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Usain Bolt beating Tyson Gay and setting a 100 m world record at the 2009 World Championships in Athletics in Berlin.
Jürgen Schult beside the indication of his new discus world record, 1986
East German women controversially set many world records in the 1970s and 1980s. World record holder Marita Koch maintains her innocence, although released government files detail her drug usage.[1]

World records in athletics are ratified by the International Association of Athletics Federations. Athletics records comprise the best performances in the sports of track and field, road running and racewalking.

Records are kept for all events contested at the Olympic Games and some others. Unofficial records for some other events are kept by track and field statisticians. The only non-metric track distance for which official records are kept is the mile run.

The criteria which must be satisfied for ratification also apply to national or other restricted records and also to performances submitted as qualifying marks for eligibility to compete in major events such as the Olympic Games.

The criteria include:

Bonus payments[edit]

Witnessing a world record brings great pleasure for athletics fans; athletes' personal sponsors and the promoters of major meetings such as the IAAF Golden League have offered bonuses to athletes breaking a record.

Some middle-distance runners have specialized in acting as pacemakers in longer races, receiving a fee without even finishing the race, and possibly a bonus if a record results. This is a useful occupation for athletes who are capable of running accurately to a specified pace, but not capable of the very fastest times to become champions in their own right.

In the pole vault record bonuses create an incentive for an athlete capable of smashing a record to instead break it by the minimum amount (one centimetre), multiple times, at multiple meetings, in order to accumulate multiple bonuses. This has been done by Sergey Bubka in the men's pole vault, and Yelena Isinbayeva in the women's pole vault. Some commentators have complained that neither athlete ever posted as high a mark as they were capable of. In other disciplines this issue does not arise, since it is practically impossible to deliberately break a record by a small margin, except in the high jump.[2]

World records[edit]

The IAAF started to recognize world records in 1912, and indoor world records after 1987. In 2000, IAAF rule 260.18a (formerly 260.6a) was amended, so that "world records" (as opposed to "indoor world records") can be set in a facility "with or without roof." This rule was not applied retroactively,[3] and has thus far only affected the men's and women's pole vault. Numerous women's records were set indoors and ratified as world records, as recently as 2004. Sergey Bubka's 1993 pole vault world indoor record of 6.15 m was not considered to be a world record, because it was set before the new rule came into effect. In February 2014, Bubka's record was surpassed indoors by Renaud Lavillenie jumping 6.16 m which qualifies as both the Indoor world record and the world record.


