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The following tables compare traits given to vampires in folklore and fiction. Over time, some attributes now regarded as integral became incorporated into the vampire's profile: fangs and vulnerability to sunlight appeared over the course of the 19th century, with Varney the Vampire and Count Dracula both bearing protruding teeth,[1] and Murnau's Nosferatu (1922) the first vampire to be killed by daylight.[2]

Although Bram Stoker's novel is the best known vampire fiction of the 19th century, it is the aristocratic figure of Lord Ruthven who is thought to have inspired the elegant and suave creature of stage and film.[3]

The cloak appeared in stage productions of the 1920s, with a high collar introduced by playwright Hamilton Deane to help Dracula 'vanish' on stage.[4] Lord Ruthven and Varney were able to be healed by moonlight, although no account of this is known in traditional folklore.[5]


SettingSkin ColourFangsReflectionFilmShadowAttractivenessWhen Dead
European folkloreRuddy or dark[6]Yes[7]Varies[8]Varies[8]Varies; historically, bloated corpses were mistaken for vampires
North American folklorePaleYesNoYesVaries[9]
The Vampyre (1819)NoYoung, seductive, sexual and alluring
Varney the Vampire (1845)"White and bloodless"[10]Yes[10]Hideous, but has hypnotizing eyes[10]
Carmilla (1871)PaleYesYesYesUnearthly beauty
Bram Stoker's Dracula (1897)PaleYesNo[11]No[12]Dracula: Varies
Female Vampires: Beautiful to the point of hypnotic
Dust, except for newborn vampires, who become corpses
Nosferatu (1922)PaleYesYesYesYesHideous[9]dust
Dark Shadows (1966)OrdinaryRetractableNoYesOrdinary
BladeVampire: Pale/ordinaryYesYesYesYesVariesdust
Reapers: PaleYesYesYesYesHideousdust
Count Chocula (1971)TannedYesYesYesComical
Sesame Street (1972)LavenderYesNo[13]YesNeutral - Muppet/Cartoonish
Dungeons & Dragons (1974)PaleYesNoNoOrdinary, they have a predatory look compared to normal humans
Blade (1973)Ordinary/PaleYesYesYesOrdinary but often somewhat above average
Ultraviolet (TV serial) (1998)Ordinary/PaleYesNoYesOrdinary but often somewhat above average
Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles (1979)Pale, smooth, marble-like, gets whiter with ageYesYesYesAll are beautiful. The transformation enhances their beauty. The older and stronger they get, the less human they look but still remain beautiful.
Bunnicula (1979)FurryYesNoYesAdorable to all, intimately only with other rabbits.
The Hunger (1981)PaleNoYesYesAlluring
Count Duckula (1983)GreenSometimesNoNoGreen-feathered cartoon duck
Young Dracula 2007PaleRetractableLost after age of 16YesVariesdust
Vampire Hunter D (1983)PaleYesNoYes (No in original novels. Dhampir shadow is faint)Possess a strange unearthly beauty
Necroscope (1986)PaleYesYes shows true selfYesCan make themselves beautiful or hideous
The Lost Boys (1987)Full vampires: Ordinary, a little paleRetractableNoYesOrdinary. Become quite ugly when about to attack and fangs appear.
Half-vampire (pre-turning): OrdinaryGradually gainNoNoAs in life
The Little Vampire (TV series, 1986)PaleYesYesYesAlluring
The Little Vampire (film, 2000)PaleYesYesYesAlluring
The Vampire Diaries (Novel and television series)OrdinaryRetractableYesYestypically beautifulcorpse
World of Darkness (1992)VariesRetractableYes - Lasombra, however, don't have themYes for those with a reflection, No in other casesYesVaries by bloodline, individual, and discipline.Turn to dust
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (movie) (1992)PaleYesNoYesOrdinarydust
Forever Knight (1992)Pale[14]Retractable[14]Yes[15]Yes[14]Ordinary
Discworld (1992)PaleYesNo?AlluringTurn to dust, can be revived with blood
Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter (1993)PaleYesYesYesOrdinary, but some bloodlines seem to get more attractive with age, some less, and many vampires are attractive as this was the reason they were sired
Preacher (1995)PaleNoYesYesOrdinary (except eyes)
Legacy of Kain (1996)VariesYesYesYesAncient vampires were alluring while human turned vampire evolutions became more grotesque.
Night World (1996)OrdinaryRetractableYesYesAlluring
Hellsing (1997)OrdinaryYesNoYesAlluringBurn in blue flames or turn to dust
Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series (1997)OrdinaryYesNoYesYesCan appear as normal humans. However, when feeding or angry, they reveal their true vampire visage where their eyes turn yellow, their brow extends and they grow fangs and pointed teeth. Extremely old vampires are unable to take a human face.Turn to dust, including clothing
Night Watch (1998)OrdinaryRetractableYes, even if the vampire himself turns invisibleYesOrdinary
John Carpenter's Vampires (1998)PaleYesYesYesOrdinaryCatch on fire, then turn to dust
Amelia Atwater-Rhodes (1999)PaleYesFaint reflection that disappears with ageYesBeautiful
The Saga of Darren Shan (2000)Ordinary; Purple for vampaneze subraceNoYesCannot be recorded on film (vampire) or are blurry on film (half-vampire)YesOrdinary, but vampaneze subrace become swollen and discolored from overfeeding.
30 Days of Night (2002)PaleYesYesYesSteve Niles mentioned that they have an alien-like appearance. They are also described as being gruesome yet attractive.
Let the Right One In (2002)PaleRetractableYesYesOrdinary, but appearance will deteriorate if deprived of blood. Appearance can also morph, and vaguely implied to be able to sprout wings.
Moon Child (2003)OrdinaryYesOrdinary, but some are above average.
Underworld (2003)PaleRetractableYesYesOrdinary
Chibi Vampire/Karin (2003)PaleYesYesYesMain character gives blood instead of taking blood from humans. Attractiveness is not inherent.
Van Helsing (2004)PaleRetractableNoYesAbove average when in human form, but they turn into a winged bat/demon-like creature, which is possibly their true appearance.Bones
Supernatural (2005)OrdinaryRetractableYesYesOrdinarycorpse
Batman & DraculaPaleYesNoYesGrotesque
Twilight (2005)Pale, harder than diamonds, sparkles in sunlightNo, their teeth are sharp and serrated and coated in venom, but not pointedYesYesAlluring, inhumanly beautiful
Frostbiten (2006)PaleYes, grows even bigger when attacking peopleNoYesOrdinary, but the "pill-vampires" turn monstrous when attacking people, while the supervampire shapeshifts into a demonic creature to hunt. The original vampires look human all the time. All the vampires have orange eyes that turn red when their bloodlust is awakened. The vampires also have exposed veins.
JoJo's Bizarre AdventureOrdinaryVariesYesYesVaries
Vampire Academy (2007)PaleYesMoroi yes, Strigoi noYesMoroi are beautiful and Strigoi are beautiful too, but have red-ringed iris around their pupils
House of Night (2007)Blue Vampyres: Pale with sapphire markingsYesYesYesAlluring
Red Vampyres: Pale with red markingsYesYesUnknownDepends: red fledglings are described as gross, but once they choose to be good and become an adult they can be alluring
Blindsight (2007)PaleYesYesYesTall, with a "predatory appearance"; baseline humans possess an instinctive panic response to them
True Blood (2008)PaleRetractableYes[16]YesYesOrdinary, but humans can develop more attraction to them by drinking their blood, and also with the power to "Glamour" ordinary humans into enticementBlack dust or bloody pulp
Being Human (BBC) (2008)OrdinaryRetractableNoDo not appear on film or videoYesOrdinary
Being Human (Syfy)PaleYesYesYesYesOrdinaryDust
Moonlight (2008)OrdinaryRetractableYesYesOrdinary, but many are above average
The Parasol Protectorate (2009)PaleYes??Ordinary
Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter (2010)PaleRetractableYesYesVery Beautiful. When enraged its eyes turn black.
Daybreakers (2010)OrdinaryYesNoUnknownNormal, but with pallid skin and yellow eyes. However if deprived of blood they become deformed, their ears grow, they lose their hair, grow claws and wings and become bat-like creatures called "Subsiders"
American Vampire (2010)Old World bloodline: PaleYes??Slightly distorted
American bloodline: As when aliveYesDistorted?Usually normal, but severely distorted and animalistic when enraged
Dresden FilesWhite court: ordinaryNoYesYesExtremely attractive
Red court: ordinary when humanYes??Slimy and batlike, but with an attractive human "costume"
Black court: corpse-likeNoNo?Corpselike
TouhouPaleYesUnknown, probably yesYesUnknown, probably yesNormal, but with red eyes and wings.
