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This article is about Max Edward Dinning. For Mark Dinning the magazine editor, see Mark Dinning (journalist).

Max Edward Dinning (August 17, 1933 — March 22, 1986)[1] — stage name Mark Dinning — was an American pop music singer. In February 1960, the song "Teen Angel", written by his sister Jean (Eugenia) (March 29, 1924 — February 22, 2011) and her husband (Mark's brother-in-law) Red Surrey,[2] reached No. 1 on the Billboard Charts. Jean and two of her sisters, Virginia and Lucille, comprised the "The Dinning Sisters",[3] a popular singing trio in the 1940s. Additionally, Dinning is the uncle of Dean Dinning, bass guitarist for Alternative Rock band Toad the Wet Sprocket.


Max Edward Dinning was born in Manchester, Oklahoma, the youngest of nine children, and was raised on a farm near Nashville, Tennessee after his family relocated from Kansas. He followed his sisters and pursued a career in country music and, in 1957, record producer Wesley Rose signed him to a recording contract as Mark Dinning.

His recording efforts met with limited success until 1959, when "Teen Angel" became a hit. The lyrics, which told of the death of a teenage girl, were deemed by British radio stations to be too morbid to be aired, but it reached #37 on the UK Singles Chart.[4] It sold over one million copies, and was awarded a gold disc.[5]

Dinning had an alcohol addiction, which restricted his performances, and caused promoters to stop booking him as he faded from public view. Although Dinning never duplicated the success of "Teen Angel", he had three minor hit records in the ensuing years.[citation needed]


Dinning continued performing until his death from a heart attack in Jefferson City, Missouri, aged 52.



Hot 100
1959"Teen Angel"15373MGM 12845
1960"A Star Is Born (A Love Has Died)"/"You Win Again"68----32MGM 12888
1960"The Lovin' Touch"84------MGM 12929
1960"She Cried On My Shoulder"/"The World Is Getting Smaller"--------MGM 12958
1961"Top Forty, News, Weather And Sports"81----17MGM 12980
1961"Another Lonely Girl"--------MGM 13007
1961"Lonely Island"/"Turn Me On"--------MGM 13024
1962"All of This for Sally"--------MGM 13061
1962"I Catch Myself Cryin'"--------MGM 13091
1964"Joey"/"January"--------Cameo 299
1965"Dial AL 1-4883"/"I'm Glad We Fell In Love"--------Hickory 1293
1966"There Stands A Lady"/"The Last Rose"--------Hickory 1368
1966"He Reminds Me Of Me"/"Run Opie Run"--------Hickory 1404
1967"It's Such A Pretty World Today"/"Atlanta Georgia Stray"--------United Artists 50169
1968"Throw A Little Love My Way"/"A Dissatisfied Man"--------United Artists 50305


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