Key:       Awaiting ratification

100 m (progression)9.58 (+0.9 m/s)Usain Bolt Jamaica16 August 2009World ChampionshipsBerlin, Germany[4]Video on YouTube
200 m (progression)19.19 (−0.3 m/s)Usain Bolt Jamaica20 August 2009World ChampionshipsBerlin, Germany[4]Video on YouTube
400 m (progression)43.18Michael Johnson United States26 August 1999World ChampionshipsSeville, SpainVideo on YouTube
800 m (progression)1:40.91David Rudisha Kenya9 August 2012Olympic GamesLondon, Great Britain[5]Video on YouTube
1000 m (progression)2:11.96Noah Ngeny Kenya5 September 1999Rieti MeetingRieti, Italy
1500 m (progression)3:26.00Hicham El Guerrouj Morocco14 July 1998Golden GalaRome, Italy
Mile (progression)3:43.13Hicham El Guerrouj Morocco7 July 1999Golden GalaRome, Italy
2000 m4:44.79Hicham El Guerrouj Morocco7 September 1999ISTAFBerlin, Germany
3000 m (progression)7:20.67Daniel Komen Kenya1 September 1996Rieti MeetingRieti, Italy
5000 m (progression)12:37.35Kenenisa Bekele Ethiopia31 May 2004Fanny Blankers-Koen GamesHengelo, NetherlandsVideo on YouTube
10,000 m (progression)26:17.53Kenenisa Bekele Ethiopia26 August 2005Memorial Van DammeBrussels, BelgiumVideo on YouTube
10 km (road)26:44Leonard Patrick Komon Kenya26 September 2010SingelloopUtrecht, Netherlands[6]
15 km (road)41:13Leonard Patrick Komon Kenya21 November 2010ZevenheuvelenloopNijmegen, Netherlands[7]
20,000 m (track)56:25.98+Haile Gebrselassie Ethiopia27 June 2007Golden Spike OstravaOstrava, Czech Republic[8]
20 km (road)55:21+Zersenay Tadese Eritrea21 March 2010Lisbon Half MarathonLisbon, Portugal[9]
Half marathon (progression)58:23Zersenay Tadese Eritrea21 March 2010Lisbon Half MarathonLisbon, Portugal[9]
One hour (progression)21,285 mHaile Gebrselassie Ethiopia27 June 2007Golden Spike OstravaOstrava, Czech Republic[10]
25,000 m (track)1:12:25.4+Moses Mosop Kenya3 June 2011Prefontaine ClassicEugene, United States[11]
25 km (road)1:11:18Dennis Kipruto Kimetto Kenya6 May 2012BIG 25Berlin, Germany[12][13]
30,000 m (track)1:26:47.4Moses Mosop Kenya3 June 2011Prefontaine ClassicEugene, United States[11][14]
30 km (road)1:27:37+Emmanuel Mutai Kenya28 September 2014Berlin MarathonBerlin, Germany[15]Video on YouTube
Marathon (progression)2:02:57Dennis Kipruto Kimetto Kenya28 September 2014Berlin MarathonBerlin, Germany[16]Video on YouTube
100 km (road)6:13:33Takahiro Sunada Japan21 June 1998Yūbetsu, Japan
3000 m steeplechase (progression)7:53.63Saif Saaeed Shaheen Qatar3 September 2004Memorial Van DammeBrussels, BelgiumVideo on YouTube
110 m hurdles (progression)12.80 (+0.3 m/s)Aries Merritt United States7 September 2012Memorial Van DammeBrussels, Belgium[17]Video on YouTube
400 m hurdles (progression)46.78Kevin Young United States6 August 1992Olympic GamesBarcelona, Spain
High jump (progression)2.45 mJavier Sotomayor Cuba27 July 1993Salamanca, Spain
Pole vault (progression)6.16 m iRenaud Lavillenie France15 February 2014Pole Vault StarsDonetsk, Ukraine[18]
Long jump (progression)8.95 m (+0.3 m/s)Mike Powell United States30 August 1991World ChampionshipsTokyo, Japan
Triple jump (progression)18.29 m (+1.3 m/s)Jonathan Edwards United Kingdom7 August 1995World ChampionshipsGothenburg, Sweden[19]Video on YouTube
Shot put (progression)23.12 mRandy Barnes United States20 May 1990Jack in the Box InvitationalWestwood, United States[20]
Discus throw (progression)74.08 mJürgen Schult East Germany6 June 1986Neubrandenburg, East Germany
Hammer throw (progression)86.74 mYuriy Sedykh Soviet Union30 August 1986European ChampionshipsStuttgart, Germany
Javelin (progression)98.48 m
(See below)
Jan Železný Czech Republic25 May 1996Jena, Germany
Decathlon (progression)9039 ptsAshton Eaton United States22–23 June 2012United States Olympic TrialsEugene, United States[21]
10.21 (+0.4 m/s) (100 m), 8.23 m (+0.8 m/s) (long jump), 14.20 m (shot put), 2.05 m (high jump), 46.70 (400 m) /
13.70 (-0.8 m/s) (110 m hurdles), 42.81 m (discus), 5.30 m (pole vault), 58.87 m (javelin), 4:14.48 min (1500 m)
10,000 m walk (track)37:53.09Paquillo Fernández Spain27 July 2008Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain
10 km walk (road)37:11Roman Rasskazov Russia28 May 2000Saransk, Russia[22]
20,000 m walk (track)1:17:25.6 [Note 2]Bernardo Segura Mexico7 May 1994Bergen, Norway
20 km walk (road) (progression)1:17:16Vladimir Kanaykin Russia29 September 2007Saransk, Russia
1:16:43 # [Note 3]Sergey Morozov Russia8 June 2008Saransk, Russia
2 hours walk (track)29,572 m +Maurizio Damilano Italy3 October 1992Cuneo, Italy
30,000 m walk (track)2:01:44.1Maurizio Damilano Italy3 October 1992Cuneo, Italy
50,000 m walk (track)3:35:27.20Yohann Diniz France12 March 2011Reims, France[23]
50 km walk (road) (progression)3:32:33Yohann Diniz France15 August 2014European ChampionshipsSwitzerland Zürich, Switzerland[24]Video on YouTube
4×100 m relay (progression)36.84Nesta Carter
Michael Frater
Yohan Blake
Usain Bolt
 Jamaica11 August 2012Olympic GamesLondon, Great Britain[25]
4×200 m relay(progression)1:18.63Nickel Ashmeade
Warren Weir
Jermaine Brown
Yohan Blake
 Jamaica24 May 2014IAAF World RelaysNassau, Bahamas[26]Video on YouTube
4×400 m relay (progression)2:54.29Andrew Valmon
Quincy Watts
Butch Reynolds
Michael Johnson
 United States22 August 1993World ChampionshipsStuttgart, Germany[Note 4]Video on YouTube
4×800 m relay7:02.43Joseph Mutua
William Yiampoy
Ismael Kombich
Wilfred Bungei
 Kenya25 August 2006Memorial Van DammeBrussels, Belgium
4×1500 m relay14:22.22Collins Cheboi
Silas Kiplagat
James Kiplagat Magut
Asbel Kiprop
 Kenya25 May 2014IAAF World RelaysThe Bahamas Nassau, Bahamas[27]Video on YouTube
Marathon road relay (Ekiden)1:57:06Josephat Ndambiri 13:24 (5 km)
Martin Mathathi 27:12 (10 km)
Daniel Muchunu Mwangi 13:59 (5 km)
Mekubo Mogusu 27:56 (10 km)
Onesmus Nyerre 14:36 (5 km)
John Kariuki 19:59 (7.195 km)
 Kenya23 November 2005Chiba EkidenChiba, Japan