Fright Night (1985, 2011)PaleYesNoUnknownSomewhat attractive. Demonic when enraged or in painCatch on fire
Marvel ComicsPaleYesNo?Varies
We Are The Night (2010)PaleYesNoYesTransformation turns them into the peak of their beauty
Blood: The Last VampireGray, except for Saya who is ordinaryExcept for SayaYesYesYesSaya is ordinary, the other Chiropterans are monstrous, but can look like normal humans
Blood+Ordinary, except fail chiropterans that have gray skinOnly fail chiropterans and Chevaliers when they shape shiftYesYesYesOrdinary, except for fail chiropterans that are monstrous
Trinity BloodMethuselahs: VariesYesYesYesBeautiful
Crusniks: Pale, except LilithRetractableYesYesVaries
DC ComicsPaleYesNoYesVaries
SanctuaryOrdinaryFull Vampires: Yes
Half-Vampires: No, teeth become serrated during transformation.
Rosario + VampireOrdinaryYesYes[17]Yes[18]YesBeautiful, unless they absorb other monsters, in which case they became monstrous.[19]corpse
Wizards of Waverly PlacePaleYesNoYesBeautiful
Goosebumps (Welcome To Dead House)PaleNo??Ordinary, but the color of their eyes can change when they are angry or sad.
Adventure TimeBlue-grayYesNoYesDescribed as "Sexy".
Vampire KnightPaleYesYesYesBeautiful, except for the Level E, which look like weak and sick humans.
Castlevania seriesPaleYesIn Castlevania: Lords of Shadow they do not have reflectionYesThe Elder Vampires are beautiful, while the Vampire Warriors are bat-like creatures because they don't know how to shapeshift.
SplitPaleYesIf a vampire were to look into a mirror, their soul would be imprisoned in it. Breaking the mirror causes the vampire's soul to "break", killing the vampireYesBeautiful
TsukihimeTrue Ancestors: OrdinaryNoYesYesOrdinary
Dead Apostles: PaleYesYes?Ordinary, but their bodies are in constant degeneration.
StargateWhite, green or blueNoYesYesHideous
Hollows (series)Living Low Blood: OrdinaryNoYesYesOrdinary
Living High Blood: PaleYes??Beautiful
Undead: PaleYes??Beautiful
Black Blood BrothersVampires ordinary, but Kowloon Children are paleYes?YesVampires ordinary, but Kowloon Children have feral appearance
Stephen KingType One: YellowYesNoYesExtremely deformed
Type Two: PaleYesNoYesBeautiful
Type Threes: OrdinaryYes?YesOrdinary
VampirellaOrdinaryYes?YesInhumanly beautiful
The Elder ScrollsPaleYes?YesFeral-looking versions of humans; however, they can look more human if they drink human blood. Vampire Lords can assume a bat-like appearance.
My Babysitter's a VampireFull vampires: OrdinaryRetractableNo?Ordinary, but when angry, or about to fight someone their fangs grow, and their eyes either glow a yellowish color; or a dark blueish purple color.
Fledgling: OrdinaryYesFaded, or murky?As in life
The LibrarianPaleYes?YesOld vampires are ordinary in appearance, but new ones are hideous.
David WellingtonPaleYes??Hideous
DarkstalkersPaleYes?YesHis true form is demonic, but he can change into human form.
The HistorianPaleYes?YesVaries, but new vampires look like sick people
Itsuka Tenma no Kuro UsagiOrdinaryRetractable?YesVery Attractive
Monogatari SeriesPaleYesNot mentioned in novels, however Shinobu's is absent regularly in the Animated adaptionNoBeautiful
Saga of the Noble DeadPaleYes?YesKind of beautiful
Doctor WhoGreat Vampires: GreyYes?YesBat like creatures
Vampires: PaleYesYesYesOrdinary
Dance in the Vampire BundPaleYes?YesDifferent monstrous form, but they can look human
BloodRaynePaleYes?YesThey come in all shapes and sizes
The StrainPaleNoIn silver-backed mirrors their image is blurred and distortedYesHorrible
Blood AlonePaleYesNo?Beautiful
Anno Dracula seriesPaleYesNo?Varies depending on the bloodline
Hotel Transylvania (2012)OrdinaryYesNoYesVaries
VampireologyPale, becomes paler the longer a vampire goes without feedingYesreflection becomes less opaque the longer a vampire goes without feedingYesBelial: three horns on their heads
Ba'al: short and goblinlike
Moloch: bull-like head, hooves and claws
Blood MoonPaleYesYes, but their eyes reflect black instead of redYes, but their eyes are depicted as black instead of redYesOrdinary but often somewhat above average
ShadowrunVampires: PaleYes???They look like sick people
Nosferatu: PaleYes???Kind of uglyDust
AdventureQuestsame as in previous lifeYes??same as in previous life
Vampire in BrooklynNormalRetractableNoYeslikely greater as happened with Julius Jones at the end
The Shadowhunter Chronicles (The Mortal Instruments)PaleYesYesYesBeautifulDust
Penny DreadfulPaleYes??YesMaster vampires are hideous, but infected vampires are ordinary
NosflutteratuOrdinaryRetractableYes?YesAs in life but, they can shift to a state of unnatural predatory beautyDust


A "Yes" indicates a weakness to something, with fatal weaknesses being marked as such. Entries which are marked as "No" are not seen as weaknesses. "?" indicates a lack of information on whether this is a weakness or not; other indicates weaknesses that do not fit in one of the other categories.

SettingStakeSunlightDecapitationDrowningFireSilverGarlicHoly symbolsRunning waterInvitationArithmomaniaOther
European FolkloreFatal; ash,[20] hawthorn,[21] or oak[22] preferredNocturnalFatal[23]FatalFatalNoYes[24]YesNo[25]No[25]Yes[26]
North American folkloreYesYesYesNoYesYesYesYesNoYesNo
The VampyreFatalHealed by moonlight?????????
Young DraculaFatalFatal??After timeNoBurns skinAvoided, effect is unclearNoYesOften yesDestroying a Blood Mirror turns all the vampires of a clan in human and kill the old vampires
Varney the Vampire?Healed by moonlight??Commits suicide in Mount Vesuvius[10]??NoNo??
Carmilla?Only weakened during daylight hoursFatal????Aversion to holy relics/charms?Yes?
Bram Stoker's DraculaFatal; white oak preferredOnly weakened during daylight hours, though not at midday (at which time of day he becomes stronger)FatalFatalFatalNoYesYesYesYesNoAccording to Van Helsing, Dracula has the mind of a child and is very obsessive - also, though he is not directly attacked by his own psychic powers, they do work two ways, as Mina uses them to hunt him down
Night WorldFatalBut it greatly weakens their powersFatalFatalFatalNoNoNoNoNoNoProlonged abstinence from blood can lead to asphyxiation and possibly death
Anne Rice's Vampire ChroniclesNoFatal; older vampires have higher tolerances[28]Paralyzes most, but not fatalNoFatal (Stronger vampires have much higher resilience)NoNoNoNoNoAlthough Lestat mentions that he develops a fondness for counting, it is not a true weaknessThe blood from the body of a creature already dead induces a temporary, death-like state.
Count Chocula?No??????NoNoNoGets soggy in milk
Sesame Street?Enjoys sunlight, sleeps at night???No??No?Yes
Batman & DraculaFatalFatalFatalFatalFatalNoYesYesYesYesNo
Van HelsingFatal to Dracula's brides, not to Dracula. Must be made of wood or silver.Fatal to other vampires, but not to DraculaYes?NoNot to DraculaNot to DraculaIt harms him but is not fatal. It is fatal to the Brides.???His only true weakness is the bite of a werewolf.
TwilightNoIt causes them to sparkleIt paralyzes them, but it isn't fatalNoFatalNoNoNoNoNoNo
Dungeons & DragonsFatal, but will recover if the stake is removedFatal, will survive very short exposureNoNoNoYesKeeps them at bayKeeps them at bayFatal, will survive short exposureYesNo
BladeVampires: Fatal[16]FatalYesYesYes [16]Yes [16]Yes[16]NoNoNoNoThey also can be killed by EDTA and the Daystar virus
Reapers: YesYesNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoReapers are so dependent on fresh blood that their bodies will start to consume themselves if they are unable to feed for a couple of hour
Ultraviolet (TV serial)FatalFatalFatalNoFatalYesKeeps them at bayPsychosomaticNoNoNoCharcoal
30 Days of Night (2002)NoWhen blood touches their ashes they will regenerate.Yes?YesNoNoNoNoNoNo
Bunnicula?Nocturnal[clarification needed]????Yes????
The Hunger???????????
