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Marist is an adjectival noun, the word is derived from the name Mary – in particular Mary the Mother of Jesus Christ. The term Marist refers to organisations that are linked to (or whose origins are linked to) the religious orders that began as the Society of Mary, The Marist Fathers, The Marist Brothers, as well as to The Marist Sisters and The Missionary Sisters of the Society of Mary. Marist may refer to:

Catholic religious orders or congregations[edit]

Laity who share in the Marist Charism[edit]

In many parts of the world groups of lay people who associate themselves with the Marists and the Marist Charism are also called Marist. The names these groups are called vary from place to place but two common terms are Marist Third Order and Marist Laity. Marist Lay people can share in the spirituality of the Marists and/or can share in the work of the Marist Congregations. Many who teach in Marist Schools would also consider themselves part of the Marist Family – a term which embodies all branches of the Marist project including the congregations mentioned above and the lay people who are part of the Marist world.

Sporting clubs[edit]

In New Zealand and the South Pacific Marist Brothers of the Schools began football clubs that bear the name Marist. Over time these clubs have merged with other clubs and have become sporting clubs that now include other sports.



Other uses of the term Marist[edit]

Other organisations: schools, educational institutions and the like are Marist by association with one of the congregations or religious orders named above. These may or may not actually bear the name Marist though they bear the spirit or charism described as Marist. The Marist Spirit or Charism is present in the organisation usually because it was instilled in it from its foundation by members of the religious order. Exactly what the Marist Charism is requires definition. A good reference source for the meaning of the Marist Charism and the original insight of the founders of the Marist Vision exists in the following:

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