Mark Trombino

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Mark Trombino
Born(1966-05-23) May 23, 1966 (age 48)
GenresIndie rock, pop punk, alternative rock, pop, hardcore punk, post-hardcore
Occupation(s)Record producer
Years active1991–present
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Mark Trombino
Born(1966-05-23) May 23, 1966 (age 48)
GenresIndie rock, pop punk, alternative rock, pop, hardcore punk, post-hardcore
Occupation(s)Record producer
Years active1991–present

Mark Trombino is an American multi-platinum music producer, drummer, and recording artist. He produced, engineered, and mixed tracks for many artists including Jimmy Eat World, Blink-182, Finch, Motion City Soundtrack, and All Time Low [1] . As a drummer, he recorded and toured with Drive Like Jehu, aMiniature, Night Soil Man, and First Offense. [2]

Trombino recently moved into the boutique food space, opening a donut shop called "Donut Friend" in the Highland Park neighborhood of Los Angeles.[3]

Selected discography[edit]

1991Drive Like JehuDrive Like JehuHeadhunter RecordsDrums, Composer, Producer
1994Heavy VegetableAmazing Undersea Adventures of Aqua Kitty and FriendsHeadhunter RecordsProducer, Engineer, Mixer
1994Garden VarietyKnocking the Skill LevelHeadhunter RecordsMixer
1994Drive Like JehuYank CrimeInterscope RecordsMixer, Engineer, Drums
1994Drip TankSprawlHeadhunter RecordsProducer, Mixer, Engineer
1995SwivelneckBaby Cry CryHeadhunter RecordsMixer, Engineer
1995TannerIll Gotten GainsHeadhunter RecordsProducer, Mixer, Engineer
1995aMiniatureMurk Time CruiserRestless RecordsMixer, Engineer, Drums
1995Heavy VegetableFrisbeeHeadhunter RecordsMixer, Engineer
1995BoilermakerWatercourseGoldenrod RecordsProducer, Mixer, Engineer
1995Rocket from the CryptScream, Dracula, Scream!Interscope RecordsMixer, Engineer
1995CarlosAmy ArmageddonHeadhunter RecordsMixer, Engineer
1996ChuneBig Hat, No CattleHeadhunter RecordsMixer, Engineer
1996WankGet a Grip on YourselfWarner Bros. RecordsProducer
1996Jimmy Eat WorldStatic PrevailsCapitol RecordsProducer, Mixer, Engineer
1996The PeeCheesDo the MathKill Rock StarsProducer, Mixer, Engineer
1996No KnifeDrunk on the MoonGoldenrod RecordsProducer, Mixer, Engineer
1996SinkholeDo the MathDr. Strange RecordsProducer, Mixer, Engineer
1996BoilermakerIn Wallace's ShadowGoldenrod RecordsProducer, Mixer, Engineer
1996ThumbnailThumbnailHeadhunter RecordsMixer
1996CreedleWhen the Wind BlowsHeadhunter RecordsProducer, Mixer, Engineer
1997Boy's LifeBoys LifeCrank! A Record CompanyMixer, Engineer
1997CrumboxResident Double UTime Bomb RecordingsMixer, Engineer
1997Go Dog GoGlad to be UnhappyIchibanProducer, Mixer, Engineer
1997KnapsackDay Three of My New LifeAlias RecordsProducer, Mixer, Engineer
1997FlufWaikikiHeadhunter RecordsMixer, Engineer
1997Blink-182Dude RanchMCA RecordsProducer, Mixer, Engineer, Keyboards
1997ThingySongs About Angels, Evil, and Running Around on FireHeadhunter RecordsProducer, Mixer, Engineer
1997No KnifeHit Man DreamsTime Bomb RecordingsProducer, Mixer, Engineer, Keyboards
1997Three Mile PilotAnother Desert, Another SeaHeadhunter RecordsProducer, Mixer, Engineer
1998The SpecialsGuilty 'til Proved Innocent!MCA RecordsMixer
1998FlufRoad RageHeadhunter RecordsProducer, Mixer, Engineer
1998MineralEndSerenadingCrank! A Record CompanyProducer, Mixer, Engineer
1998KnapsackThis Conversation is Ending Starting Right NowAlias RecordsProducer, Mixer, Engineer
1998SmileGirl Crushes BoyAtlantic RecordsMixer, Engineer, Keyboards
1999Action LeagueInterrupt This ProgramVegas RecordsProducer, Mixer, Engineer
1999Jimmy Eat WorldClarityCapitol RecordsProducer, Mixer, Engineer, Keyboards, String Arrangements
1999Husking BeePut on Fresh PaintDoghouseProducer, Mixer, Engineer
1999The HipposHeads Are Gonna RollInterscope RecordsProducer, Engineer
1999HelicopterHelicopterHeadhunter RecordsMixer
1999SinkholeRetrospecticlesDr. Strange RecordsMixer, Engineer
