Mark Dacascos

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Mark Dacascos

Mark Dacascos in 2011
BornMark Alan Dacascos
(1964-02-26) February 26, 1964 (age 48)
Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.
Other namesMarc Dacascos
The Chairman
OccupationActor, martial artist, television personality
Years active1985–present
Influenced byAl Dacascos[citation needed]
Jet Li[citation needed]
Bruce Lee[citation needed]
Spouse(s)Julie Condra (1998–present)
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Mark Dacascos

Mark Dacascos in 2011
BornMark Alan Dacascos
(1964-02-26) February 26, 1964 (age 48)
Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.
Other namesMarc Dacascos
The Chairman
OccupationActor, martial artist, television personality
Years active1985–present
Influenced byAl Dacascos[citation needed]
Jet Li[citation needed]
Bruce Lee[citation needed]
Spouse(s)Julie Condra (1998–present)

Mark Alan Dacascos (born February 26, 1964) is an American actor and martial artist.[1] He won numerous karate and various styles of kung fu championships between the ages of 7 and 18.[2]

Beginning in January 2005, Dacascos has portrayed the Chairman on Food Network's television series Iron Chef America. This role was previously played by Takeshi Kaga in the original Japanese Iron Chef, and Dacascos' character is presented as Kaga's nephew, though the actors are not related. Dacascos went on to continue the role in Iron Chef Australia. His other roles include: Eric Draven in The Crow: Stairway to Heaven, Eubulon, the Advent Master, on Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, the role of "Mani" in the French film Brotherhood of the Wolf and the lead role of "Crying Freeman" in the film of the same name. Starting with the episode "Hana 'a'a Makehewa", which first aired on December 13, 2010, he portrays the recurring character Wo Fat, Steve McGarrett's arch-nemesis, on Hawaii Five-0.[3]

Dacascos competed in season 9 of Dancing with the Stars.[4][5] His partner was Lacey Schwimmer. The pair was eliminated in the 7th episode.[6]



Dacascos' father, Al Dacascos, is from Hawaii, and is a martial arts instructor of Filipino, Spanish, and Chinese ancestry. His mother, Moriko McVey-Murray, is of Irish and Japanese ancestry. In the History Channel presentation, "Samurai", he revealed that many of the Japanese side of his mother's family were killed in the bombing of Hiroshima. His stepmothers are award winning martial artist Malia Bernal and Hawaiian singer Melveen Leed. Dacascos attended Portland State University in Portland, Oregon, where he majored in Chinese and drama. Dacascos is proficient in Wun Hop Kuen Do, Capoeira, Wing chun, Shuai jiao, Karate, Jeet kune do and Muay thai.[7]

Personal life

He is married to actress Julie Condra, who starred with him in Crying Freeman. They have three children, two older boys and one younger girl. Their names are Makoa, Kapono and Noelani.


Dacascos became an actor after being discovered walking down the street in San Francisco's Chinatown by Chris Lee (at that time, assistant director) and Rexall Chin (hairstylist) for director Wayne Wang. Though his first scenes ended up on the cutting room floor, he has gone on to establish a film and television career primarily playing martial artists. His breakout role was in the 1993 film Only the Strong, in which he played Louis, a Capoeira master who takes a high school's potential failures and turns their lives around by teaching them the Brazilian martial art based on the West African martial art brought by slaves. In the following year, Dacascos co-starred with Party of Five's Scott Wolf as Jimmy and Billy Lee, respectively, in the movie, based on the video game, Double Dragon.

He plays the role of the Chairman of Iron Chef America and Iron Chef Australia. In the series' backstory he is the nephew of the original Iron Chef Chairman, Takeshi Kaga; the actors hold no relation in real life.

He has been featured in many action films such as Brotherhood of the Wolf, Crying Freeman and Cradle 2 the Grave, in which he squared off against Jet Li. He also performed in three video games: voice acting in Stranglehold, live acting in Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom and digitally recreating The Chairman in the Iron Chef video game for Wii.

Dacascos was nominated for the Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actor in 2002 for his role in Brotherhood of the Wolf, which was a box office success in the United States.[8] He also appeared in the short-lived but critically acclaimed television series The Crow: Stairway to Heaven, which was a follow-up to the 1994 film The Crow. One of his more recent roles is in the children's television show, Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight, where he portrays Advent Master Eubulon, mentor of the Kamen Riders and creator of the Advent Decks.

