Martin R. Dinnes

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Martin R. Dinnes is a renowned veterinarian from Agua Dulce, California recognized for his accomplishments in the profession of veterinary medicine.

Martin R. Dinnes graduated from UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine in 1966. He is well known for creating novel innovative medical protocols benefiting the health and well-being of zoological animals. He invented and developed the Telinject system for remotely injecting reptiles, mammals, and birds. He also has formulated and tested commercially produced, balanced diets for non-domestic species.[1]


In 1972 Dinnes founded Dinnes Memorial Veterinary Hospital of Santa Clarita, California and is the first veterinarian to completely devote veterinary practice to non-domestic animals limiting his practice to zoo and aquatic animal medicine and surgery.

Dinnes participated as veterinarian on the 1983 adventure film, The Golden Seal.[2]

In 1984 Dinnes was chosen as one of eight veterinarians by the American Veterinary Medical Association to form the American College of Zoological Medicine.[3]

Dr. Dinnes founded the International Zoo Veterinary Group providing consulting in disease prevention, quarantine procedures and tranquilizing procedures for the international shipment of animals. The IZVG promotes the international exchange of pharmaceuticals and biologicals guidelines that may or may not be allowed for use in a particular country.

Dinnes is a veterinarian for Shambala Preserve in Acton, California.[4] Dinnes also serves as Director of Product Research & Development of Zoological Formulas for Natural Balance Pet Foods.[5]


In 2000 Dinnes was presented with Previous Alumni Achievement Award at UC-Davis.[6]