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Vedic astrology software applications are based on several methods of ancient Indian astrology. These applications are used in preparing horoscope reports, to find out several astrological factors, calculations, predictions etc. Depending on the type of application, Vedic astrology software applications provide several features such as finding Muhurtas, checking marital compatibility, personal predictions, baby name recommendations, gemstone recommendations etc.[1] There are many kinds of Vedic astrology software - freeware, proprietary and commercial. Given below is the list of a few vedic astrology software available in the market.

Freeware (free proprietary software)[edit]

Horoscope software[edit]

Proprietary software[edit]

Horoscope software[edit]

Horoscope compatibility matching software[edit]

Panchangam software[edit]

Muhurta software[edit]

Numerology software[edit]

Baby name recommendation software[edit]

Gemstone recommendation software[edit]

Vastu software[edit]

Miscellaneous software[edit]

Web based[edit]


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