100 m (progression)10.49 (0.0 m/s)
(See note)
Florence Griffith Joyner United States16 July 1988US Olympic TrialsIndianapolis, United States
200 m (progression)21.34 (+1.3 m/s)Florence Griffith Joyner United States29 September 1988Olympic GamesSeoul, South KoreaVideo on YouTube
400 m (progression)47.60Marita Koch East Germany6 October 1985World CupCanberra, Australia
800 m (progression)1:53.28Jarmila KratochvílováCzechoslovakia26 July 1983Munich, West Germany
1000 m (progression)2:28.98Svetlana Masterkova Russia23 August 1996Memorial Van DammeBrussels, BelgiumVideo on YouTube
1500 m (progression)3:50.46Qu Yunxia China11 September 1993Chinese National GamesBeijing, PR China
Mile (progression)4:12.56Svetlana Masterkova Russia14 August 1996Weltklasse ZürichZürich, Switzerland
2000 m5:25.36Sonia O'Sullivan Ireland8 July 1994Edinburgh, United Kingdom
3000 m (progression)8:06.11Wang Junxia China13 September 1993Chinese National GamesBeijing, PR China
5000 m (progression)14:11.15Tirunesh Dibaba Ethiopia6 June 2008Bislett GamesOslo, Norway
10,000 m (progression)29:31.78Wang Junxia China8 September 1993Chinese National GamesBeijing, PR China
10 km (road)30:21Paula Radcliffe Great Britain23 February 2003World's Best 10KSan Juan, Puerto Rico
15 km (road)46:27.7Tirunesh Dibaba Ethiopia15 November 2009ZevenheuvelenloopNijmegen, Netherlands[28]
One hour (progression)18,517 mDire Tune Ethiopia12 June 2008Golden Spike OstravaOstrava, Czech RepublicVideo on YouTube
20,000 m (track)1:05:26.6Tegla Loroupe Kenya3 September 2000Borgholzhausen, Germany
20 km (road)1:01:56+Florence Kiplagat Kenya16 February 2014Barcelona Half MarathonBarcelona, Spain[29]
Half marathon (progression)1:05:12Florence Kiplagat Kenya16 February 2014Barcelona Half MarathonBarcelona, Spain[30]
25,000 m (track)1:27:05.84Tegla Loroupe Kenya21 September 2002Mengerskirchen, Germany
25 km (road)1:19:53Mary Keitany Kenya9 May 2010BIG 25Berlin, Germany[31]
30,000 m1:45:50.00Tegla Loroupe Kenya7 June 2003Warstein, Germany
30 km (road)1:38:23+Liliya Shobukhova Russia9 October 2011Chicago MarathonChicago, United States[32][33]
1:36:36+ a #Paula Radcliffe Great Britain13 April 2003London MarathonLondon, United Kingdom
Marathon (mixed gender)
2:15:25Paula Radcliffe Great Britain13 April 2003London MarathonLondon, United Kingdom
Marathon (vs women only)
Both marks recognized as official world record until mixed mark is surpassed
2:17:42Paula Radcliffe Great Britain17 April 2005London MarathonLondon, United Kingdom
100 km (road)6:33:11Tomoe Abe Japan25 June 2000Lake Saroma UltramarathonYūbetsu, Japan
3000 m steeplechase (progression)8:58.81Gulnara Samitova-Galkina Russia17 August 2008Olympic GamesBeijing, PR China[34]Video on YouTube
100 m hurdles (progression)12.21 (+0.7 m/s)Yordanka Donkova Bulgaria20 August 1988Bulgaria Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
400 m hurdles (progression)52.34Yuliya Pechonkina Russia8 August 2003Tula, Russia
High jump (progression)2.09 mStefka Kostadinova Bulgaria30 August 1987World ChampionshipsRome, Italy
Pole vault (progression)5.06 mYelena Isinbayeva Russia28 August 2009Weltklasse ZürichZürich, Switzerlandvideo
Long jump (progression)7.52 m (+1.4 m/s)Galina Chistyakova Soviet Union11 June 1988Brothers Znamensky MemorialLeningrad, Soviet Union[35]
Triple jump (progression)15.50 m (+0.9 m/s)Inessa Kravets Ukraine10 August 1995World ChampionshipsGöteborg, SwedenVideo on YouTube
Shot put (progression)22.63 mNatalya Lisovskaya Soviet Union7 June 1987Moscow, Soviet Union
Discus throw (progression)76.80 mGabriele Reinsch East Germany9 July 1988Neubrandenburg, East Germany
Hammer throw (progression)79.58 mAnita Włodarczyk Poland31 August 2014ISTAF BerlinGermany Berlin, Germany[36]Video on YouTube
Javelin throw (progression)72.28 m
(See below)
Barbora Špotáková Czech Republic13 September 2008World Athletics FinalStuttgart, Germany[37]
Heptathlon (progression)7291 pts
(See below)
Jackie Joyner-Kersee United States23–24 September 1988Olympic GamesSeoul, South Korea[38]
12.69 (+0.5 m/s) (100 m hurdles), 1.86 m (high jump), 15.80 m (shot put), 22.56 (+1.6 m/s) (200 m) /
7.27 m (+0.7 m/s) (long jump), 45.66 m (javelin), 2:08.51 (800 m)
Decathlon (progression)8358 ptsAustra Skujytė Lithuania14–15 April 2005Columbia, United States
12.49 (100 m), 46.19 m (discus), 3.10 m (pole vault), 48.78 m (javelin), 57.19 (400 m) /
14.22 (100 m hurdles), 6.12 m (long jump), 16.42 m (shot put), 1.78 m (high jump), 5:15.86 (1500 m)
10,000 m walk (track)41:56.23Nadezhda Ryashkina Soviet Union24 July 1990Seattle, United States
41:37.9 #Gao Hongmiao China7 April 1994Beijing, PR China
10 km walk (road)41:04 #Yelena Nikolayeva Russia20 April 1996Sochi, Russia[39]
20,000 m walk (track)1:26:52.3Olimpiada Ivanova Russia6 September 2001Brisbane, Australia
20 km walk (road) (progression)1:25:02Elena Lashmanova Russia11 August 2012Olympic GamesLondon, Great Britain[40]
1:24:50 XOlimpiada Ivanova Russia4 March 2001Adler, Russia
4×100 m relay (progression)40.82Tianna Madison
Allyson Felix
Bianca Knight
Carmelita Jeter
 United States10 August 2012Olympic GamesLondon, Great Britain[41]Video on YouTube
4×200 m relay1:27.46LaTasha Jenkins,
LaTasha Colander-Richardson,
Nanceen Perry,
Marion Jones
 United States29 April 2000Penn RelaysPhiladelphia, United States
4×400 m relay (progression)3:15.17Tatyana Ledovskaya,
Olga Nazarova,
Mariya Pinigina,
Olga Bryzgina
 Soviet Union1 October 1988Olympic GamesSeoul, South Korea
4×800 m relay7:50.17Nadezhda Olizarenko,
Lyubov Gurina,
Lyudmila Borisova,
Irina Podyalovskaya
 Soviet Union5 August 1984Moscow, Soviet Union
4×1500 m relay16:33.58Mercy Cherono
Faith Chepngetich Kipyegon
Irene Jelagat
Hellen Onsando Obiri
 Kenya24 May 2014IAAF World RelaysThe Bahamas Nassau, Bahamas[42]Video on YouTube
Ekiden relay2:11:41Jiang Bo 15:42 (5 km)
Dong Yanmei 31:36 (10 km)
Zhao Fengdi 15:16 (5 km)
Ma Zaijie 31:01 (10 km)
Lan Lixin 15:50 (5 km)
Li Na 22:16 (7.195 km)
 China28 February 1998Beijing, China