Count DuckulaNoFatal (although the incarnation featured in the series is immune to sunlight)NoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo?
Vampire Hunter DUsually fatalFatal in direct light?ImmobilizesYes?YesYesYesNoNo
Abraham Lincoln, Vampire HunterYesNot fatal. Weak during daylight hours. After a few years they begin to develop a resistance towards it, Other than that their eyes still react the sameYesNoYesYesNoNoNoNoNo
The Lost BoysFatalFatalFatal??Fatal through the heartNoHoly water is fatal in large quantities?Invitation makes vampire immune to weaknesses and vampire characteristicsNo
The Little VampireFatalFatalYesNoYesNoNoYesNoNoNo
The Vampire DiariesNovels: YesFatal — Special ring protects themYes?YesNoNoBoosts a person's mental resistance but only if the user truly believes it will protect themDepends on how strong the vampire is. The stronger the vampire, the worse running water is to themYesNoHeart extraction kills them, as does a prolonged period without feeding
TV Series: The originals can only die with a stake made of White Wood or the ashes of that wood in a special stake. For other vampires, any wood is fatal.Fatal – Special ring protects them, except for the Originals that are immuneExcept for the OriginalsNoExcept for the OriginalsNoNoNoNoYesNoCan die from heart extraction and a Werewolf bite; vervain and some magical objects weaken them. Also when an Original dies, all of the vampires from his or her blood line die as well
House of NightBlue Vampyres: YesNoFatalFatalFatalNoNoNoNoNo?If they don`t pass the Change when they are fledlings, sometimes they die
Red Vampyres: FatalFatal??Fatal?? ?NoYes?If they don`t pass the Change when they are fledlings, sometimes they die
BuffyFatal, but only if made of wood. Older vampires require larger amounts of wood.[29]Fatal Special ring protects them[29]Fatal[29]No[30]FatalNoShown as a prop on-screen, but never utilized.Yes[30][29]NoYes[30]NoSome poisons and drugs can affect them
Discworld[note 1]FatalFatal[note 2]FatalFatalFatalYesYes[note 3]Yes[note 4]Yes[note 3]YesNo
True BloodFatal, but only if made of woodFatal; Younger vampires can survive short exposure, older vampires have lower tolerances; Fae/Fairy blood can eliminate weakness to sun for a short periodFatalNoFatalYesNo (mild irritant)No[16]NoYes (Only in private residences owned by humans)NoHepatitis D and Maenad Blood can weaken them. Exsanguination is mentioned to be fatal.
Let the Right One InFatalFatalFatalNoFatalNoNoNoNoFatal, if invite remains absent for long enoughImpliedBlood with cáncer hurts them, but it is still nutritious
Vampire AcademyMoroi: ?Only makes them feel uncomfortableYes??NoNoNoNoNoNoThey can be killed by anything that would kill a human
Strigoi: Only if is made of silver and if is charmed with spirit, turns the Strigoi into a MoroiBurns them, but isn't fatalFatalNoFatalYesNoYesNoNoNo
American VampireOld World bloodline: YesFatal; ameliorable with protective measures?Immobilizes?Yes????No
American bloodline: Yes, but only gold stakesNo; possible dependency on moonlight – torpid and vulnerable during new moon?No?Gold???NoNo
Anita Blake: Vampire HunterFatalGenerally fatal; some vampires are immuneFatalNoFatalYesNoAny religious iconography if wielded by a true believerNoYes?
HellsingYes except for AlucardNon-fatal, but finds it extremely unpleasantNoNoNoBlessed silver weakens Alucard, but does not kill him. Fatal for other vampires.[31]NoIt is not fatal, but it weakens themExcept for AlucardNoNo
The Saga of Darren ShanFatalHighly susceptible to sunburns, eventually fatalFatalFatalFatalNoNoNoSuperstitious[note 5]No?
World of DarknessImmobilizesFatalUsually FatalNoEventually FatalImmune unless with flawImmune unless with flawImmune unless with flaw or when wielded by someone with true faithImmune unless with flawImmune unless with flawOnly if with flaw
Being Human (BBC)Yes (Only way to permanently kill a vampire)No (More sensitive to sunlight and prefer to avoid it)No (Can be resurrected)No (Can be resurrected)No (Can be resurrected)Yes (Causes fangs to appear, watery eyes, and sneezing)Yes (Doesn't work on old and powerful ones.)NoYes (Old vampires are excluded)NoWerewolf blood and breaking their spines can kill them
Being Human (Syfy)YesNo (more sensitive to sunlight and prefer to avoid it)Yes??NoYes (causes fangs to appear, watery eyes, and sneezing)NoNoYesNoWerewolf blood mutates them, consuming the juniper plant immobilize them and a mysterious new flu strain kill them
Lord Erebus?NoNoNoYes????Yes?
SupernaturalNoWeakens them but not fatalFatalNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoDead man's blood can paralyze them, and the Colt, angelic touch and Vamp-Tonite can kill them
MoonlightCauses paralysisIt makes them progressively weaker and causes severe sunstroke.YesNoYesYes, it is toxic and can eventually kill if left in too longNoNoNoNo?
The Parasol ProtectorateFatalFatal???NoYesYesNoYes?Vampires are tethered to a specific location shortly after creation, unless their queen swarms; the touch of a soulless or metanatural turns them human temporarily
Blood Omen/Legacy of KainDeath-like state until removedFatal to weaker vampiresFatal, but Vorador was resurrected after his executionFatal to all except Rahabim vampiresFatal to most if not allNoNoVulnerable to Hylden glyphs and Moebius's staffFatal to most, but Vampires in Blood Omen 1 can "buy" a resistance to some forms of water, such as rain or snowNo?The Nexus Stone could send Kain in a coma for centuries and sonic waves weaken vampires
Night Watch?Feels unpleasant?No??NoNoNoYes
UnderworldFatalThey can became immune if they absorb blood with the Corvinus StrainFatalThey can became immune if they absorb blood with the Corvinus StrainYesNoNoNoNoNoNoWerewolf bite can kill them
Chibi Vampire/KarinFatalBurns, death if exposed too longLikelyLikelyLikelyNoOnly aggravates highly developed olfactory nervesNoNoNoNo
NecroscopeFatalFatalFatalFatalFatalYesYesNoNoNo?Starvation, suffocation, great levels of violence, leprosy or the Black Death also kill them
Moon Child?Fatal??????No??
Forever KnightFatal; older vampires have higher tolerances[32]Fatal[14]Yes[32]?Fatal; older vampires have higher tolerances[32]No[33]Yes[34]Can develop a tolerance[34]No[35]No?
John Carpenter's VampiresYesFatalYes???NoWielder has to possess faithNoNo?
Dark Shadows (1966)YesFatal (except under the treatments of Dr. Julia Hoffman)???Yes?Keeps them at bay?NoNo
Frostbiten (2006)Fatal, but the supervampire must be killed through a combination of several vampire weaknessesImplied, the supervampires is killed by strong light after being staked????YesYes???
Dresden Files: White CourtAs for humansNoAs for humansAs for humansAs for humansNoNoNoNoNoNoThe opposite of the emotion that they feed on
Dresden Files: Black CourtYesNo (weakened during daylight hours)Yes?Yes?YesAffected by the faith of the user, not the inherent properties of the object; any holy symbol will workYesYes?It is mentioned that they have the weaknesses as described in Bram Stoker's novel.
Dresden Files: Red Court?Yes??FatalYes?They are less affected than the Black Court???Cutting their stomach open drains the blood they've eaten, this weakens them.
TouhouYesWeakened through sun exposure, a parasol seems to be enough protection, though???YesYesNoYes, even rain is a problemNoNoroasted soybeans[36]
Fright NightFatal, but only through the heartFatal??Can't think clearlyNo?Burns skin?Yes?
Marvel ComicsYesYes, except for pseudo-vampiresYesNoNoYes, except for pseudo-vampiresYes, except for pseudo-vampiresYes, except for pseudo-vampiresNoYesNoThe Montesi Formula incantation kills all vampires on Earth. If the spell is lifted, slain vampires may return.
We Are The Night (2010)?Fatal?No??No?No??
