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Hockey player Wayne Gretzky has won the Lou Marsh Trophy four times, more than any other athlete.

The Lou Marsh Trophy, also known as the Lou Marsh Memorial Trophy[1] and Lou Marsh Award,[2][3] is a trophy that is awarded annually to Canada's top athlete, professional or amateur. It is awarded by a panel of journalists, with the vote taking place in December. It was first awarded in 1936. It is named in honour of Lou Marsh, a prominent Canadian athlete, referee, and former sports editor of the Toronto Star. Marsh died in 1936 and the trophy was named in his honour. The trophy is made of black marble and stands around 75 centimetres high. The words "With Pick and Shovel" appear above the engraved names of the winners.[2] The voting panel consists of eleven registered voters[4] including representatives from the Toronto Star, the Canadian Press, FAN590, the Globe and Mail, CBC, Rogers Sportsnet, CTV/TSN, La Presse and the National Post.[5]

The Trophy has been awarded 71 times and won by 60 individual athletes and three pairs. Wayne Gretzky has won the trophy four times, more than any other athlete, while Barbara Ann Scott has won the trophy three times, more than any other woman. It was not awarded from 1942 to 1944 due to World War II. There were ties between different athletes in 1978 and 1983. The most recent winner is Jon Cornish, a Canadian football running back who led the Calgary Stampeders to the best regular season record in the Canadian Football League and became the first Canadian to win the CFL's Most Outstanding Player Award in 35 years.[6]


Kurt Browning, 1990 winner
Donovan Bailey, 1996 winner
Jacques Villeneuve, 1995 and 1997 winner
Mike Weir, 2003 winner
Adam van Koeverden, 2004 winner
Steve Nash, 2005 winner
Sidney Crosby, 2007 and 2009 winner
Joey Votto, 2010 winner
YearWinnerSportWin #
1936Edwards, PhilPhil Edwards *Track and field1
1937Cleland, MarshalMarshal ClelandEquestrian1
1938Pearce, BobbyBobby PearceRowing1
1939Pirie, BobBob PirieSwimming1
1940Cote, GerardGérard Côté *Marathon1
1941Dubois, TheoTheo DuboisRowing1
1945Scott, Barbara AnnBarbara Ann ScottFigure skating1
1946Krol, JoeJoe Krol *Canadian football1
1947Scott, Barbara AnnBarbara Ann Scott ^Figure skating2
1948Scott, Barbara AnnBarbara Ann Scott ^Figure skating3
1949Lumsdon, CliffCliff LumsdonSwimming1
1950McFarlane, BobBob McFarlaneCanadian football & track and field1
1951Streit, MarleneMarlene StreitGolf1
1952Genereux, GeorgeGeorge GenereuxShooting1
1953Hepburn, DougDoug Hepburn *Weightlifting1
1954Bell, MarilynMarilyn Bell ^Swimming1
1955Whittall, BethBeth WhittallSwimming1
1956Streit, MarleneMarlene Streit ^Golf2
1957Richard, MauriceMaurice Richard *Ice hockey1
1958Wheeler, LucileLucile Wheeler ^Alpine skiing1
1959Barbara Wagner & Bob PaulFigure skating1
1960Heggtveit, AnneAnne Heggtveit ^Alpine skiing1
1961Kidd, BruceBruce Kidd *Track and field1
1962Jackson, DonaldDonald JacksonFigure skating1
1963Crothers, BillBill CrothersTrack and field1
1964Jackson, RogerRoger Jackson & George HungerfordRowing1
1965Burka, PetraPetra Burka ^Figure skating1
1966Tanner, ElaineElaine Tanner ^Swimming1
1967Greene, NancyNancy Greene ^Alpine skiing1
1968Greene, NancyNancy Greene ^Alpine skiing2
1969Jackson, RussRuss Jackson *Canadian football1
1970Orr, BobbyBobby Orr *Ice hockey1
1971Filion, HervéHervé FilionHarness racing1
1972Esposito, PhilPhil Esposito *Ice hockey1
1973Hawley, SandySandy HawleyHorse racing1
1974Jenkins, FergusonFerguson Jenkins *Baseball1
1975Clarke, BobbyBobby Clarke *Ice hockey1
1976Hawley, SandySandy HawleyHorse racing2
1977Lafleur, GuyGuy Lafleur *Ice hockey1
1978Smith, GrahamGraham SmithSwimming1
1978Read, KenKen Read *Alpine skiing1
1979Post, SandraSandra Post ^Golf1
1980Fox, TerryTerry FoxMarathon of Hope1
1981Nattrass, SusanSusan NattrassShooting1
1982Gretzky, WayneWayne Gretzky *Ice hockey1
1983Hansen, RickRick Hansen[7]Wheelchair racing1
1983Gretzky, WayneWayne Gretzky *Ice hockey2
1984Boucher, GaétanGaétan BoucherSpeed skating1
1985Gretzky, WayneWayne Gretzky *Ice hockey3
1986Johnson, BenBen Johnson *Track and field1
1987Johnson, BenBen Johnson *Track and field2
1988Waldo, CarolynCarolyn Waldo ^Synchronized swimming1
1989Gretzky, WayneWayne Gretzky *Ice hockey4
1990Browning, KurtKurt Browning *Figure skating1
1991Laumann, SilkenSilken Laumann ^Rowing1
1992Tewksbury, MarkMark Tewksbury *Swimming1
1993Lemieux, MarioMario Lemieux *Ice Hockey1
1994Bedard, MyriamMyriam Bédard ^Biathlon1
1995Villeneuve, JacquesJacques Villeneuve *Auto racing1
1996Bailey, DonovanDonovan Bailey *Track and field1
1997Villeneuve, JacquesJacques Villeneuve *Auto racing2
1998Walker, LarryLarry Walker *Baseball1
1999Brunet, CarolineCaroline BrunetKayaking1
2000Igali, DanielDaniel IgaliWrestling1
2001Sale, JamieJamie Salé & David PelletierFigure skating1
2002Doan, Catriona Le MayCatriona Le May Doan ^Speed skating1
2003Weir, MikeMike Weir *Golf1
2004Van KoeverdenAdam van KoeverdenKayaking1
2005Nash, SteveSteve Nash *Basketball1
2006Klassen, CindyCindy Klassen ^Speed skating1
2007Crosby, SidneySidney Crosby *Ice hockey1
2008Petitclerc, ChantalChantal Petitclerc ^[5]Wheelchair racing1
2009Crosby, SidneySidney Crosby *[8]Ice hockey2
2010Votto, JoeyJoey Votto[9]Baseball1
2011Chan, PatrickPatrick Chan *[10]Figure skating1
2012Sinclair, ChristineChristine Sinclair ^[11]Soccer1
2013Cornish, JonJon Cornish[6]Canadian football1

Winners by sport[edit]

Terry Fox, who was awarded the Lou Marsh Trophy for the Marathon of Hope rather than participation in a sport in general, is not included in this table.

WinsSport# of
12Ice hockey8
9Figure skating7
Track and field6
5Alpine skiing4
Speed skating3
Wheelchair racing2
Auto racing1
Horse racing1
Harness racing1
Synchronized swimming1

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