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Kabbalah is the mystical tradition of Judaism. It is considered a form of mysticism.[1] The Kabbalah tradition stretches back for centuries, but it was in the 13th century when its essential book, the Zohar, was written in Spain by Moses de León.[2] Basically, Kabbalahists see a mystical element to the Torah.[3]

Beginnings of Madonna's involvement with Kabbalah[edit]

Madonna became attracted to Kabbalah in the 1990s, some say as a way for her to deal with her superstar status.[4] Also some believe that the philosophy of how the Kabbalah Centre promotes strong women was what also attracted her to it.[5] It was Sandra Bernhard who got her involved in it in the 1990s.[6]

The Kabbalah Centre[edit]

Painting of Madonna practicing Kabbalah called Madonna and God in Mystical Oneness by Peter Reynosa

The place where Madonna learns and practices Kabbalah is at the Los Angeles Kabbalah Centre.[7] It was also here where Madonna became connected to Rabbi Philip Berg who became her personal instructor.[8] Madonna also brings her family when she attends a Kabbalah center.[9]

Practicing Kabbalah and spreading it[edit]

Kabbalah's Tree of Life

Madonna often wears a red string bracelet, said to deflect the evil eye, that shows her belief in Kabbalah's power. [10] She does not give concerts on Friday night because of Shabbat and she wears ritual objects related to Kabbalah.[11] She has also tried to spread her faith to other entertainers, such as Demi Moore. [12]

Controversies of the Kabbalah Centre and Madonna[edit]

Some of the beliefs of the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles have created controversy, almost all of them because of Philip Berg, who has advocated astrology, reincarnation, and the idea that many mentally ill people are really possessed by evil spirits. [13] And in recent years the IRS has looked into tax evasion by the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles [14] and financial mismanagement of two Madonna-linked charities run by former Kabbalah Center development director Phillipe van den Bossche.[15]

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