Note: up until 2004, the fastest time in the marathon was officially known as "world's best time" rather than "world record time", owing to the non-uniform nature of marathon courses for these events. This older terminology is still sometimes encountered.

Indoor world records[edit]


50 m5.55 X [Note 5]Ben Johnson Canada31 January 1987Ottawa, Canada[43]
5.56 ADonovan Bailey Canada9 February 1996Bill Cosby InvitationalReno, United States
5.56 # [Note 6]Maurice Greene United States13 February 1999Los Angeles, United States[44]
60 m6.39Maurice Greene United States3 February 1998Madrid, Spain
3 March 2001USA ChampionshipsAtlanta, United States
200 m19.92Frankie Fredericks Namibia18 February 1996Meeting Pas de CalaisLiévin, France
400 m44.57Kerron Clement United States12 March 2005NCAA Division I ChampionshipsFayetteville, United States
800 m1:42.67Wilson Kipketer Denmark9 March 1997World ChampionshipsParis-Bercy, France
1000 m2:14.96Wilson Kipketer Denmark20 February 2000Aviva Indoor Grand PrixBirmingham, United Kingdom
1500 m3:31.18Hicham El Guerrouj Morocco2 February 1997Sparkassen CupStuttgart, Germany
Mile3:48.45Hicham El Guerrouj Morocco12 February 1997Indoor Flanders MeetingGhent, Belgium
3000 m7:24.90Daniel Komen Kenya6 February 1998Budapest, Hungary
5000 m12:49.60Kenenisa Bekele Ethiopia20 February 2004Aviva Indoor Grand PrixBirmingham, United Kingdom
50 m hurdles6.25Mark McKoy Canada5 March 1986Kobe, Japan
60 m hurdles7.30Colin Jackson United Kingdom6 March 1994Sindelfingen, Germany
High jump (progression)2.43 mJavier Sotomayor Cuba4 March 1989World ChampionshipsBudapest, Hungary
Pole vault (progression)6.16 mRenaud Lavillenie France15 February 2014Pole Vault StarsDonetsk, Ukraine[45]
Long jump8.79 mCarl Lewis United States27 January 1984Millrose GamesNew York City, United States
Triple jump17.92 m
(2nd and 4th jumps in series)
Teddy Tamgho France6 March 2011European ChampionshipsParis, France[46][47]
Shot put22.66 mRandy Barnes United States20 January 1989Sunkist InvitationalLos Angeles, United States
Heptathlon6645 ptsAshton Eaton United States9–10 March 2012World ChampionshipsIstanbul, Turkey[48]
6.79 (60 m), 8.16 m (long jump), 14.56 m (shot put), 2.03 m (high jump) / 7.68 (60 m hurdles), 5.20 m (pole vault), 2:32.77 (1000 m)
5000 m walk18:07.08Mikhail Shchennikov Russia14 February 1995Russian Winter MeetingMoscow, Russia
4×200 m relay1:22.11Linford Christie
Darren Braithwaite
Ade Mafe
John Regis
 United Kingdom3 March 1991Glasgow, United Kingdom
4×400 m relay3:02.13Kyle Clemons
David Verburg
Kind Butler III
Calvin Smith Jr.
 United States9 March 2014World ChampionshipsSopot, Poland[49]
3:01.96 # [Note 7]Kerron Clement
Wallace Spearmon
Darold Williamson
Jeremy Wariner
 United States11 February 2006Tyson InvitationalFayetteville, United States
4×800 m relay7:13.11US All Stars
Richard Jones 1:51.01
David Torrence 1:47.46
Duane Solomon 1:47.99
Erik Sowinski 1:46.67
 United States8 February 2014New Balance Indoor Grand PrixRoxbury, United States[50][51]


