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The New York City Marathon is a 42,195-meter (26.2 mile) race through all five boroughs of New York City, and ranks as the largest marathon in the world, with 46,795 finishers (29,867 men/16,928 women) in 2011. Since its inaugural race in 1970, 28 men and 23 women have won the open division of the New York City Marathon, representing 19 different countries. From 1970 through 1975, the race was held entirely in Central Park. It has started in Staten Island and gone through New York City's other four boroughs since 1976. Grete Waitz of Norway has won the race more than any other athlete, having completed her 9th victory in 1988, setting three course records in the process. Current course records were set by Geoffrey Mutai of Kenya in 2011 in the men's division, and by Margaret Okayo of Kenya in 2003 in the women's division.

A wheelchair race has been held since 2000. Among the wheelchair racers, Edith Hunkeler of Switzerland has the most victories, with five. She also holds the women's course record with a time of 1:52:38, while Kurt Fearnley of Australia holds the men's record with 1:29:22.

Men's Open Division[edit]

Rodgers Rop, winner of the 2002 New York City Marathon. He won the Boston Marathon that same year.
Paul Tergat, winner of the 2005 New York City Marathon, participating in an event for the World Food Program.
Marílson Gomes dos Santos, winner of the 2006 and 2008 New York City Marathons, and the first and only Brazilian to win it in either division.
1970Gary MuhrckeUnited States United States2:31:38Course Record
1971Norman HigginsUnited States United States2:22:54Course Record
1972Sheldon KarlinUnited States United States2:27:52
1973Tom FlemingUnited States United States2:21:54Course Record
1974Norbert SanderUnited States United States2:26:30
1975Tom FlemingUnited States United States2:19:27Course Record, 2nd Victory
1976Bill RodgersUnited States United States2:10:10Course Record
1977Bill RodgersUnited States United States2:11:282nd Victory
1978Bill RodgersUnited States United States2:12:123rd Victory
1979Bill RodgersUnited States United States2:11:424th Victory
1980Alberto SalazarUnited States United States2:09:41Course Record
1981Alberto SalazarUnited States United States2:08:13World Record, 2nd Victory
1982Alberto SalazarUnited States United States2:09:293rd Victory
1983Rod DixonNew Zealand New Zealand2:08:59
1984Orlando PizzolatoItaly Italy2:14:53
1985Orlando PizzolatoItaly Italy2:11:342nd Victory
1986Gianni PoliItaly Italy2:11:06
1987Ibrahim HusseinKenya Kenya2:11:01
1988Steve JonesUnited Kingdom United Kingdom2:08:20
1989Juma IkangaaTanzania Tanzania2:08:01Course Record
1990Douglas WakiihuriKenya Kenya2:12:39
1991Salvador GarcíaMexico Mexico2:09:28
1992Willie MtoloSouth Africa South Africa2:09:29
1993Andrés EspinosaMexico Mexico2:10:04
1994Germán SilvaMexico Mexico2:11:21
1995Germán SilvaMexico Mexico2:11:002nd Victory
1996Giacomo LeoneItaly Italy2:09:54
1997John KagweKenya Kenya2:08:12
1998John KagweKenya Kenya2:08:452nd Victory
1999Joseph ChebetKenya Kenya2:09:14
2000Abdelkader El MouazizMorocco Morocco2:10:09
2001Tesfaye JifarEthiopia Ethiopia2:07:43Course Record
2002Rodgers RopKenya Kenya2:08:07
2003Martin LelKenya Kenya2:10:30
2004Hendrick RamaalaSouth Africa South Africa2:09:28
2005Paul TergatKenya Kenya2:09:30
2006Marílson Gomes dos SantosBrazil Brazil2:09:58
2007Martin LelKenya Kenya2:09:042nd Victory
2008Marílson Gomes dos SantosBrazil Brazil2:08:432nd Victory
2009Meb KeflezighiUnited States USA2:09:15
2010Gebregziabher GebremariamEthiopia Ethiopia2:08:14
2011Geoffrey MutaiKenya Kenya2:05:06Course Record
2012Cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy
2013Geoffrey MutaiKenya Kenya2:08:242nd Victory
2014Wilson KipsangKenya Kenya2:10:59

Women's Open Division[edit]