Blindsight (2007)FatalNo, but light-shy and tends toward nocturnal activityFatalFatalFatalNoNoNo intrinsic aversion to religion in general, but "crucifix glitch" caused problems with crossesNoCannot approach any construction with right angles while eyes are open due to "crucifix glitch"; legend may have arisen from this conditionPossible - altered brain structure provides omnisavantic pattern-matching and analytical skillsNeurological "crucifix glitch" causes lethal seizures when perpendicular lines fill more than 30 degrees of visual field; seizures can be prevented by "anti-Euclidean drugs"
Blood: The Last VampireNoNoYes?YesNoNoDistresses themNoNoNoThey can die if they lose a sufficiently large amount of blood
Blood+NoOnly the SchiffsYes?FatalNoNoNoNoNoNoThe blood of one Queen can kill anything that her sister has created
Trinity BloodMethuselahs: YesYesYes?YesYesNoNoNoNoNoThey have to eat normal food alongside blood or they die
Crusniks: ?No????NoNoNoNoNo
Rosario + VampireYesNo[37]NoYesNoYesYes[note 6]YesYesNoNo
CharmedYesYesYesNoYesNoYesYesNoNoNoThe Power of Three and demonic powers can kill them; also, killing the Queen kills the entire clan as well
DC ComicsYesBut it greatly weakens their powersExcept for CainNoYesYesYesYesNoNoNoKilling a vampire results in the death of his/her entire clan, however, this can only be done during the first 48 hours of the creation of a new vampire
Wizards of Waverly Place?Yes????Yes?NoNoNoPumpkin smell is repulsive to them, werewolf scratch take away their powers, and vampires powers are useless against plastic
Gantz?They can take a special medicine that toughens their skin, allowing them to walk around in the daylightFatal??NoNoNoNoNoNo
Goosebumps(Welcome to Dead House)?Fatal??????No?NoThe light of a flashlight is also fatal
Adventure TimeImpliedDirect sunlight only. A simple parasol is enough to render the sun's light merely irritating???????Unclear. The Marceline is seen entering people's houses uninvited but seems to have prior, largely unknown claims to extensive amounts of property across the Land of OooNoPowerless against ghosts
Vampire KnightFatalOnly cause burns and not actually harm themFatalNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoOnly anti-vampire weapons can kill a Pureblood
Castlevania seriesYesYesNoNoNoNoNoYesNoNoNo
SplitYesNoYesWeakens themYesYesYesNoWeakens themNoYesSea salt and spells hurt them, and a broken heart due to love kill them
TsukihimeTrue Ancestors: NoNoOnly if they are not powerful enough to regenerateNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoPowerful magic and conceptual weapons can kill them, also dismemberment if they are not powerful enough to regenerate
Dead Apostles: FatalFatal; powerful Dead Apostles can withstand itFatalYesFatalNoNoNoYesNoNoNormal and magical weapons can kill them; and killing their creator also kill them
StargateNoNoYesNoYesNoNoNoNoNoNoThe Hoffan Drug can kill the Wraiths and if they are malnourished, more normal ways of killing can be effective
Hollows (series)Living Vampires (Low and High Blood): YesNoYesYesYesNoNoNoNo?NoThey can die in any normal way
Undead: YesYesYes?YesYes?Yes??NoThe blood of an Undead is deadly to another Undead
Black Blood BrothersExcept for Jiro and CassaExcept for the old bloodYesExcept for the old bloodYesYesYesYesExcept for the old bloodOnly to enter the Special ZoneNo
Stephen KingType One: YesYesYesYesYesNoYesYesYesYesNoThey are afraid of white eyes painted on black dogs
Type Two: YesYesYesYesYesNoYesYesYesYesNoRoses hurt them
Type Three: YesNoYes?YesNoNo???NoNormal weapons can kill them
VampirellaFatalNoYes?YesNoContradictory informationNoNo?No
The Elder Scrolls?Gradually kills them, except for the vampires of Skyrim who are only weakened. Some gain greater resistance after feedingFatalFatal, except for Argonian vampiresFatalYes, except for the ancient vampires of the Illiac BayOne special case, but not most vampiresHoly places, but only for the vampires of the Illiac BayNoNoNoThe vampires of Arena could only be killed by magic or fire, otherwise they were only subdued
My Babysitter's a VampireFatalNon-fatal, but very irritable??NoNoNon-fatal, but very irritableCan't come close to them?YesNoMagical daggers, UV light sabers, spells can be harmful and the lucifractor can kill them
Jojo's Bizarre AdventureNoFatalNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoHamon (a martial art that produces UV rays)
The LibrarianOnly stakes made of Aspen woodYesYes?YesYes?Yes?NoNoDrinking blood from a human with a blood disease gives the vampire that disease
David WellingtonOnly if they don't have blood to regenerateThey “die” when daylight rises, but relieve again every nightNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoThey get weak when they regurgitate blood
DarkstalkersNoHe can create an aura to protect him?NoYesNoNoNoNoNoNo
The HistorianFatalFatalNo?NoYesYesYes?NoNo
Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi?No??????No??Exsanguination (maybe)
Saga of the Noble DeadNoFatalIt paralyzes them, but it isn't fatalNoFatalNoNoNoNoNoNoThe loss of their blood, the attacks of a Majay-hi and magical weapons weakens them
Doctor WhoGreat Vampires: YesNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoDestroying their hearts
Vampires: YesYesYesYes??YesYesYesNoNoAge rapidly to the point of death when their creator is destroyed.
Dance in the Vampire BundFatalFatalFatal?FatalNoNoNoNoNoNoSevere damage to their bodies is fatal
BloodRayne seriesFatalFatalFatalFatalFatalNoYesYesYesNoNoThe poison of a dhampir is deadly for them
The StrainOnly if is made of silverYesYes??YesNoNoUnless is invited/assisted by a humanNoNoUltraviolet light and nuclear energy are fatal
Blood Alone?Yes??????Yes??
Anno Dracula seriesFatalElder vampires have a greater toleranceFatalOnly some bloodlinesFatalOnly some bloodlinesOnly if the vampire believes is a weaknessOnly if the vampire believes is a weaknessOnly some bloodlinesOnly some bloodlinesNoSick or a dead person’s blood can hurt them
Hotel TransylvaniaNoHarmful, but not immediately fatal??Yes?Discomforting, possibly harmful???No
VampireologyImmobilizesNoOnly to Ba'alsDo not need to breatheOnly to MolochsYesYesNot the holy symbol itself, but the faith of the person holding itNoNoYesVampires can only be permanently killed by the sword of Michael
Blood MoonFatal if made of silverExposure causes dehydration, sunburn, and eventually deathYesYesFatalFatalNoNoNoNoNoWerewolf venom/saliva burns like silver
ShadowspawnAs for humansNoAs for humansAs for humansAs for humansNoNoNoNoNoNoIf killed in the right way, they can become "Shadow form"
"Shadow form" : not sureYes?????????
ShadowrunVampires: YesYes?Yes?YesYesYes?NoNoSuffocation can let them fall unconscious
Nosferatu: NoYes?Yes?YesYesYes?NoNoSuffocation can let them fall unconscious
AdventureQuestNoYesAs for humansAs for humansYesNo?NoNoNoNo
Vampire in BrooklynYesExact effect unknown, but is avoided????NoYes???
The Shadowhunter Chronicles (The Mortal Instruments)Vampires: YesAngel blood can eliminate weaknessYes?YesYesNoDepending on the believes of the vampireNoNoNoSeraph Blades or bleeding them dry can kill them
Daylighter: YesNoYes?YesNoNoDepending on the believes of the vampireNoNoNoSeraph Blades can kill them
Penny DreadfulYes?Yes??????No?Hurting the brain or killing the vampire master is fatal for the infected vampires
Nosflutteratu FatalExposure to sunlight weakens them but, it is not fatalFatalNoFatal?Yes?Unlikely?UnlikelyWater that has been enchanted to store the heat of sunlight is fatal
  1. ^ Discworld vampires are immortal; even fatal weaknesses only reduce them to ash. A drop of blood can restore them to full health if it comes in contact with the ashes
  2. ^ Cultural aversion to sunlight. Sufficiently bright light can also turn them to ash
  3. ^ a b Cultural aversion
  4. ^ Cultural aversion to all religious symbols
  5. ^ Vampires believe that dying in running water prevents the soul from entering the afterlife.
  6. ^ In Rosario + Vampire Capu2 episode 8, Moka is repelled by Tsukune's body odor when he eats garlic. However it is not addressed as a vulnerability in the manga series.

Supernatural powers[edit]

SettingImmortalEnhanced strengthEnhanced sensesEnhanced speedUnnatural healingFlightShapeshifting/AbsorptionPsychic PowersTelekinesisPyrokinesisOther
European Folklore?YesYesYesYesSomeYesNoSome poltergeist-like activityNo?
North American folkloreYesYesYesYesYesSomeNocturnal animals, fogYesNoNo?
DaybreakersVampires: YesNoSmellNoThey are highly resilient to painNoThey mutate into Sub Siders when deprived of bloodNoNoNo
Sub Siders: YesYesYesNoThey are highly resilient to painThey appear to gain wings as they mutateNoNoNoNo
Varney the VampireYesYes ? ?Regenerates in moonlight[10] ? ?Yes ?No?
