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For the breed of dog, see Maremma Sheepdog. For the breed of cattle, see Maremmana.
The Maremma landscape

The Maremma region is an extensive area of Italy bordering the Ligurian and Tyrrhenian Seas. It comprises part of southwestern Tuscany - Maremma Livornese and Maremma Grossetana (the latter in the province of Grosseto) - and part of northern Lazio (in the province of Viterbo and Rome on the border of the region).


The poet Dante Alighieri in his Divina Commedia places Maremma as the region between Cecina, and Corneto (formerly known as Tarquinia).

Non han sì aspri sterpi nè sì folti
quelle fiere selvagge che 'n odio hanno
tra Cecina e Corneto i luoghi colti.

It was traditionally populated by the Butteri, cattle breeders who until recently used horses with a distinctive style of saddle. Once unhealthy because of its many marshes, Maremma was drained under the fascist regime and repopulated with people from other Italian regions, notably the Veneto.


Endowed with significant natural and environmental resources, Maremma is today one of the best tourist destinations in Italy,[according to whom?] a region where ancient traditions have survived and Tuscan culture is preserved. It is being promoted as a destination for agritourism.

In the Maremma region various popular wines are produced,[which?] some of which have gained DOCG status.[which?]

Maremma can be divided into many areas, each with its own characteristics and attractions.


Coordinates: 42°24′59.00″N 11°28′41.00″E / 42.4163889°N 11.4780556°E / 42.4163889; 11.4780556