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The Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife, sometimes referred to as MassWildlife, is an agency of the Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game, within the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs. MassWildlife is overseen by a seven-member Fisheries and Wildlife Board appointed by the Governor; it has authority to make regulations, sets policy, and oversees personnel appointments.[1]

MassWildlife manages over 100 Wildlife Management Areas (WMA) and 13 wildlife sanctuaries with responsibility for over 160,000 acres (650 km2) of lands and waters. WMAs are all open to hunting, fishing, trapping and other outdoor recreation activities. Sanctuaries are more restrictive—camping, hunting, fishing and trapping is prohibited.[2]

MassWildlife runs fish hatcheries in Sandwich, Belchertown, Montague and Sunderland. Rainbow, brown, brook and tiger trout are raised to stock various state waters.[3]

Mass Wildlife's website has information on regulations and permits for hunting, fishing, trapping and recreational land use. In addition there are maps of wildlife management locations and information on wildlife viewing. The agency also publishes the quarterly magazine Massachusetts Wildlife which has excellent photos and articles on state flora and fauna. MassWildlife also publishes the following:


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