Dacascos' latest acting endeavor is on the CBS series, "Hawaii Five-0" in which he portrays the recurring role of "Wo Fat", an enemy of Steve McGarrett. He will also be taking on the role of Kung Lao in the second season of the YouTube series Mortal Kombat: Legacy.[9]


YearTitleRoleOther Notes
1985Dim Sum: A Little Bit of Heartn/aFilm (scenes deleted)
1990Angel TownStoner DriverFilm
1991Dead On The MoneyMartial arts masterTV movie
1992American SamuraiKenjiro SangaFilm
1993Only The StrongLouis StevensFilm
1993RoostersFilipino's SonFilm (Cameo)
1994Dragstrip GirlJohnny RamirezTV movie
1994Double DragonJimmy LeeFilm
1995Deadly PastLeoFilm
1995Kickboxer 5: The RedemptionMatt ReevesFilm
1995Crying FreemanYo Hinomura/FreemanFilm
1996The Island of Dr. MoreauLo-MaiFilm
1996SabotageMichael BishopFilm
1997SanctuaryLuke KovakFilm
1997DNADr. Ash MattleyFilm
1997Deathline (a.k.a. Redline)MerrickFilm
1998DriveToby WongFilm
1998Boogie BoyJesse PageFilm
1998No Code of ConductPaul DeLuccaFilm
1999The BaseMaj. John Murphy/Cpl. John DaltonFilm
2000China Strike Force (Lei ting zhan jing)Tony LauFilm
2001Le Pacte des loups (Brotherhood of the Wolf)ManiFilm
2001Instinct To Kill (AKA The Perfect Husband)J.T. DillonFilm
2002ScorcherRyan BeckettFilm
2003Cradle 2 the GraveLingFilm
2005Solar Strike (AKA Solar Attack) (USA)Lucas FosterTV movie
2005Junior Pilot (aka Final Approach)KatoFilm
2006Only the BraveSteve "Zaki" SenzakiFilm
2006The Hunt for Eagle OneLt. Matt DanielsVideo
2006The Hunt for Eagle One: Crash PointLt. Matt DanielsVideo
2007Code Name: The CleanerEric HauckFilm
2007Alien AgentRykkerFilm
2007I Am OmegaRenchardFilm
2008Gideon FallsSetFilm
2009Serbian ScarsPeter Olsen ObilichFilm
2010Shadows in ParadiseLt. Max ForresterFilm
2010Action HeroWriterFilm
2010Secret of the SultanFilm
2011The Lost Medallion: The Adventures of Billy StoneCobraFilm
2013Mortal Kombat: LegacyKung LaoSecond series


1987General HospitalPolice cadetTV series
1990New DragnetKevin ChowTV series
1990Doogie Howser, MDJulianEpisode: "The Grass Ain't Always Greener"
1991The FlashOsakuEpisode: "Child's Play"
1992Mighty Morphin Power RangersVictor Lee/Red RangerGalaxy Rangers Test Pilot[10]
1994Tales from the CryptFelix JohnsonEpisode: "The Pit"
1995One West WaikikiMokuEpisode: "Rest in Peace"
1998–99The Crow: Stairway to HeavenEric DravenTV series
1999Martial LawSteven GarthEpisode: "Ninety Million Reasons to Die"
2002CSI: Crime Scene InvestigationAnanda the MonkEpisode: "Felonious Monk"
2005–presentIron Chef America: The SeriesThe ChairmanTV series
2007Stargate AtlantisTyreEpisode: "Reunion"
2008The Legend of Bruce LeeMuay Thai boxer King Charles[11]TV series
2008The MiddlemanSensei PingEpisode: "The Sino-Mexican Revelation"
2008Stargate AtlantisTyreEpisode: "Broken Ties"
2009Kamen Rider Dragon KnightEubulonEpisodes: 32–40
2009Dancing with the StarsHimself/guest dancerEpisodes" 1-7
2009WolvesbayneVon GriemTV movie
2008–presentThe Next Iron ChefThe ChairmanTV series
2010SamuraiHimselfTV documentary
2010–presentHawaii Five-0Wo FatTV series
2010Iron Chef AustraliaThe ChairmanTV series
2012Iron Chef America CountdownThe ChairmanTV series


Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films

2002NominatedSaturn AwardBest Supporting Actor for: Brotherhood of the Wolf (2001)


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