1999InchThis Will Fall on Dead EarsHeadhunter RecordsMixer, Engineer, Keyboards, Programming
2000ThingyTo the InnocentHeadhunter RecordsMixer, Engineer
2000Poor Rich OnesHappy Happy HappyRec 90Producer, Mixer, Engineer
2000MidtownSave the World, Lose the GirlDrive-Thru RecordsProducer, Mixer, Engineer
2000Mock OrangeThe Record PlayLobster RecordsProducer, Mixer, Engineer
2000The Jealous SoundThe Jealous SoundBetter Looking RecordsMixer
2000WestonMassed Alpert SoundsMojo Records/Jive RecordsMixer
2000JebediahOf Someday ShamblesBig Wheel RecreationProducer, Mixer, Engineer
2001Creeper LagoonTake Back the Universe and Give Me YesterdayDreamWorks SKGProducer, Engineer
2001The Moffatts"Just Another Phase"EMIMixer, Engineer
2001Bad AstronautAcrophobeHonest Don'sMixer
2001The Icarus LineMonoCrank! A Record CompanyEngineer
2001Husking BeeFour Color ProblemDoghouseProducer, Mixer, Engineer
2001Jimmy Eat WorldBleed AmericanGeffen RecordsProducer, Mixer, Engineer, Programming
2001BoilermakerLeucadiaBetter Looking RecordsProducer, Mixer, Engineer
2002AshIntergalactic Sonic 7″sSony MusicMixer
2002FinchWhat It Is to BurnDrive-Thru RecordsProducer, Mixer, Engineer, Programming
2002MidtownLiving Well is the Best RevengeDrive-Thru RecordsProducer, Mixer, Engineer, Programming
2002StickfigureApe of the KingsWhat Are Records?Mixer
2002Magna-FiBurn Out the StarsGold Circle RecordsMixer
2002The Starting LineSay It Like You Mean ItDrive-Thru RecordsProducer, Mixer, Engineer
2003GobFoot in Mouth DiseaseAristaProducer, Mixer, Engineer
2003Something CorporateSongs for Silent MoviesDrive-Thru Records/MCAProducer
2003DiffuserMaking the GradeHollywood RecordsProducer, Mixer, Engineer, Drums
2003The Living EndModern ArtilleryReprise RecordsProducer, Mixer, Engineer
2003Val EmmichVal EmmichEpic RecordsProducer, Mixer, Engineer
2003SugarcultPalm Trees and Power LinesFearless RecordsMixer
2003Rilo KileyMore AdventurousBarsuk RecordsProducer, Engineer
2004Denver HarborScenicUniversal RecordsProducer, Engineer, Mixer, Programming
2004Jimmy Eat WorldBelieve in What You WantInterscope RecordsMixer
2004Jimmy Eat WorldFuturesInterscope RecordsProducer, Engineer
2004Reeve OliverReeve OliverThe Militia GroupMixer
2005Motion City SoundtrackCommit This to MemoryEpitaph RecordsMixer
2005GyroscopeAre You Involved?Festival Mushroom RecordsProducer
2005The BledFound in the FloodVagrant RecordsProducer, Mixer, Engineer
2005Jimmy Eat WorldStay on My Side TonightInterscope RecordsProducer, Engineer
2005Social CodeA Year at the MoviesInterscope RecordsMixer
2006Madina LakeFrom Them, Through Us, To YouRoadrunner RecordsProducer, Engineer, Mixer
2006Rock Kills KidAre You Nervous?Reprise RecordsProducer, Engineer
2007I Hate KateEmbrace the CurseGlass Note RecordsProducer, Mixer, Engineer
2007SilversteinArrivals & DeparturesVictory RecordsProducer, Mixer, Engineer
2007PinbackAutumn of the SeraphsTouch & Go RecordsMixer
2007Moving UnitsHexes for ExesMetropolis RecordsEngineer
2007Steel TrainTrampolineDrive-Thru RecordsProducer, Mixer, Engineer
2008Alive in Wild PaintCeilingsEqual Vision RecordsProducer, Engineer
2008SocraticSpread the RumorsDrive-Thru RecordsMixer
2008Sing It LoudCome AroundEpitaph RecordsMixer
2009The AuditionSelf-Titled AlbumVictory RecordsProducer, Engineer, Mixer
2009ValenciaDancing with a GhostI Surrender RecordsProducer, Mixer
2010Steel TrainSteel TrainTerrible ThrillsMixer
2010Jimmy Eat WorldInventedInterscope RecordsProducer, Mixer, Engineer
2011All Time LowDirty WorkGeffen/Hopeless RecordsMixer
2012Tonight AliveWhat Are You So Scared Of?Fearless RecordsProducer, Mixer, Engineer
2013The Wonder YearsThe Greatest GenerationHopeless RecordsMixer


BandAlbum/SingleRIAA Certification
Blink-182Dude RanchPlatinum
Jimmy Eat WorldJimmy Eat WorldPlatinum
Jimmy Eat WorldFuturesGold
FinchWhat it is to BurnGold

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