50 m5.96+Irina Privalova Russia9 February 1995Madrid, Spain
60 m6.92Irina Privalova Russia11 February 1993
February 9, 1995
Madrid, Spain
200 m21.87Merlene Ottey Jamaica13 February 1993Meeting Pas de CalaisLiévin, France
400 m49.59Jarmila Kratochvílová Czechoslovakia7 March 1982Milan, Italy
800 m1:55.82Jolanda Čeplak Slovenia3 March 2002European ChampionshipsVienna, Austria
1000 m2:30.94Maria Mutola Mozambique25 February 1999GE GalanStockholm, Sweden
1500 m3:55.17Genzebe Dibaba Ethiopia1 February 2014Weltklasse in KarlsruheKarlsruhe, Germany[52]
Mile4:17.14Doina Melinte Romania9 February 1990East Rutherford, United States
3000 m8:16.60Genzebe Dibaba Ethiopia6 February 2014XL GalanStockholm, Sweden[53]
5000 m14:24.37Meseret Defar Ethiopia18 February 2009GE GalanStockholm, Sweden
50 m hurdles6.58Cornelia Oschkenat East Germany20 February 1988East Berlin, East Germany
60 m hurdles7.68Susanna Kallur Sweden10 February 2008BW-Bank MeetingKarlsruhe, Germany
7.68 X [54]Lyudmila Narozhilenko Russia2 March 1993San Sebastián, Spain
7.66 X4 March 1993Seville, Spain
7.63 X4 March 1993Seville, Spain
High jump2.08 mKajsa Bergqvist Sweden4 February 2006Hochsprung mit MusikArnstadt, Germany
Pole vault5.02 m AJenn Suhr United States2 March 2013USA ChampionshipsAlbuquerque, United States[55][2]
Long jump7.37 mHeike Drechsler East Germany13 February 1988Vienna, Austria
Triple jump15.36 mTatyana Lebedeva Russia6 March 2004World ChampionshipsBudapest, Hungary[56]
Shot put22.50 mHelena Fibingerová Czechoslovakia19 February 1977Jablonec, Czechoslovakia
Pentathlon5013 ptsNataliya Dobrynska Ukraine9 March 2012World ChampionshipsIstanbul, Turkey[57]
8.38 (60 m hurdles), 1.84 m (high jump), 16.51 m (shot put), 6.57 m (long jump), 2:11.15 (800 m)
3000 m walk11:40.33Claudia Ștef Romania30 January 1999Bucharest, Romania
11:35.34 # [Note 8]Gillian O'Sullivan Ireland15 February 2003Belfast, Northern Ireland
4x200 m relay1:32.41Yekaterina Kondratyeva
Irina Khabarova
Yuliya Pechonkina
Yuliya Gushchina
 Russia29 January 2005Aviva International MatchGlasgow, United Kingdom
4x400 m relay3:23.37Yuliya Gushchina
Olga Kotlyarova
Olga Zaytseva
Olesya Krasnomovets
 Russia28 January 2006Aviva International MatchGlasgow, United Kingdom
4x800 m relay8:06.24Team Moscow
Aleksandra Bulanova
Yekaterina Martynova
Yelena Kofanova
Anna Balakshina
 Russia18 February 2011Russian Indoor ChampionshipsMoscow, Russia[58]

X = unratified due to no doping control

Best performances in non-IAAF World Record events[edit]

Events which do not qualify for IAAF-ratified world records are typically referred to as world bests. While very common in the first half of 20th century, a large number of races over distances by imperial measurements became rare occurrences and the IAAF removed all imperial measured events from its world record lists in 1976 – with the sole exception being the mile run (which remains common due to its historical prominence in track and field).

Some road racing distances and indoor variations of outdoor events fall outside of IAAF's lists. Records set in uncommon events usually do not adhere to the strict criteria found in IAAF-ratifiable events. One example is the 150 metres record, which was set by Usain Bolt on a specially-made straight track, while previous performances (such as the Bailey–Johnson 150-metre race) were completed on a traditional circuit which included a partial bend in the track.

The 40 yard dash – a standard acceleration evaluation for American Football players – does not fall within the usual criteria of athletics racing events. In most 40 yard dashes, reaction times are not recorded as timing starts only once the player is in motion, and the standards for timing a "football 40" are so lax and inconsistent that a real world record cannot be claimed. Performances are hand-timed and calculated to 1/100th of a second, although studies show human beings simply cannot react consistently or accurately enough for this to be a valid method; even those using light beams are timed by the motion of the athlete, still removing the normal factor of reaction time. All these factors make track and "football 40" performances incomparable. The world best time for a "football 40" is 4.17 by Deion Sanders. The extrapolated best for an Olympic level athlete, including reacting to a starting gun, currently is by Maurice Greene at the 2001 World Championships in Athletics with a time of 4.24.[59][60]

Outdoor events[edit]


