) City of Saginaw under the 1889 City Charter.

City Charter of 1889[edit]

The City of East Saginaw and the City of Saginaw were consolidated by an act of the Legislature of the State of Michigan in 1889 and was given the same name as the former City of Saginaw. The City Charter was granted by legislative act and provided for an elected executive Mayor and a City Council consisting of 21 Aldermen elected from several wards in the City.

MayorStart of TermEnd of TermNotes
George W. Weadock18901892First Mayor of the consolidated City of Saginaw under the 1889 City Charter
William S. Linton18921894
William B. Mershon18951896
William B. Baum18961904
Henry E. Lee19041906
William B. Baum19061908
George W. Stewart, M.D.19081912
Albert William Tausend19121914Last mayor under the 1889 Charter

City Charter of 1913[edit]

The Legislature of the State of Michigan enacted the Home Rule Cities Act in 1909 that permitted cities to frame and adopt their own Charters. In 1913 the electors of the City of Saginaw adopted a Charter following the Commission form of government. It became effective January 1, 1914 at which time the mayor and commissioners took office.

MayorStart of TermEnd of TermNotes
Ard E. RichardsonJanuary 1, 1914April 11, 1915
Hilem F. PaddockApril 11, 1915March 1919Resigned in March 1919.
Robert F. JohnsonMarch 1919April 1919Acting Mayor
Ben N. MercerApril 1919

City Charter of 1936[edit]

Under the current city charter, effective January 6, 1936, the mayoral term in Saginaw is two years. The Mayor is chosen by the City Council from among its own members at the first meeting following a regular municipal election which takes place in November of odd-numbered years. The first City Council under the current Charter took office on January 6, 1936 and chose a Mayor at that time to serve until after the 1937 municipal election. Elections were held in April from 1937 through 1971, at which time it was changed to November.

MayorStart of TermEnd of TermNotes
Frank MarxerJanuary 6, 1936April 12, 1937First Mayor under Council-Manager form of government (City Charter of 1936)
Francis J. McDonaldApril 12, 1937April 10, 1939
John W. Symons, Jr.April 10, 1939April 14, 1941
William J. BrydgesApril 14, 1941April 12, 1943
Eric F. WienekeApril 12, 1943April 9, 1945
Harold J. StengleinApril 9, 1945April 11, 1949Two terms served as Mayor. First Mayor to serve more than one term.
Edwin W. KoepkeApril 11, 1949April 9, 1951
William R. HartApril 9, 1951April 13, 1953
George H. FischerApril 13, 1953April 11, 1955
Maurice E. BrownApril 11, 1955April 8, 1957
R. James HarveyApril 8, 1957April 13, 1959
R. Dewey StearnsApril 13, 1959April 10, 1961
G. Stewart FranckeApril 10, 1961April 12, 1965Two terms served as Mayor.
James W. StengleinApril 12, 1965April 10, 1967
Henry G. MarshApril 10, 1967April 14, 1969First African-American to serve as Mayor
Warren C. LightApril 14, 1969April 12, 1971
Paul H. WendlerApril 12, 1971November 13, 1973Served an extended length term because elections were moved to November from April during his term.
William F. Nelson, Jr.November 13, 1973November 10, 1975
Raymond M. TortoraNovember 10, 1975November 14, 1977
Joe StephensNovember 14, 1977November 12, 1979
VacantNovember 12, 1979December 10, 1979The Council was deadlocked for nearly one month in selecting a Mayor.
Paul P. PrudhommeDecember 10, 1979November 9, 1981
Ronald M. BusheyNovember 9, 1981November 14, 1983
Lawrence D. CrawfordNovember 14, 1983November 9, 1987Two terms as Mayor.
Delbert J. SchremsNovember 9, 1987November 13, 1989
Henry H. NickelberryNovember 13, 1989November 8, 1993Two terms as Mayor.
Gary L. LosterNovember 8, 1993November 12, 2001Four terms as Mayor. (Only Mayor under 1936 Charter to serve more than two terms.)
Wilmer Jones HamNovember 12, 2001November 14, 2005Two terms as Mayor. First female to serve as Mayor. Her son, Darvin Ham, played in the NBA.
Carol B. CottrellNovember 14, 2005November 12, 2007
Joyce J. SealsNovember 12, 2007November 9, 2009
Greg BranchNovember 9, 2009November 11, 2013Two terms as mayor.
Dennis BrowningNovember 11, 2013incumbent (term ends November 14, 2016)A 2013 change in election schedule from odd years to even years means Browning will be the only mayor under this charter to serve a three-year term.

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