Bram Stoker's DraculaYesYesYesYesYesYesWolf, bat (also giant bat), dust, fog - possibly dog as well. Can also impersonate Jonathan Harker. Can impersonate a coachman and a doorman (though it is not known if he only used darkness to disguise himself or a little magic as well in addition to that darkness)The hunters track Dracula through his telepathic link with MinaImprobable, as he would then have carried his boxes on his own (though he might still have been too weak to use that hypothetical magical power)Plausible, since he started a massive fire and the characters who were not present when he did it simply had to guess he may have used a match, but they cannot prove anything.Control of nocturnal animals, wolves and rats mentioned specifically. At least one Vampire (if not all) is able to shrink to fit under a door. Hypothetical array of other powers (due to former magical scholarship - undocumented, and very briefly mentioned by Dr Van Helsing). Lizard-like climbing abilities.
NosferatuYes ? ?Yes ? ?Wolf ?YesNoRats and plague follow the Vampire
Van HelsingYesYesYesYes, but it resembles teleportingYesIn winged creature formWinged bat/demon-like creature?NoNoVampires can walk on walls and ceilings
Anne Rice's Vampire ChroniclesYesYesYesYesYesExtremely old vampiresNoMostVery old vampiresVery old vampiresMost are able to walk on walls and ceilings. Children of the Millennia can cause blood vessels to rupture. All vampires have enhanced memories.
Twilight SagaYesYesYesYesYesNoNoGiftedNoGiftedGifted vampires can have a variety of different abilities.
BuffyYes[30]Yes[30][29]Yes[30]YesYes[30][29]No[power 1]Only DraculaGiftedNoNoNo
BladeVampires: YesYesYes--also can see in ultravioletYesYes; also, Frost/La Magra merger regenerates lost limbs instantly (see "other")NoOnly Dracula and La Magra, the latter can shed his skin, turning into a ball of fire to methodically stalk his prey. (Gained from the Ligaroo tribe)Only La Magra, which can control minds, matter and the elements. (Gained from the Faustinas tribe)NoNoDeacon Frost (When merged with La Magra) showed other powers:
  • Impervious to silver.
  • The ability to walk during the day due to Blade's blood.
  • Can instantly turn any human in his path into vampires. (This is debated, since Dr. Karen Jenson was in the same area where La Magra and Blade's battle took place and was not instantly turned, though it's probable that La Magra needs to concentrate his powers in order to actually turn humans).
Reapers: YesYesYesYesYesNoNoNoNoNo
Ultraviolet (TV serial)YesYesEnhanced sense of smellYesYesNoNoNoNoNo
30 Days of Night (2002)YesYesYesYesYesNoYesYesNoNo?
DiscworldYesYesYesYesCan be resurrected from ashesAs a bat or as a "human"YesYesNoNoOvercome inherent weaknesses with psychological conditioning
Batman & DraculaYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesNoNo
Vampire AcademyOnly the StrigoiYesYesOnly the Strigoi[38]Spirit users can heal.NoYesSome, not all.NoVampires that are fire users.All Moroi have an extra power: water, earth, air and sometimes spirit.
True BloodYesYesYesYesYesGiftedOnly if they had the power before they turned.Can "Glamour" humans, erase memories and bend their willNoNoCan feel the emotions of whoever has drank blood from them, such as if they are in danger. They can also feel when their "maker" is in trouble, and a maker can feel the same thing for their progeny (vampire children). Vampire blood can heal humans, and has drug-like effects.
The Little VampireYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesNoCan climb any surface and may hang from the ceiling to sleep
The Vampire DiariesNovels: YesYesYesYesYesOnly in bird formYesYesNoYesThey can control the elements, animals and the weather
Television Series: YesYesYesYesYes?NoVampires can only compel humans. Originals can compel other vampires, vampire/werewolf hybrids, and humans. Werewolves can't be compelledNoNoDream Manipulation. Vampire blood heals humans. Can "turn off humanity"
Count ChoculaYesYesNoYes?YesBatNoAble to levitate marshmallowsElectrokinesisTurns milk chocolatey, 15 vitamins and minerals
Count Duckula?NoNoNoNoNoYes?NoNoTeleportation
Vampire Hunter DYesYesYesYesYesNoSome can turn into mistYesNoNoVaries greatly by individual Nobility
Sesame StreetYesNo?No?NoNoHypnosis, now discontinued?Can generate thunder by countingPreternatural counting abilities
Let the Right One InYesYesYesYesYesYesLimitedSending memories through kissNoNoAre able to walk on walls
Young DraculaYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesThey have other abilities, like weather manipulation, among others
PreacherYesYesYesYesYesNoLimitedYesNosomeAbility to walk on walls and ceilings, briefly read the minds of those they drink from, other unspecified abilities
American VampireOld World bloodline: YesYesYes?YesNo?NoNoNo
American bloodline: YesYesYes?YesNo?NoNoNo
HellsingYesYesLong range visionYesYesYesYesYesYes?Powerful vampires can pass through walls, shadow and blood manipulation, can summon the souls of those he has previously consumed
Anita Blake: Vampire HunterYesYesYesYesYes, but wounds from silver heal slowly. Holy water inhibits healingGiftedRareTelepathy is stronger after biting, can enthrall with eyesGiftedGiftedCall animals, drain power from sired vampires, rot without damage(dependent on bloodline)
World of Darkness[power 2]YesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesVast number of potential Disciplines. Also, consumption of a vampire's blood 3 times causes blood bonding, an imposed state of intense love.
Being Human (BBC)YesYesYes usually smellYesYesNoNoGiftedNoNo?
Being Human (Syfy)YesYesYesYesYesNoNoYesNoNo?
The Saga of Darren ShanExtended LifeYesYesYesSaliva has healing powersNoNoAmong higher ranking full vampires and briefly during transformation into a vampire; not exclusive to vampiresOnly illusion of telekinesisNoExhales gas that causes unconsciousness in humans, Runs at high speeds outside normal space
MoonlightYesYesYesYesYesNoNoCan be developed with ageNoNo?
The Parasol ProtectorateYesYesYesYesYesNoNoNoNoNo
Blood Omen/Legacy of KainYesYesMostly smellGifted. Kain gains mastery of timeYesAncient Vampires were able to fly, Kain can levitate, Raziel can glideWolf, bat swarm, mistGiftedGiftedGiftedCorruptions caused some clans to gain abilities others did not. Some powers are also granted by the Reaver or by consuming the blood or the soul of some characters
Night WatchYes[power 3]YesYes[power 3]?Yes[power 3]GiftedGifted, giant batYes[power 3]Yes[power 3]Yes[power 3]Ability to lure prey to the vampire
UnderworldYesYesYesYesYesOnly Markus in his winged creature formOnly hybridsThrough drinking their bloodNoNoSelene and her daughter can perceive through each other psychically. Can cling to surfaces.
Chibi Vampire/KarinExtended life, potentially beyond 1000 yearsYesYesYesYesSomeNoMemory Erasure and hypnotic barriersNoNoAdult vampires and some children can control bats. Spring of Psyche vampires cannot control bats or erase minds, but produce blood rather than sucking blood.
Night WorldLamias: They are immortal if they want toYesYesYesYesNoOnly Maya Hearth-WomanYesNoNoMaya can perform magic
Made Vampire: YesYesYesYesYesNoNoYesNoNo
Dungeons & DragonsYesYesYesNoYesBy shape shiftingBat, wolf, cloud of smokeYesNoNoCan walk on walls and ceilings
Forever KnightYes[14]Yes[14]Heat/night vision[39]Yes[14]Yes[33]Yes[14]NoAbility to persuade through mesmerism[14]NoNoNo
NecroscopeYesYesYesNoYesSomeYesYesNoNoKillglance, Necromancy, Precognition
Moon ChildYesYes?YesYes?NoNoNoNo?
Abraham Lincoln, Vampire HunterYesYesYesYesYesBut can glideNoSomeNoNoNo
The Lost BoysYesYesYesYesYesYesNoYesNoNo
Dark Shadows (1966)YesYes?Either this or teleportationYesYesBatHypnosisYesNoTime travel, necromancy, possibly teleportation
House of NightBlue Vampyres: YesStronger than humans, but not unnaturally strongYesFast, but not unnaturally soDepends on vampire affinityNoNoNoDepends on vampire affinityDepends on vampire affinityMost are specially talented or have an affinity for one thing or skill
Red Vampyres: Yes?YesFaster than humans, but not unnaturally soDepends on affinityNoNoYesDepends on affinityDepends on affinityMost are specially talented or have an affinity for one thing or skill
Frostbiten (2006)YesYesYesYesYesNoYesNoNoNoThe vampires can scale walls and roofs with no support at all and talk to dogs
Dresden Files: White CourtNo, but long-livedOnly when boosted?Only when boostedOnly when boostedNoNoInduce and harvest emotions??Normally about human in power, but can boost to superhuman using harvested emotional energy
Dresden Files: Black CourtEither immortal, or very long-livedYesYesYesYes??Can create thralls and "renfields" (insane, violent, permanent thralls)??Can control or alter animals; at least one is a powerful magic user
Dresden Files: Red CourtEither immortal, or very long-livedYesYesYesYes?Can change from human-looking to natural bat-like form by removing outer skinPotent narcotic, euphoric, addictive saliva??
