Lists of volcanoes

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Map of Earth's plate boundaries and active volcanoes
More detailed map showing volcanoes active in the last 1 million years

This is a list of lists of active, domant, and extinct volcanoes sorted by country and contintent. There are separate lists of Antarctic, submarine, and extraterrestrial volcanoes.


NameElevationLocationLast eruption
La Grande Soufrière (volcano)1467481316°03′N 61°40′W / 16.05°N 61.67°W / 16.05; -61.67 (La Grande Soufrière)1977

São Tomé and Príncipe[edit]

NameElevationLocationLast eruption
Pico de São Tomé202465400°12′N 6°35′E / 0.20°N 6.58°E / 0.20; 6.58Holocene

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