List of lowest-income counties in the United States

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This is a list of the lowest-income counties in the United States.

100 counties with lowest per capita income[edit]

100 lowest counties by per capita income

Number of counties by state in the 100 poorest counties: Texas, 17; Kentucky, 16; Mississippi, 14; South Dakota, 10; Louisiana, 5; Alabama, 4; Georgia, 4; Montana, 4; New Mexico, 4; North Dakota, 3; Arizona, 2; Idaho, 2; Nebraska, 2; Tennessee, 2; West Virginia, 2; Alaska, 1; Arkansas, 1; Colorado, 1; Florida, 1; Missouri, 1; Oklahoma, 1; South Carolina, 1; Utah, 1; Wisconsin, 1. Twenty-six states do not have any counties in the 100 poorest counties.

RankCountyPer Capita
1Buffalo County, South Dakota$5,213
2Shannon County, South Dakota$6,286
3Starr County, Texas$7,069
4Ziebach County, South Dakota$7,463
5Todd County, South Dakota$7,714
6Sioux County, North Dakota$7,731
7Corson County, South Dakota$8,615
8Wade Hampton, Alaska$8,717
9Maverick County, Texas$8,758
10Apache County, Arizona$8,986
11Dewey County, South Dakota$9,251
12Willacy County, Texas$9,421
13Hudspeth County, Texas$9,549
14Presidio County, Texas$9,558
15East Carroll Parish, Louisiana$9,629
16La Salle County, Texas$9,692
17Jefferson County, Mississippi$9,709
18Clay County, Kentucky$9,716
19Dimmit County, Texas$9,765
20McKinley County, New Mexico$9,872
21McCreary County, Kentucky$9,896
22Hidalgo County, Texas$9,899
23Jackson County, South Dakota$9,981
24Zavala County, Texas$10,034
25Bennett County, South Dakota$10,106
26Madison Parish, Louisiana$10,114
27Bullock County, Alabama$10,163
28McDowell County, West Virginia$10,174
29San Juan County, Utah$10,229
30Brooks County, Texas$10,234
31Wolfe County, Kentucky$10,321
32Mellette County, South Dakota$10,362
33Leslie County, Kentucky$10,429
34Zapata County, Texas$10,486
35Hamilton County, Florida$10,562
36Issaquena County, Mississippi$10,581
37Bee County, Texas$10,625
38Menominee County, Wisconsin$10,625
39Martin County, Kentucky$10,650
40Knox County, Kentucky$10,660
41Holmes County, Mississippi$10,683
42Magoffin County, Kentucky$10,685
43Jackson County, Kentucky$10,711
44Owsley County, Kentucky$10,742
45Costilla County, Colorado$10,748
46Tallahatchie County, Mississippi$10,749
47Webb County, Texas$10,759
48Big Horn County, Montana$10,792
49Lake County, Tennessee$10,794
50Reeves County, Texas$10,811
51Quitman County, Mississippi$10,817
52Wilkinson County, Mississippi$10,868
53Rolette County, North Dakota$10,873
54Wilcox County, Alabama$10,903
55Hancock County, Georgia$10,916
56Humphreys County, Mississippi$10,926
57Perry County, Alabama$10,948
58Thurston County, Nebraska$10,951
59Madison County, Idaho$10,956
60Cameron County, Texas$10,960
61Lee County, Arkansas$10,983
62Breathitt County, Kentucky$11,044
63Clark County, Idaho$11,141
64Adair County, Oklahoma$11,185
65Luna County, New Mexico$11,218
66Guadalupe County, New Mexico$11,241
67Claiborne County, Mississippi$11,244
68Allendale County, South Carolina$11,293
69Knott County, Kentucky$11,297
70Duval County, Texas$11,324
71Roosevelt County, Montana$11,347
72Sunflower County, Mississippi$11,365
73Sharkey County, Mississippi$11,396
74Menifee County, Kentucky$11,399
75Evangeline Parish, Louisiana$11,432
76Sumter County, Alabama$11,491
77Calhoun County, West Virginia$11,491
78Shannon County, Missouri$11,492
79Culberson County, Texas$11,493
80Charles Mix County, South Dakota$11,502
81Benson County, North Dakota$11,509
82Bell County, Kentucky$11,526
83Harlan County, Kentucky$11,585
84Glacier County, Montana$11,597
85Navajo County, Arizona$11,609
86Cibola County, New Mexico$11,731
87Winn Parish, Louisiana$11,794
88Randolph County, Georgia$11,809
89Macon County, Georgia$11,820
90Calhoun County, Georgia$11,839
91Keya Paha County, Nebraska$11,860
92Greene County, Mississippi$11,868
93Wheatland County, Montana$11,954
94Concordia Parish, Louisiana$11,966
95Jefferson Davis County, Mississippi$11,974
96Tunica County, Mississippi$11,978
97Letcher County, Kentucky$11,984
98Kemper County, Mississippi$11,985
99Hancock County, Tennessee$11,986
100Lawrence County, Kentucky$12,008

100 poorest counties by median household income[edit]

100 lowest counties by median household income

Number of counties by state in the 100 poorest counties: Kentucky, 29; Mississippi, 13; Texas, 10; Alabama, 7; Arkansas, 7; South Dakota, 6; West Virginia, 6; Louisiana, 5; Georgia, 3; Missouri, 3; Oklahoma, 3; Tennessee, 2; Colorado, 1; Hawai'i, 1; North Dakota, 1; New Mexico, 1; South Carolina, 1; Virginia, 1. Thirty-two states do not have any counties in the 100 poorest counties.