TouhouYesYesYesYesImplied they can recover from anything as long as the head is undamagedYesYesYesYesYesRemilia: Fate manipulation; magic and object destruction.
Fright NightYesYesYesYesYesBy shape-shifting into a batBat, wolf, mist???Stick to ceilings.
Marvel ComicsYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesNoNoSome vampires can control the weather and some animals; pseudo-vampires don't have these powers
We Are The Night (2010)YesYesYesYesYesNoNoNoNoNoWalk on walls.
Blood: The Last VampireExtended LifeYesYesYesYesExcept for SayaExcept for SayaNoNoNo?
Blood+Only Queens and ChevaliersYesYesYesYesOnly Chevaliers when they shape shiftOnly Queens and ChevaliersNoNoNo
Trinity BloodMethuselahs: Extended lifeYesYesYesYesOnly a certain type called FairiesNoNoNoGiftedMethuselah also possess varying individual abilities, like forming of a blades that comes out of the arms, claws or even prehensile hair. Some Methuselah have displayed an ability to control some elemental powers such as fire and ice
Crusniks: Extended life/Immortal if 100% releasedYesYesYesYesYesYesYesNoNoAll Crusniks have a variety of different abilities
SupernaturalYesYesYesYesYesNoNoOnly the Alpha VampireNoNo?
DC ComicsYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesOnly Andrew BennettNoAndrew Bennett can do magic
SanctuaryYesYes?YesYesNoNoNoNoNoThey have the ability to understand another person's identity and native language by tasting their blood
Rosario + VampireYesYesYesYesYesSome, when shapeshift into batGiftedNoNoNo
CharmedYesYesYesYesYesIn bat formYesYesNoNoThey are immune to witches' powers and can hang or cling to ceilings
Wizards of Waverly PlaceYesYesSmellYesYesBy turning her arms into wingsYesNoNoNoSleep control
GantzNoYesNoYesNoNoNoNoNoNoAre able to spawn weapons from their bodies
Blindsight (2007)No, but can hibernate for decades to avoid overhunting its food supplyYes due to increased ATP productionYes due to tapetum lucidum and tetrachromatic visionYes due to thicker axons increasing nerve impulse transmission speedNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
Goosebumps (Welcome to Dead House)implied, they do not ageYesYesYes?YesNo???They are able to go through walls
Adventure TimeYes???YesYesYes?YesYes
  • Can drain the color red from objects instead of feeding on blood
  • Ability to become invisible
  • Ability to animate corpses
Vampire KnightOnly the Pureblood, the other levels are long livedYesYesEnhanced smell onlyYesGiftedGiftedGiftedGiftedGiftedGifted vampires can have a variety of different abilities
Castlevania seriesYesYesYesYesOnly the vampires in Castlevania: Lords of ShadowYesYesNoNoYesSome can manipulate electricity, black magic, summon bats and Dracula can resurrect every 100 years
SplitYesYesYesYesYesNoNoYesNoNoSome can possess people
TsukihimeTrue Ancestors: YesYesYesYesYesNoNoYes??Some can manipulate reality and move from one place to another by recreating their body
Dead Apostles: Extended lifeYesYesYesTheir bodies turn their time backwards to a point in which they were unharmedNoBy absorbing mystical beastsGiftedNoNoGifted Dead Apostles can summon familiars and become invisible. Mages that become Dead Apostles through magic, can still perform it afterwards
StargateYesYesNight and thermal visionYesYesNoNoYesNoNoWraiths can took or give life-force
Hollows (series)Living Vampires (Low and High Blood): NoYesYesYesNoNoNoNoNoNoLiving High Blood vampires are empath and pull an aura
Undead: YesYesYesYesYesNoNoYesNoNo
Black Blood BrothersYesYes?YesYesNoOnly Cassandra Jill WarlockYesYesOnly Zelman ClockThe Dark Princess of the North can manipulate the weather
Stephen KingType One: YesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesPossibly; Barlow could cause an entire house to shake in the movie.NoCan control magical bugs
Type Two: YesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesNoNo
Type Three: ????????NoNo
VampirellaYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesNoNoVampirella can manipulate shadows, blood and induce sexual arousal
The Elder ScrollsYesYes, except for the vampires of SkyrimSightYes, except for the vampires of SkyrimGiftedGiftedOnly Vampire LordsMost vampire clans, but not allOnly Vampire LordsOnly the vampires of ArenaVarious unique powers based on clan, such as invisibility, silencing mages, reanimating corpses, poisonous claws, summoning gargoyles, enhanced magic and skills, and numerous resistances
My Babysitter's a VampireVampires: YesYesYesYesYesYesNoYesGiftedNo
Fledgling: YesYesYesYesYesNoNoNoNoNo
Jojo's Bizarre AdventureYesYesNoYesYesNoNoOnly by inserting a bit of own flesh into victim's headNoNoDio Brando can shoot blood from his eyes at high speeds and freeze a person's blood by touching them.
The LibrarianYesYesYesYesYesYesIn dustNoNoNoDreams manipulation
David WellingtonYesYesYesYesYesNoNoNoNoNo
DarkstalkersYesYes ?NoYesYesYesNoNoYesHe can manipulate his cape, create protective auras and temporarily change the gender of male opponents
The HistorianYesYesYesYesYesIn animal formYesNoNoNo
Itsuka Tenma no Kuro UsagiPossibly, or very long life. Do not age, and can change their apparent age to their liking.Yes??YesYesNoNoNoYesSaitohimea has a lot of magic
Saga of the Noble DeadYesYesYesYesYesNoNoYesNoNoSome vampires can control animals and all vampires have to obey the orders of the one who turned them
Doctor WhoGreat Vampires: YesYesYesYesYesNoNoNoNoNo
Vampires: Extended lifeYesYesYesYesSomeSomeYesSomeNo
Dance in the Vampire BundExtended LifeYesYesYesYesIf they have wings in their true formYesSomeNoNoGifted vampires can have a variety of different abilities
BloodRayne seriesYesYesYesYesYesin bat formYesNoNoNo
VampsYesYesYesYesYesNoNoYesNoNoGifted vampires can have a variety of different abilities
The StrainYesYesYesYesYesNoNoYesNoNoThey can transfer their consciousness from one human host to another
Blood AloneYesYesYesYesYesNoNoYesNoNoThe elders have different special abilities
Anno Dracula seriesYesYesYesYesYesGifted bloodlinesGifted bloodlinesGifted bloodlinesGifted bloodlinesGifted bloodlinesGifted bloodlines can have a variety of different abilities
Hotel TransylvaniaYesYesYesYesYesMostly in bat formBat; standard form can grow clawsPowerful hypnosis; can control beasts or men, rewrite memories; requires eye contactYesNoCan walk on walls and ceilings in defiance of gravity; able to induce lasting paralysis in beasts or men.
VampireologyYesYesYesYesYesin animal formYesYesNoNo
Blood MoonYesYesYesYesYesNoNoYesNoNoCan swap locations with their Bat familiars, making it appear as if they turned into the animal
ShadowspawnVery long-lived, "shadow form" is immortal or nearly soYesYesYesYesOnly in some formsYesManipulation of chanceYesYesMost or all of their powers derive from manipulation of chance
Shadowrun (vampires and nosferatu)?YesYes?YesIn animal formGiftedYes??Some of them can do magic
Vampire in BrooklynYesYesYesYesYesYesWolf, bat, fog, can shapeshift into other humansYesYesYesCan cast spells of illusion, can possibly turn invisible or teleport
The Shadowhunter Chronicles (The Mortal Instruments)YesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesNoNoCan control certain mortals
Penny DreadfulYesYes?YesYesNoNoOnly master vampiresNoNo
NosflutteratuYesYesYesYesYesYesThey can shapeshift into a bat (they can't do this during the day)Yes??
