Lists of television stations in North America

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United States[edit]

According to the FCC, as of March 31, 2011, there are 1022 UHF commercial television stations, 360 VHF commercial television stations, 285 UHF educational television stations and 107 VHF educational television stations, plus 439 Class A UHF television stations, 76 Class A VHF television stations, 3043 UHF television translators, 1411 VHF television translators, 1656 UHF low-power television stations and 516 VHF low-power television stations. Please note that these lists only covers broadcast stations.

There are also many amateur television stations throughout the entire world.

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Central America[edit]

Costa Rica[edit]

El Salvador[edit]


Cable or Satellite Channels




Defunct Stations

Other areas[edit]

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