50 m5.47+ (+0.9 m/s)Usain Bolt Jamaica16 August 2009World ChampionshipsBerlin, Germany[61]
60 m6.31+ (+0.9 m/s)Usain Bolt Jamaica16 August 2009World ChampionshipsBerlin, Germany[62]
100 y9.0 htIvory Crockett United States11 May 1974Knoxville, United States[63]
Houston McTear United States9 May 1975Winter Park, United States[63]
9.07+ (−0.5 m/s)Asafa Powell Jamaica27 May 2010Golden Spike OstravaOstrava, Czech Republic[64]
150 m (bend)14.44+ (-0.3 m/s)Usain Bolt Jamaica20 August 2009World ChampionshipsBerlin, Germany[65]
150 m straight14.35 (+1.1 m/s)Usain Bolt Jamaica17 May 2009Manchester City GamesManchester, United Kingdom[66]
200 m straight19.41 (−0.4 m/s)Tyson Gay United States16 May 2010Manchester City GamesManchester, United Kingdom[67][68]
220 y straight19.5 ht (+1.9 m/s)Tommie Smith United States7 May 1966San Jose, United States[69]
19.41 (−0.4 m/s)Tyson Gay United States16 May 2010Manchester City GamesManchester, United Kingdom[70]
300 m30.85 AMichael Johnson United States10 April 2000Engen Grand PrixPretoria, South Africa[71]
440 y44.5John Smith United States26 June 1971USA ChampionshipsEugene, United States[72][73][74]
500 m59.32Orestes Rodriguez Cuba5 February 2013La Habana, Cuba[75]
600 m1:12.81Johnny Gray United States24 May 1986Santa Monica, United States
Two miles (progression)7:58.61Daniel Komen Kenya17 July 1997Hechtel-Eksel, Belgium
5 km (road)12:59.5Sammy Kipketer Kenya26 March 200015th Carlsbad 5000Carlsbad, United States
8 km (road)21:51+Deriba Merga Ethiopia18 February 2011Ras Al Khaimah Half MarathonRas al-Khaimah, United Arab Emirates[76]
10 miles (road)44:23Haile Gebrselassie Ethiopia4 September 2005Tilburg Ten MilesTilburg, Netherlands
35 km (road)1:41:47+Dennis Kipruto Kimetto Kenya28 September 2014Berlin MarathonBerlin, Germany[77]
40 km (road)1:56:29+Dennis Kipruto Kimetto Kenya28 September 2014Berlin MarathonBerlin, Germany[78]
90 km (road)5:20:49Leonid Shvetsov Russia2007Comrades MarathonDurban, South Africa
200 m hurdles (bend)22.55Laurent Ottoz Italy31 May 1995Milan, Italy[79]
200 m hurdles (straight)21.9y ht (+1.4 m/s)Don Styron United States2 April 1960Baton Rouge, United States[80]
22.10 (+2.0 m/s)Andy Turner Great Britain15 May 2011Manchester City GamesManchester, United Kingdom[81]
220 y Hurdles (straight)21.9 ht (+1.4 m/s)Don Styron United States2 April 1960Baton Rouge, United States[80][82]
300 m Hurdles34.48Chris Rawlinson Great Britain30 June 2002Sheffield, United Kingdom
440 y Hurdles48.7Jim Bolding United States25 July 1974Turin, Italy[83]
2000 m steeplechase5:10.68Mahiedine Mekhissi-Benabbad France30 June 2010Alma Athlé TourReims, France[84]
35 lb Weight Throw25.41 mLance Deal United States20 February 1993Azusa, United States
1500 m walk (track)5:12.0+Antanas Grigaliūnas Lithuania12 May 1990Vilnius, Lithuania[85]
Mile walk (track)5:36.9Antanas Grigaliūnas Lithuania12 May 1990Vilnius, Lithuania[85]
50-mile walk (road)7:44:47.2Shaul Ladany Israel1972New Jersey, United States[86]
4x110 yard relay38.6 AUniversity of Southern California
Earl McCullouch
Fred Kuller
O.J. Simpson
Lennox Miller (JAM)
17 June 1967NCAA Division I ChampionshipsProvo, United States[87]
Swedish relay1:46.59Puma Reggae Team
Christopher Williams (100 m)
Usain Bolt (200 m)
Davian Clarke (300 m)
Jermaine Gonzales (400 m)
 Jamaica25 July 2006DN GalanStockholm, Sweden[88]
Distance medley relay9:15.56Elkanah Angwenyi 2:50.8 (1200 m)
Thomas Musembi 45.8 (400 m)
Alfred Kirwa Yego 1:46.2 (800 m)
Alex Kipchirchir 3:52.8 (1600 m)
 Kenya29 April 2006Penn RelaysPhiladelphia, United States
4×mile relay15:49.08Eamonn Coghlan
Ray Flynn
Frank O'Mara
Marcus O'Sullivan
 Ireland17 August 1985Dublin, Ireland[89]


50 m5.93+ (−0.1 m/s)Marion Jones United States22 August 1999World ChampionshipsSeville, Spain
60 m6.85+ (−0.1 m/s)Marion Jones United States22 August 1999World ChampionshipsSeville, Spain
100 y9.91+ (+1.1 m/s)Veronica Campbell-Brown Jamaica31 May 2011Golden Spike OstravaOstrava, Czech Republic[90]
150 m (bend)16.10+ (+1.3 m/s)Florence Griffith Joyner United States29 September 1988Olympic GamesSeoul, South Korea
16.46 (−1.5 m/s)Merlene Ottey Jamaica27 September 1989Trapani, Italy[91][92]
150 m straight16.36 (+0.2 m/s)Allyson Felix United States25 May 2013Manchester City GamesManchester, United Kingdom[93]
200 m straight22.55 (+0.2 m/s)Allyson Felix United States16 May 2010Great City Games ManchesterManchester, United Kingdom[70]
300 m34.14+ (ht)Marita Koch East Germany6 October 1985World CupCanberra, Australia
35.30 AAna Guevara Mexico3 May 2003GP Banamex MeetingMexico City, Mexico[94]
500 m1:05.9Tatana Kocembova Czechoslovakia2 August 1984Ostrava, Czechoslovakia
600 m1:22.63 AAna Quirot Cuba25 July 1997Guadalajara, Mexico
Two miles8:58.58Meseret Defar Ethiopia14 September 2007Memorial Van DammeBrussels, Belgium
5 km (road)14:46Meseret Defar Ethiopia9 April 200615th Carlsbad 5000Carlsbad, United States
4 miles (road)19:14Viola Kibiwot Kenya13 October 20134 Mile of GroningenGroningen, Netherlands[95]
8 km (road)24:30+Mary Keitany Kenya18 February 2011Ras Al Khaimah Half MarathonRas al-Khaimah, United Arab Emirates[76]
10 miles (road)50:05+Mary Keitany Kenya18 February 2011Ras Al Khaimah Half MarathonRas al-Khaimah, United Arab Emirates[76]
35 km (road)1:54:49+Liliya Shobukhova Russia9 October 2011Chicago MarathonChicago, United States[32]
40 km (road)2:11:28+Liliya Shobukhova Russia9 October 2011Chicago MarathonChicago, United States[32]
200 m hurdles
24.8 (ht) (+0.4 m/s)Yadisleidy Pedroso Italy6 April 2013Caserta, Italy[96]
25.6 (ht) (-0,7 m/s)Patricia Girard France23 August 2001Nantes, France[97]
25.82 (+1.7 m/s)Patricia Girard France22 September 1999Nantes, France
200 m hurdles
25.05 (+1.0 m/s)Meghan Beesley Great Britain17 May 2014Manchester City GamesManchester, United Kingdom[98]
300 m hurdles38.16Zuzana Hejnová Czech Republic3 August 2013Grand Prix of ChebCheb, Czech Republic[99]
2000 m steeplechase6:03.38Wioletta Janowska Poland15 July 2006Gdańsk, Poland
20 lb weight throw24.57 mBrittany Riley United States27 January 2007
3000 m walk (track)11:48.24Ileana Salvador Italy29 August 1993Padua, Italy[100]
5000 m walk (track)20:01.80Eleonora Giorgi Italy18 May 2014Italian Clubs League MeetMisterbianco, Italy[101]
50 km walk (road)4:10:59Monica Svensson Sweden21 October 2007Scanzorosciate, Italy
4×100 m hurdles relay50.78Team BoogieFast TC
Nia Ali (12.73)
Kristi Castlin (12.56)
Yvette Lewis (12.76)
Queen Harrison (12.61)
 United States6 April 2013Florida RelaysGainesville, United States[102]
Sprint medley relay3:34.56Sherri-Ann Brooks (200 m)
Rosemarie Whyte(200 m)
Moya Thompson 51.7 (400 m)
Kenia Sinclair 1:57.43 (800 m)
 JamaicaApril 2009Penn RelaysPhiladelphia, United States
Distance medley relay10:48.38Villanova University
Kathy Franey 3:20.9 (1200 m)
Michelle Bennett 52.9 (400 m)
Celeste Halliday 2:04.7 (800 m)
Vicki Huber 4:29.9 (1600 m)
 United StatesApril 1988Penn RelaysPhiladelphia, United States

