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Lori Greiner (IPA: /ˈlɔriː ˌgrɛˈnɪər/[1]) is an American inventor and entrepreneur from Chicago, Illinois. Since 1996 she has created more than 350 consumer products for men and women, ranging from kitchen tools, travel bags, and fashion accessories to unique organizers.[2] As of February 2012, Greiner holds 108 current United States and international patents for her inventions. Greiner is the President and CEO of For Your Ease Only, a company she founded in 1996 to bring her products from concept to market.[2][3]

A well-known television personality, Greiner has accumulated a large fan base from her appearances on Clever & Unique Creations by Lori Greiner, a monthly live television show that has been airing on the QVC network for more than 11 years. Greiner has been featured on Bloomberg and CNBC, and was a featured "shark" on episodes 304, 303, and 302 of ABC's Shark Tank.[1][4][5][2][3]

She grew up in the Near North Side community area of Chicago. Her parents divorced when she was 8 years old. Greiner's mother, who died in 2008, inspired many of Greiner's organizer products.[6]

Greiner earned a degree in Communications: Journalism, Television and Film.[6][7][8] While in college, she worked in the Chicago Tribune newsroom.[8] After graduating, she planned to be a writer, but ended up in the consumer products business.[6]

She had been writing plays and selling jewelry on the side before inventing her first product, a clear plastic jewelry organizer that holds 100 pairs of earrings, safeguarding them from tangling together.[3][6][9] One year after development, Greiner had sold approximately $1 million of product ($1.48 million in present-day dollars) in J.C. Penney stores in the Chicago area and on the Home Shopping Network (HSN). During her first appearance on HSN, all 2,000 units of the organizer sold within minutes.[9]

Lori and her husband, Dan, own a condominium in Chicago's Gold Coast Historic District.[6]


Greiner has donated tens of thousands of products to various charities including Habitat for Humanity, Howard Brown Health Center, and Salvation Army.[8] In March 2011, she was the guest speaker at the first USPTO Women's Entrepreneurship Symposium.[2]


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