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MaskTV is a reality porn website, owned in whole by M Squared Productions based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. MaskTV was created in 1999, and the first episode was shot on location in 2000.


A candidate is chosen from email submissions received, and invited to conduct an interview. Upon successful completion the candidate must then have a blood test to screen for STDs and Hepatitis A, B and C. After they pass the blood tests they are brought onto a production set where their sexual fantasy is filmed in front of cameras, and with actors and actresses hired to help live out the sexual fantasy.

Each sexual fantasy video consists of 7 separate segments that explore the intimate individual story behind each persons sexual fantasy. Segments include: Pre Fantasy Interview, Fantasy Scene, Post Fantasy Interview, Producers Comments, Directors Comments, Behind the Scenes montage as well as a trailer used to promote the video.

Media coverage[edit]

MaskTV has been featured exhaustively across media and continents, but mostly in North America and Europe thanks to two popular television shows:

HBO Real Sex – HBO's Real Sex 32: "Some Like It Hot" dedicated a 15-minute segment of a 60-minute show (exploring sexual fantasy), to MaskTV. The show received over 3.5 million viewers.

Visual Voodoo (a division of ITN) Sin Cities broadcast on various channels including Bravo in the UK and Showcase in Canada.

Sin Cities host Ashley Hames decides he wants to get his fantasy lived out on camera, and has one of MaskTV's actresses perform oral sex on him during the segment. The same feature was shown in the finale of the series, with the MaskTV fantasy being the final segment showcasing Hames' exploits during his hosting tenure of the show.


MaskTV received an award nomination in 2006 and 2007 for an Xbiz Award,[1] which was awarded at the Roosevelt Hotel, in Hollywood Los Angeles.

In 2007 MaskTV was nominated for an AVN award [2] (the highest accolade in the adult industry) for one of its DVD library titles (MaskTV Volume 11). The AVN Award nomination is a prestigious award, hosted last year by famous rock guitarist Dave Navarro. The host for 2008 awards (in which MaskTV is nominated, will be hosted by Tera Patrick at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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