Madea Goes to Jail (play)

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Madea Goes to Jail
Written byTyler Perry
CharactersMadea, Ela, Sonny, and Katie
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Madea Goes to Jail
Written byTyler Perry
CharactersMadea, Ela, Sonny, and Katie
[Official website Official site]

Madea Goes to Jail is a 2006 American musical play created, written, produced, and directed by Tyler Perry. It stars Tyler Perry as Mabel "Madea" Simmons, Cassi Davis as Ella, Cherly Pepsi Riley as Wanda, and Judy Peterson as Katie.



The play opens on Vanessa, an aspiring business student whose stress over school (and natural disposition) leads her to be tempestuous towards the people who come and go throughout the scene. Her husband is Sonny Andrews, the child of Madea's deceased sister, Irene. He enters looking for his work shirt, as he is on his way to the prison to work one of many long shifts to pay for Vanessa's schooling and support their child, who is never seen but in the bedroom upstairs. Vanessa refuses to help him, insisting on completing her studying. Ella Kincaid, Madea's best friend and next door neighbor, enters the house asking for Madea (Tyler Perry), who is absent. Unknown to the rest, Madea has been arrested at Conia's for not paying for her gas, and is currently in custody at the prison where Sonny works. Ella notices Vanessa's ambivalence over her husband's dilemma, and chastises her for her negligence as a wife and mother, insisting that a real woman takes care of her man, cooks him breakfast, irons his clothes, and doesn't trifle with school, though Vanessa's counter to this is to remind Ella of her current single relationship status. Nate, Sonny's Jamaican boss and friend, comes to the house to drive Sonny to work, and remains in the living room for Ella to ogle while Sonny tries to placate his flustered wife upstairs, promising her some loving and affection after her returns from work. He leaves with Nate.

Ella receives a phone call at Madea's house with information that Madea is in jail, and the scene cuts.

Meanwhile, at the jail, we see Sonny getting ready for work where he sees long time friend, Wanda, who is now the head Defense Attorney at the prison and she and Sonny had a bet on a game and she won and he never paid up, because Wanda and Sonny quit calling each other (Wanda stopped calling Sonny because she was making a lot of money and Sonny quit calling her because he started going out with Vanessa), Wanda wanted to know what ever happened to Vanessa and Leo (LaVan Davis, Cassi Davis's husband, who appeared in Tyler Perry's House of Payne as Curtis Payne) revealed that he married her, Wanda later explained about she and her husband got divorced 3 years ago, but it was okay because she got saved and he wanted to be free, so she freed him. After Wanda left, Leo explained that all the ladies, except Madea, were all calm. Madea, later, came in the jail after being left in the yard and tells Sonny that Leo was trying to rape her. She tells Sonny about the conya's incident, and about the envolope that has enough money for her bail that is written "Seal-it, Pasta Pead-it" and he go gets the envolope to pay for her bail. She later meets Chico, a woman with 3 boys (one in jail, one "strung out", and one dead) that she didn't care about and they didn't care about her and with no hope, and Katie (Judy Peterson, who appeared in Madea's Class Reunion as Cora's friend, Diana) who has been in jail for nine years because of her ex-husband (Ron Andrews), who is a pimp that tried to hurt his and Katie's daughter (Anndretta Lyle) and Katie stabbed him, but now that since she's in jail, her daughter has been continuously jumping from foster home to foster home. Katie's daughter, Toni, comes to visit and is shown to have a nasty attitude and when she gets one with Madea, she stabs her with her cigarette. Ella comes by and right after Toni leaves, she, Madea, and Katie play a game of cards. Later, we see Jeremy and Katie's ex-husband,Pete the Pimp, and after bail is made for Madea she decides to take care of Toni until Katie gets out of jail. Once Madea is back at home, she notices a strange perfume on the clothes she washed, believing Vanessa was responsible. Ella stops by and tells Madea she has a date with Leo. She asks about Toni and Madea reveals she has been disobedient. Madea gave Toni Cora's old dresses to wear for school, but Toni wears a mini skirt, red boots, a pink top and jacket. Madea becomes annoyed when Toni doesn't speak to neither her or Ella. Toni has an attitude toward Madea and Ella and Madea calls her the Seed of Chucky. Toni says that if Madea touches her, she'll call the police. Madea grabs a bag of belts and choose one to spank Toni with it. She makes Toni put on the dress. She does.


Musical numbers

  1. "How Does That Feel?" - Ella
  2. "Wait Till I Get Home Tonight" - Sonny
  3. "Down on My Luck" - Ella, Katie, Madea, Leo, Chico
  4. "We Need a Word" - Wanda
  5. "Whaddaya Know About Jesus?" - Ella, Wanda, Leo, Sonny
  6. "Yes, Jesus Loves Me" - Chico
  7. "Ain't No Sunshine" (Bill Withers) - Sonny
  8. "A House is Not a Home" (Luther Vandross) - Madea
  9. "Going In Circle" - The Friends Of Distinction
  10. "It Takes a Fool" - Madea
  11. "Clean Up Woman" (Betty Wright) - Ella
  12. "Sweet Thing" (Chaka Khan) - Wanda
  13. "Let's Get It On" (Marvin Gaye) - Leo
  14. "Before I Let Go" (Maze) - Jeremy
  15. "His Name is Jesus" - Jeremy
  16. "I Want to Be Free" - Katie

Film adaptation

A film adaptation of the same name was released on February 20, 2009.

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