Indoor events[edit]


50 y5.22Stanley Floyd United States22 January 1982Los Angeles, United States
5.15 X [Note 9]Ben Johnson Canada29 January 1988Toronto, Canada
5.0 (ht)Kirk Clayton United States10 January 1970Calgary, Canada
Herb Washington United States2 February 1972Toronto, Canada[103]
Mel Pender United States4 March 1972Orlando, United States
Mel Pender United States18 March 1972Hamilton Canada
Herb Washington United States4 February 1973Toronto, Canada
Manfred Ommer West Germany14 March 1975Leverkusen, West Germany
60 y5.8 (ht)Herb Washington United States12 February 1972East Lansing, United States[103]
55 m5.99 AObadele Thompson Barbados22 February 1997Colorado Springs, United States[44]
100 m9.98Usain Bolt Jamaica23 August 2014Kamila Skolimowska MemorialWarsaw, Poland[104]

[105] [106]

150 m14.99Donovan Bailey Canada1 June 1997Bailey–Johnson 150-metre raceToronto, Canada[107]
300 m31.88Wallace Spearmon United States10 February 2006Tyson InvitationalFayetteville, United States[108]
500 m1:00.17Ken Lowery United States16 January 1987Indianapolis, United States[109]
600 m1:15.12Nico Motchebon Germany28 February 1999Sindelfingen, Germany[109]
2000 m4:49.99Kenenisa Bekele Ethiopia17 February 2007Aviva Indoor Grand PrixBirmingham, United Kingdom
Two miles8:04.35Kenenisa Bekele Ethiopia16 February 2008Aviva Indoor Grand PrixBirmingham, United Kingdom
10000 m27:50.29Mark Bett Kenya10 February 2002Indoor Flanders MeetingGhent, Belgium[109]
Marathon2:27.21Michael Wardian United States1 July 2010Arlington, United States[110][111]
2000 m steeplechase5:13.77Paul Kipsiele Koech Kenya13 February 2011Indoor Flanders MeetingGhent, Belgium[112][113]
3000 m steeplechase8:17.46Aleksandr Zagoruyko Soviet Union21 February 1982Moscow, Soviet Union[109]
110 m hurdles13.34Allen Johnson United States14 February 1995Moscow, Russia[109]
300 m hurdles34.92 OTLlewellyn Herbert South Africa9 February 1999PirkkahallTampere, Finland[114][115]
400 m hurdles48.78Felix Sanchez Dominican Republic18 February 2012Meeting National Val-de-ReuilVal-de-Reuil, France[116][117]
Discus throw69.51 mGerd Kanter Estonia22 March 2009World Record Indoor ChallengeVäxjö, Sweden[118]
Javelin throw65.10 mPontus Bjärkvik Sweden13 March 2011World Indoor ThrowingVäxjö, Sweden[119]
35 lb Weight25.86 mLance Deal United States4 March 1995Atlanta, United States[109]
3000 m walk10:31.42Andreas Erm Germany4 February 2001Halle, Germany[109]
Two Miles walk11:54.50Valdas Kazlauskas Soviet Union24 February 1990Kaunas, Soviet Union[109]
15000 m walk1:00:03.9Valdas Kazlauskas Soviet Union24 January 1987Kaunas, Soviet Union[109]
Distance medley relay9:19.93Matthew Centrowitz, Jr. 2:49.47
Michael Berry 46.40
Erik Sowinski 1:47.60
Patrick Casey 3:56.48
 United States31 January 2015Armory Track InvitationalNew York City, United States[120]