United States of America: $41,994

1Kalawao County, Hawaii$12,007
2Buffalo County, South Dakota$12,692
3Owsley County, Kentucky$15,805
4Clay County, Kentucky$16,271
5Starr County, Texas$16,504
6Wilcox County, Alabama$16,646
7Zavala County, Texas$16,844
8McDowell County, West Virginia$16,931
9Holmes County, Mississippi$17,235
10Ziebach County, South Dakota$18,062
11Martin County, Kentucky$18,279
12Knox County, Kentucky$18,294
13Jefferson County, Mississippi$18,447
14Lee County, Kentucky$18,544
15Leslie County, Kentucky$18,546
16Brooks County, Texas$18,622
17Harlan County, Kentucky$18,665
18Sumter County, Alabama$18,911
19Wilkinson County, Mississippi$18,929
20Bell County, Kentucky$19,057
21Breathitt County, Kentucky$19,155
22Wolfe County, Kentucky$19,310
23McCreary County, Kentucky$19,348
24Magoffin County, Kentucky$19,421
25Costilla County, Colorado$19,531
26Clinton County, Kentucky$19,563
27Hancock County, Tennessee$19,760
28Tensas Parish, Louisiana$19,799
29Greene County, Alabama$19,819
30Presidio County, Texas$19,860
31Issaquena County, Mississippi$19,936
32Todd County, South Dakota$20,035
33Jackson County, Kentucky$20,177
34Perry County, Alabama$20,200
35Knott County, Kentucky$20,373
36Madison Parish, Louisiana$20,509
37Lee County, Arkansas$20,510
38Evangeline Parish, Louisiana$20,532
39Humphreys County, Mississippi$20,566
40Bullock County, Alabama$20,605
41Quitman County, Mississippi$20,636
42Corson County, South Dakota$20,654
43East Carroll Parish, Louisiana$20,723
44Luna County, New Mexico$20,784
45Wayne County, Kentucky$20,863
46Shannon County, Missouri$20,878
47Allendale County, South Carolina$20,898
48Shannon County, South Dakota$20,916
49Elliott County, Kentucky$21,014
50Hudspeth County, Texas$21,045
51Webster County, West Virginia$21,055
52Letcher County, Kentucky$21,110
53Summers County, West Virginia$21,147
54Floyd County, Kentucky$21,168
55Macon County, Alabama$21,180
56Maverick County, Texas$21,232
57Mingo County, West Virginia$21,347
58Searcy County, Arkansas$21,397
59Clay County, Georgia$21,448
60Leflore County, Mississippi$21,518
61Cumberland County, Kentucky$21,572
62Calhoun County, West Virginia$21,578
63Casey County, Kentucky$21,580
64Lawrence County, Kentucky$21,610
65Jefferson Davis County, Mississippi$21,834
66La Salle County, Texas$21,857
67Morgan County, Kentucky$21,869
68Pemiscot County, Missouri$21,911
69Dimmit County, Texas$21,917
70Lake County, Tennessee$21,995
71Randolph County, Georgia$22,004
72Chicot County, Arkansas$22,024
73Hancock County, Georgia$22,033
74Russell County, Kentucky$22,042
75Menifee County, Kentucky$22,064
76Whitley County, Kentucky$22,075
77Perry County, Kentucky$22,089
78Woodruff County, Arkansas$22,099
79Conecuh County, Alabama$22,111
80Willacy County, Texas$22,114
81Clay County, West Virginia$22,120
82Pushmataha County, Oklahoma$22,127
83Lewis County, Kentucky$22,208
84Stone County, Arkansas$22,209
85Buchanan County, Virginia$22,213
86Tallahatchie County, Mississippi$22,229
87Phillips County, Arkansas$22,231
88Sharkey County, Mississippi$22,285
89Noxubee County, Mississippi$22,330
90Coahoma County, Mississippi$22,338
91Monroe County, Kentucky$22,356
92Oregon County, Missouri$22,359
93Harmon County, Oklahoma$22,365
94McPherson County, South Dakota$22,380
95Duval County, Texas$22,416
96Sioux County, North Dakota$22,483
97Catahoula Parish, Louisiana$22,528
98Claiborne County, Mississippi$22,615
99Hughes County, Oklahoma$22,621
100Monroe County, Arkansas$22,632

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