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Downtown Madison

Madison is a neighborhood in northeast Nashville, in the U.S. state of Tennessee. It is incorporated as part of the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County.

The local population is ethnically diverse. With a large Hispanic population, Madison has several small shopping centers and Hispanic-American owned businesses. Many African-Americans and European-Americans reside in this area as well.


Old Hickory Boulevard (State Route 45) is a section of the Trail of Tears, the route of the forced removal of Cherokee Indians from North Carolina to Oklahoma, directed by U.S. President Andrew Jackson. This route passes directly by Jackson's estate, The Hermitage, in the neighboring community of Old Hickory, Tennessee.

Historically, Madison acted as a connecting suburb until being annexed into Nashville in 1963 due to the consolidation with Davidson County. Madison funnels traffic to Goodlettsville, Hendersonville, Gallatin, Inglewood, and downtown Nashville.


The public High School in this area is Hunter's Lane High School. Three private schools are also located within Madison: Goodpasture Christian School, Madison Academy and Saint Joseph School. Prior to the opening of Hunter's Lane, the public high school for the area was Madison High School.


There are three public parks within Madison; Madison Park, Peeler Park and Cedar Hill Park.


Major roads running through Madison are Old Hickory Boulevard and Gallatin Pike (U.S. Route 31E). Briley Parkway (State Route 155) separates Madison from Nashville on the south.


Madison is the location of the Nashville National Cemetery. It and Spring Hill Cemetery, across Gallatin Pike, delineated the generally accepted boundary between Madison and Inglewood prior to the construction of nearby Briley Parkway.


The population in Madison, as of 2010, was 37,316. The total amount of households was 15,829.

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