Paula Radcliffe, winner of the 2004, 2007 & 2008 New York City Marathons.
Jeļena Prokopčuka, winner of the 2005 and 2006 New York City Marathons, the first and only Latvian runner to win in either division.
1971Beth BonnerUnited States United States2:55:22Course Record
1972Nina KuscsikUnited States United States3:08:41
1973Nina KuscsikUnited States United States2:57:072nd Victory
1974Kathrine SwitzerUnited States United States3:07:29
1975Kim MerrittUnited States United States2:46:14Course Record
1976Miki GormanUnited States United States2:39:11Course Record
1977Miki GormanUnited States United States2:43:102nd Victory
1978Grete WaitzNorway Norway2:32:30Course Record
1979Grete WaitzNorway Norway2:27:33Course Record, 2nd Victory
1980Grete WaitzNorway Norway2:25:42Course Record, 3rd Victory
1981Allison RoeNew Zealand New Zealand2:25:29Course Record
1982Grete WaitzNorway Norway2:27:144th Victory
1983Grete WaitzNorway Norway2:27:005th Victory
1984Grete WaitzNorway Norway2:29:306th Victory
1985Grete WaitzNorway Norway2:28:347th Victory
1986Grete WaitzNorway Norway2:28:068th Victory
1987Priscilla WelchUnited Kingdom United Kingdom2:30:17
1988Grete WaitzNorway Norway2:28:079th Victory
1989Ingrid KristiansenNorway Norway2:25:30
1990Wanda PanfilPoland Poland2:30:45
1991Liz McColganUnited Kingdom United Kingdom2:27:32
1992Lisa OndiekiAustralia Australia2:24:40Course Record
1993Uta PippigGermany Germany2:26:24
1994Tegla LoroupeKenya Kenya2:27:37
1995Tegla LoroupeKenya Kenya2:28:062nd Victory
1996Anuţa CătunăRomania Romania2:28:18
1997Franziska Rochat-MoserSwitzerland Switzerland2:28:43
1998Franca FiacconiItaly Italy2:25:17
1999Adriana FernandezMexico Mexico2:25:06
2000Lyudmila PetrovaRussia Russia2:25:45
2001Margaret OkayoKenya Kenya2:24:21Course Record
2002Joyce ChepchumbaKenya Kenya2:25:56
2003Margaret OkayoKenya Kenya2:22:31Course Record, 2nd Victory
2004Paula RadcliffeUnited Kingdom United Kingdom2:23:10
2005Jeļena ProkopčukaLatvia Latvia2:24:41
2006Jeļena ProkopčukaLatvia Latvia2:25:052nd Victory
2007Paula RadcliffeUnited Kingdom United Kingdom2:23:092nd Victory
2008Paula RadcliffeUnited Kingdom United Kingdom2:23:563rd Victory
2009Derartu TuluEthiopia Ethiopia2:28:52
2010Edna KiplagatKenya Kenya2:28:20
2011Firehiwot DadoEthiopia Ethiopia2:23:15
2012Cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy
2013Priscah JeptooKenya Kenya2:25:07
2014Mary KeitanyKenya Kenya2:25:07

Men's Wheelchair Division[edit]

David Weir, winner of the 2010 race
Masazumi Soejima, winner of the 2011 race
2000Ayari, KamelKamel AyariTunisia Tunisia1:53:50[1]
2001Mendoza, SaúlSaúl MendozaMexico Mexico1:39:29Course record[2]
2002Schabort, KrigeKrige SchabortSouth Africa South Africa1:38:27Course record[3]
2003Schabort, KrigeKrige SchabortSouth Africa South Africa1:32:19Course record, 2nd victory[4]
2004Mendoza, SaúlSaúl MendozaMexico Mexico1:33:162nd victory[5]
2005van Dyk, ErnstErnst van DykSouth Africa South Africa1:31:11Course record[6]
2006Fearnley, KurtKurt FearnleyAustralia Australia1:29:22Course record[7]
2007Fearnley, KurtKurt FearnleyAustralia Australia1:33:582nd victory[8]
2008Fearnley, KurtKurt FearnleyAustralia Australia1:44:513rd victory[9]
2009Fearnley, KurtKurt FearnleyAustralia Australia1:35:584th victory
2010Weir, DavidDavid WeirUnited Kingdom United Kingdom1:37:29
2011Soejima, MasazumiMasazumi SoejimaJapan Japan1:31:41
2013Hug, MarcelMarcel HugSwitzerland Switzerland1:40:14
2014Fearnley, KurtKurt FearnleyAustralia Australia1:30:555th victory (Note that the didn't do the first 3 miles)

Women's Wheelchair Division[edit]

2000Xuan, Anh Nguyen ThiAnh Nguyen Thi XuanVietnam Vietnam2:46:47[1]
2001Porcellato, FrancescaFrancesca PorcellatoItaly Italy2:08:51Course record[10]
2002Blauwet, CheriCheri BlauwetUnited States United States2:14:39[3]
2003Blauwet, CheriCheri BlauwetUnited States United States1:59:30Course record, 2nd victory[4]
2004Hunkeler, EdithEdith HunkelerSwitzerland Switzerland1:53:27Course record[5]
2005Hunkeler, EdithEdith HunkelerSwitzerland Switzerland1:54:522nd victory[6]
2006McGrory, AmandaAmanda McGroryUnited States United States1:54:192 seconds ahead of 2nd place finisher[7]
2007Hunkeler, EdithEdith HunkelerSwitzerland Switzerland1:52:38Course record, 3rd victory[8]
2008Hunkeler, EdithEdith HunkelerSwitzerland Switzerland2:06:424th victory[9]
2009Hunkeler, EdithEdith HunkelerSwitzerland Switzerland1:58:155th victory
2010McFadden, TatyanaTatyana McFaddenUnited States United States2:02:22
2011McGrory, AmandaAmanda McGroryUnited States United States1:50:25Course record
2013McFadden, TatyanaTatyana McFaddenUnited States United States1:59:132nd victory
2014McFadden, TatyanaTatyana McFaddenUnited States United States1:42:163rd victory (Note that they didn't do the first 3 miles)

Victories by nationality[edit]

 United States1470728
 United Kingdom15107
 South Africa20305
 New Zealand11002


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