100 m11.15Marita Koch East Germany12 January 1980East Berlin, East Germany
300 m35.45Irina Privalova Russia17 January 1993Moscow, Russia
500 m1:06.31Olesya Krasnomovets Russia7 January 2006Yekaterinburg, Russia
600 m1:23.44Olga Kotlyarova Russia1 February 2004Russian Winter MeetingMoscow, Russia
2000 m5:30.53Gabriela Szabo Romania8 March 1998Sindelfingen, Germany
Two miles9:00.48Genzebe Dibaba Ethiopia15 February 2014Aviva Indoor Grand PrixBirmingham, United Kingdom[121]
10,000 m32:44.97Olga Michurina Russia23 December 1995Saint Petersburg, Russia
2000 m steeplechase6:05.29Mariya Bykova Russia22 January 2013Central FD Regional ChampionshipsBelgorod, Russia[122][123]
3000 m steeplechase9:07.00Tatyana Petrova Russia17 February 2006Moscow, Russia
9:54.2 [Note 10]Marcela Lustigova Czech Republic11 February 2010Botnia GamesKorsholm, Finland[124][125]
100 m hurdles12.64Ludmila Engquist Sweden10 February 1997Tampere, Finland
300 m hurdles40.09 OTStine Tomb Norway5 February 2011Finland-Sweden-Norway Indoor MatchTampere, Finland[126][127]
400 m hurdles56.41Sheena Tosta United States12 February 2011Meeting NationalVal-de-Reuil, France[128][129][130]
Discus throw60.67 mSanna Kämäräinen Finland8 February 2014Indoor Match FIN-SWE-NOR-DEN/ISLFinland Tampere, Finland[131][132]
Javelin throw57.75 mAnna Wessman Sweden10 March 2012World Indoor ThrowingVäxjö, Sweden[133]
Weight Throw (20 lb)25.56 mBrittany Riley United States10 March 2007NCAA Division I ChampionshipsFayetteville, United States
Mile walk6:16.72Sada Eidikytė Soviet Union24 February 1990Kaunas, Soviet Union[134]
Two miles walk13:11.88Ileana Salvador Italy14 February 1990Genoa, Italy[134]
5000 m walk20:10.3Vera Sokolova Russia30 December 2010Mordovian Indoor ChampionshipsSaransk, Russia[135]
10,000 m walk43:54.63Yelena Ginko Belarus22 February 2008Belarusian ChampionshipsMogilev, Belarus
4x100 m relay44.39Anne-Kathrin Elbe
Anne Möllinger
Cathleen Tschirch
Marion Wagner
 Germany31 January 2010BW-Bank MeetingKarlsruhe, Germany[136]
Distance medley relay10:42.57Sarah Brown 3:15.54 (1200m)
Mahogany Jones 53.59 (400m)
Megan Krumpoch 2:05.68 (800m)
Brenda Martinez 4:27.77 (1600 m)
 United States7 February 2015New Balance Indoor Grand PrixUnited States Boston, United States[137]

ht = hand timing
+ = en route to a longer distance
A = affected by altitude
OT = oversized track
X = annulled due to doping violations
# = not officially ratified by IAAF
a = aided road course according to IAAF rule 260.28
est = estimate


Women's 100 m[edit]

It is widely believed that the wind gauge was faulty for the race in which Florence Griffith Joyner set the official world record for the women's 100 m of 10.49 s.[138] A 1995 report commissioned by the IAAF estimated the true wind speed was between +5.0 m/s and +7.0 m/s, rather than the 0.0 recorded.[138] If this time, recorded in the quarter-final of the 1988 U.S. Olympic trials, were excluded, the world record would be 10.61 s, recorded the next day at the same venue by the same athlete in the final.[138][139]

Javelin specifications[edit]

The men's javelin specification was changed with effect from 1986, and the women's from 2000. The purpose was to reduce the number of illegal flat landings, but a side-effect was to reduce the distance travelled. The prior world records in individual men's and women's javelin were invalidated, but the prior records in decathlon and heptathlon were not.[140]

The old specification records for men's and women's javelin were as follows:

Men's104.80 mUwe Hohn East Germany20 July 1984East Berlin, East Germany
Women's80.00 mPetra Felke East Germany9 September 1988Potsdam, East Germany

The current decathlon world record was set with the current javelin specification. The best performance in heptathlon using the new specification javelin is:

7032Carolina Klüft Sweden26 August 2007World ChampionshipsOsaka, Japan[141]
13.15 (+0.1 m/s) (100 m hurdles), 1.95 m (high jump), 14.81 m (shot put), 23.38 (+0.3 m/s) (200 m) /
6.85 m (+1.0 m/s) (long jump), 47.98 m[Note 11](javelin), 2:12.56 (800 m)

Other Notes[edit]

  1. ^ Rule 260, part 18. IAAF COMPETITION RULES 2008.
  2. ^ actually 1:17:25.5 but ratified as 1:17:25.6
  3. ^ not ratified because there was no doping control
  4. ^ The IAAF announced 12 August 2008 that they had rescinded the 1998 world record of 2:54.20 after relay team member Antonio Pettigrew admitted to his use of human growth hormone and EPO between 1997 and 2003. [1]
  5. ^ This time was rescinded by the IAAF after Johnson admitted to using steroids between 1981 and 1988.
  6. ^ insufficient or no doping control
  7. ^ insufficient doping control; IAAF rejected the time of 3:01.96 as no post-race EPO analysis was performed.
  8. ^ no international judges
  9. ^ This time was rescinded after Johnson admitted using steroids between 1981 and 1988.
  10. ^ This is the fastest indoor steeplechase with a water-jump.
  11. ^ This is 2.32 m farther than the distance thrown by Jackie Joyner-Kersee during her world record-setting heptathlon performance of 23–24 September 1988, despite Klüft using the new specification javelin.

See also[edit]


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