  1. ^ In the film, vampires could levitate
  2. ^ Most vampiric powers in the World of Darkness are the result of Disciplines, which must be learned. Thus, while all the powers on this list are available to any vampire, immortality and unnatural healing are the only two they're all guaranteed to have
  3. ^ a b c d e f Magical ability not limited to vampires

Reproduction and feeding[edit]

SettingFertileReproduce via biteReproduce via transfusionReproduce via consumption of vampire blood after biteInhabited by demonsDietEffects on victimsOther/notes
European FolkloreYesUpon deathNoNoYes[40]
Varney the Vampire ?Yes ? ?No
Bram Stoker's DraculaUnknown, but Dracula and the three vampire sisters share a specific trait : "high aquiline noses, like the Count's". Some people might see that as a subtle hint that Dracula and these three women are family members. In addition to that, a scene between them reveals that Dracula is capable of love and that they know it quite well. (cont. in "other")NoYesYesNoHuman blood(continued:) These pieces of information may or may not show that Dracula is fertile and that he has transformed his own daughters into vampire by incestuous means. However, the author does not give any more information on that subject, so this remains only a theory.
Nosferatu ?Yes ? ?No
Van HelsingBaby vampires are born dead and must be reanimatedYes? ?NoHuman blood
Anne Rice's Vampire ChroniclesNoNoYesYesYes (Although their actions are not controlled by the spirit inhabiting them.)May feed on animal blood, but it is less nutritious.
TwilightMale vampires can reproduce with female humansYesNoNoNoHuman and animal blood
BuffyNo[30]No[30]Yes[30]Yes[30]Yes[30]Can consume human or animal bloodAffects the pleasure centers of the brain
BladeVampires: yesYesYes?NoHuman blood
  • On extremely rare occasions, something goes horribly wrong in the normal transition process from human to vampire. The result is a “Revenant”, a badly malformed zombie-like creature. The reason for this is not understood and it is unpredictable, such “mistakes” occur infrequently
  • Some Pure-Bloods are born with an anomaly where a vampire became a ghoulish being without any regenerative capability
Reapers: ?YesNoNoNoHuman and vampire bloodInject a neurotoxin to paralyze their victims
Ultraviolet (TV serial)NoYesYesNoNo
30 Days of Night (2002)NoYesYes?NoHuman bloodScratches
DiscworldYesIf desired ? ?NoHuman and animal blood
True BloodNoNoNoThe human being turned must be buried alive in the ground afterwardNoCan consume human, animal, or artificial blood
The Little VampireNoThe victim becomes a mindless vampireNoYesNo
The Vampire Diaries (Novel and television series)NoNoIf killed while vampire blood is still in the system ?NoNovels: Human or animal blood; in the television series: human, animal and vampire blood; food gives them little nutrientsMagic ritual
Count Chocula????No
Sesame Street ? ? ? ?No
Vampire AcademyMoroi: YesNoNoNoNoHuman blood and food, but only blood gives them the nutrients they needInduces emotional and physical euphoria
Strigoi: NoNoNoYesNoHuman, dhampir or Moroi bloodInduces emotional and physical euphoriaIf Moroi purposefully kills another person while feeding turns into a Strigoi
House of NightBlue Vampyres: Yes, some teenagers are changed into vampyres when adolescent hormones trigger a strand of DNA; and if they pass the Change, they become blue vampyresNoNoNoNoHuman and bloodIs pleasurable for both human and vampyre, and may lead to a strong bond, called "Imprinting"
Red Vampyres: Yes, some teenagers are changed into vampyres when adolescent hormones trigger a strand of DNA; and if they don't pass the Change and die, they can be somehow resurrected and become Red VampyresNoNoNoNoHuman bloodIs pleasurable for both human and vampyre, and may lead to a strong bond, called "Imprinting"
Hellsing ?Provided the other is a virgin of the opposite sex; otherwise creates ghouls ? ?NoHuman bloodFREAKs (artificial vampires) are created by chips implanted in their bodies
Young DraculaYesYesNoNoNoHuman blood
Let the Right One In?YesYes?NoHuman and animal blood
Count Duckula?NoYes?No
Vampire Hunter DYesUsually creates servants???
Night WorldLamias: YesNoTurn the human into a made vampire; however if the human doesn't survive, becomes a ghoulNoNoHuman blood or food
Made Vampires: NoNoIf the human doesn't survive, becomes a ghoulNoNoHuman blood
Batman & DraculaNoYesNoNoNoHuman and animal blood
Preacher?Yes??NoHuman and animal blood, can drink any beverages that human can
American VampireOld World bloodline: NoNoYes?NoHuman blood
American bloodline: Yes, but it creates humans with vampire characteristics, not new vampiresNoNoYes?Human bloodInjects a venom that has a paralyzing effect on people
Anita Blake: Vampire HunterOnly young male vampires can reproduce with a human mother, may cause extreme birth defectsYes ? ?NoHuman and lycanthrope blood feeds them, they can also drink animal blood but is not a sufficient diet
World of DarknessExcept for "thin bloods", those of the 15th (and sometimes 14th) Generation removed from Caine; the offspring are natural ghouls, not vampiresNoNoThe victim must be drained to the point of death, otherwise it just creates a ghoul, a semi-immortal humanAll vampires must contend with "the Beast", an Id-like entityCan consume human or animal blood, need at least 1 L/day; some can eat foodVictims usually entrancedConsumption of vampire blood without draining makes a human effectively immortal, and gives them some powers, but does not make them a vampire. The effect wears off in about a month without subsequent doses.
The Saga of Darren ShanNo, with exclusion of Destiny's "children"NoYes ?NoVampires: Few drops of human blood, vampaneze: all of the human blood
MoonlightNoNoNoThe human must be near deathNo
The Parasol Protectorate?Only females can create new vampires, and only if the recipient has enough soul; it doesn't happen with every feeding, see notesNoSort of; see noteNoMaking a new vampire involves simultaneously feeding (with feeder fangs) and injecting blood into the new vampire (with maker fangs); it doesn't always work.
Blood Omen/Legacy of KainNo, due to Hylden curseNo. Kain is able to bite (even kill) his enemies without infecting themAncients infected humans with blood as did Human Hybrids besides Kain. The vampires of Kain's empire were never documented. ?NoHuman bloodKain himself was created using the Heart of Darkness and Necromancy. Because of this Kain had to create through a form of Necromancy, "breathing" his soul into a corpse, animating it and calling its soul back from the underworld. The soul was then itself vampiric, infected by Kain's.
Night WatchA vampire can have one single human childMore or less complicated procedure, implied that the victim has to agree, but might be unnecessaryNo ?NoHuman blood, food is tasteless
UnderworldYesYesYes ?NoHuman and animal blood
Chibi Vampire/KarinOnly full vampires. Half-Human variants are sterileNoNoNoNoYoung vampires and human-vampire hybrids can consume human food. Loss of taste for human food occurs in normal vampires at puberty; food begins to taste like sand. Following puberty, vampires and hybrids develop different 'tastes' for different (usually negative) traits/emotions in humans.Temporary removal of trait/emotion in bitten human.Human-vampire hybrids do not need to feed as often, but feeding causes the hybrid to be temporarily affected by all the weaknesses of full vampires.
Being Human (BBC)NoNoNoYesNoHuman blood from a live human and food
Being Human (Syfy)NoNoNoPossiblyNoHuman blood from a live human
Dungeons & DragonsYesYesNo ?No
Forever KnightVampires are sterile, and can cause the death of mortals if intercourse is attempted[41]If desired[42] ? ?No
NecroscopeMales can have one egg son, Females can produce a multitude of eggs in a mass birthIf desiredYes ?NoBlood and human flesh, but other creatures and human food too during partiesInhaling or absorbing the cloud of spores from the ‘mushrooms’ or by absorbing a leech’s egg
Abraham Lincoln, Vampire HunterNoNoNoYesNo
The Lost Boys?Yes?Blood is given before death to create a half-vampireNo
Moon Child????No
Dark Shadows (1966)YesYes??Human and animal bloodWitch's curse and there is a debate about that the vampiric energy of Barnabas was transferred, curing Barnabas & bringing Adam to life
Frostbiten (2006)?YesYesYes?
