Lynchburg, Missouri

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Lynchburg is an unincorporated community in southeastern Laclede County, Missouri, United States, located 30 miles south of Lebanon. It is home to about 400 people[citation needed]. The post office was closed in 2004, but the town does have a volunteer fire department and a store[citation needed]. The saying "If I pay taxes on both sides of the road, I ought to be able to walk on both sides of the road" came from Allen Scott (1854–1951), a Lynchburg resident[citation needed]. The town is named after John Lynch, who served as sheriff immediately following the Civil War and had a propensity for lynching people[citation needed].


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Coordinates: 37°29′47″N 92°17′35″W / 37.4964°N 92.2930°W / 37.4964; -92.2930

According to Cecil Benson, local historian and barber at Plato, Mo., Lynchburg was founded by Dr. Ransom Batterton Lynch. He wanted to be a postmaster and Plato already had a post office and a postmaster so he moved to Laclede County and founded Lynchburg and became the first postmaster there.