Marius Oprea

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Marius Oprea

Marius Oprea (Romanian pronunciation: [ˈ ˈopre̯a]; born 1964, Târgovişte) is a Romanian historian (specializing in recent history), poet and essayist.

He studied history at the University of Bucharest, and earned a Ph.D. with a thesis on the role and evolution of the Communist-era secret police, the Securitate between 1948 and 1964 (Rolul şi evoluţia Securităţii, 1948-1964). Oprea currently works as a journalist and researcher at the Romanian Institute of Recent History (IRIR). He also serves as the president of the Institute for the Investigation of Communist Crimes in Romania[1]

His debut as a poet was the participation in the volume Pauza de respiraţie ("Pause for Breathing"), together with Simona Popescu, Caius Dobrescu, and Andrei Bodiu.

Marius Oprea lives with his family in Braşov.

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