Dresden Files: White CourtBorn basically human, become vampire after first feeding (can become fully human instead)NoNoNoProbablyFeed off of emotionsVictims are sexually aroused, or terrified, depending on what emotion the vampire feeds off of
Dresden Files: Red Court???Yes, with complicationsYesHas an addictive effect on victimsMulti-stage process; potential vampire is infected, and gains some powers, then becomes a vampire after first feeding
Touhou?Contradicting information[reproduction 1]??Vampires are considered a kind of devil, but are not possessed[43]
Fright Night?Yes, if desired???Human blood
Marvel ComicsNoYesNoNo ?Human blood; blood from animals or other vampires gives them little nutrients
We Are The Night (2010)NoYes?NoNo
Blindsight (2007)YesPotentially by lateral gene transmissionNoNoNoCan also be created by applying retroviral gene therapy to baseline humans
Blood: The Last Vampire?NoWith scientific assistanceNoNoHuman blood
Blood+Only Queens and ChevaliersNoOnly Queens bloodNoNoQueens: Human or their Chevaliers blood; food gives them nutrients, but diminishes their powers, chiropterans: human blood, but chevaliers may be able to live with food
Trinity BloodMethuselahs: YesNoYesNoNoHuman blood and food
Crusniks: ?NoNoNoNoVampire blood and food
SupernaturalNoNoYesNoNoHuman and animal blood
DC ComicsNoYesNoNo ?Human and animal blood
SanctuaryYesNoOnly in humans with vampire genesNoNoHuman blood, but there is a special serum that can replace it
Rosario + VampireYesNoYesNoNoHuman blood and foodtransfusion may turn human into ghoul instead of vampireFirst Ancestor vampires can only be made by transfusing the blood of a First Ancestor vampire.
CharmedNoYesNoNo ?Human blood
Wizards of Waverly PlaceYesNoNoNoNoHuman blood and food
Gantz????NoHuman blood and food
Goosebumps (Welcome to Dead House)?YesNo?No
Adventure Time?Yes?No, however Marceline is of demonic descentConsume the color redBecomes white?
Vampire KnightOnly the PurebloodTurn humans into vampires level D and EIf a level E drinks the blood of the Pureblood that created them, the level E becomes a level CNoNoHuman blood and blood tablets
Castlevania seriesNoOnly in Castlevania: Legacy of DarknessYesNoNoVampirism can also be brought by curses or the use of the Ebony Stone
SplitYesYesNoNoNoHuman blood or "Doll-Bar"
TsukihimeTrue Ancestors: YesTurn humans into Dead ApostlesNoNoNoHuman blood, however, it is just a psychological impulseThe Earth and other True Ancestors can create more
Dead Apostles: NoNoYesNoNoHuman bloodMagecraft
StargateYesNoNoNoNoLife force from living beings, but only human gives them the nutrients they needVictim ages artificiallyHumans with Wraiths DNA can be turned into Wraiths by science
Hollows (series)Low Blood: ?NoNoNoNoHuman blood or food, both of them gives them nutrients
High Blood: YesNoNoNoNoHuman blood or food, both of them gives them nutrientsIf they die, they automatically become undead vampires
Undead: ?Turns humans into living low blood vampiresIf a low blood drinks undead blood after their death, they become undead vampiresNoNoHuman bloodTheir saliva contains drugs that make the pain of a vampire's bite feel like pleasure and can also sensitize their victims so that only that vampire can affect the victim
Stephen KingType One: NoTurn humans in types twoNoNoNoHuman blood
Type Two: NoTurn humans in types threeNoNoNoHuman blood
Type Three: ?NoNoNoNoHuman blood or foodTheir bites contain an enzyme that causes temporary memory loss and disorientation in their victims
Black Blood BrothersNoOnly the Kowloon ChildrenVampires and Kowloon ChildrenNoNo
Vampirella ?Yes ? ?NoHuman Blood
The Elder ScrollsVampires: YesIn select circumstancesNoNoNoHuman blood, sometimes animal bloodTransmitted as a disease by magic or physical contact with a vampire.
Vampire Lords: ?In select circumstancesNoNoNoHuman bloodCan also be created through a ritual to Molag Bal.
My Babysitter's a Vampire?They become half-vampiresNoNoNoCan consume human or animal bloodTo become full-vampires, they have to drink human blood within 28 days of turning or they will die
JoJo's Bizarre AdventureYesNoYesNoNoSuck human blood through fingers
The LibrarianNoYesNoNoNoHuman blood
David WellingtonNoNoNoNoNoHuman bloodTo transfer the curse one must accept the vampire's invitation to undeath, and then kill one's self to be reborn.
DarkstalkersYesYesNoNoNoHuman blood
The HistorianNoYesNoNoNoHuman blood
Itsuka Tenma no Kuro UsagiPossibly, since they use to have a world of their own.No???Anything that humans can consume
Saga of the Noble DeadYes????Human blood, but some consume life essence
Doctor WhoGreat Vampires: yesTurn humans into vampiresNoNoNoBlood from any living being
Vampires: NoYesNoNoNoOnly human blood gives them the nutrients they need
Dance in the Vampire BundYesYesNoNo?Human blood and a blood substitute
BloodRayne seriesYes???NoHuman Blood
VampsNoYesNoNoNoHuman blood
The StrainNoNoNoNoNoHuman bloodDirect contact by a worm through a wound or orifice or using a stinger in their tongue to infects humans with the worm
Blood AloneNoNoNoYesNoHuman blood
Anno Dracula seriesNoYesNoNoNoHuman and animal blood
Hotel TransylvaniaYes????Artificial blood substitute; human blood edible but unhealthy
VampireologyNoNoNoYesNoOnly human blood may sustain them, though the Hunter somehow learned how to subsist on animal blood
Blood MoonYesTrue vampires can, but a puppet's bite is simply fatal??NoHuman BloodIf the victim is too old for transformation, the venom will burn and cause a painful death
ShadowspawnYesNoNoNoNoEat normal human food, only really need blood to power abilitiesFeeding is addictive for victimsIt may be possible to make a human into a Shadowspawn through genetic manipulation, but the technology isn't presently available
ShadowrunVampires: ?Only humans, and sometimes some metahumansNoNoNoHuman blood
Nosferatu: ?Only humans and elvesNoNoNoHuman blood
AdventureQuestPresumablyNoNoNoNoblood, although they can eat human food, but to little effectleaves them more vulnerable to vampire curse, makes them woozy
Vampire in BrooklynYes???NoHuman Blood, can drink wine
The Shadowhunter Chronicles (The Mortal Instruments)NoNoNoFor a human to be turned into a vampire, one must drink vampire blood, be bitten by other vampires, die, buried and then be reborn and brought back from the dead, then fed bloodNoMost can consume human or animal blood, but they can learn to eat human food to keep up appearancesTheir saliva contains venoms that make the pain of a vampire's bite feel like pleasure and increase humans health for a short while
Penny DreadfulNoYesNo??Human blood
  1. ^ In the profile from The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, it is stated that Remilia's victims usually stay alive, which prevents her from increasing the numbers of her kind. In Perfect Memento in Strict Sense, humans sucked dry by a vampire are said to turn into zombies.

Setting characteristics[edit]

SettingProgenitorSourceDraculaSupernatural CreaturesNon-Vampire LoversRest in CoffinsVampire Society or OrganizationsKnown to Human Society
Bram Stoker's Dracula??Title character
  • Werewolves (implied)
  • Witches (mentioned)
YesYesDracula and Brides. Also, gypsies are loyal to the countYes, villagers are aware (to some extent, at least) of the count's nefarious nature and try to protect Harker (by partly warning him and offering a religious object)
Young Dracula?biteFather of Title Character
  • Werewolves
  • Ghosts
YesYesAll Vampires are subjects of the 'Grand High Vampire' and Vampire Council
Anne Rice's Vampire ChroniclesAkashaDemonic hybridization with humansNo
  • Psychics
  • Witches
  • Taltos
  • Werebeasts/Werewolves (Possibly; they are mentioned to exist in one novel, but these may have only been rumors)
  • Mummies
  • Spirits
  • Ghosts
  • Angels
  • Demons
  • God
YesYesThey are mostly anarchic, but eventually the First Brood act as kings and queensHidden, Lestat tried to out them
Twilight?Believed to evolve alongside humansNoYesThey never sleepThe Volturis create and enforce all their lawsHidden
Van HelsingThe Devil (Dracula)Dracula's bite (Brides, other vampires)Main villain
  • Werewolves
  • Frankenstein's Monster
  • Warlocks (mentioned)
  • Demons (The Devil exists)
  • Angels (Said to exist)
  • God (The Christian God)
Yes?Dracula, Dracula's brides, other vampires, Dr. Frankenstein, Igor, Velkan Valerious (as a werewolf)
Hellsing ??Title character
  • Werewolves
  • Catboy
  • Ghouls
  • Ghosts
  • Hellhound
  • Demons (anime)
  • Baobhan Sith (anime)
YesYesThey serves different organizations, like the Hellsing OrganizationHidden
Nosferatu??Count Orlok (Dracula appears in the remake)
  • Werewolves
NoYesCount Orlok only, but in the remake, Harker becomes a vampire after Van Helsing kills Dracula (Orlok)
The Hunger?Evolved humans whose blood acts as virus in normal humansNo?Yes?Hidden
BuffyMalokerDemonic hybridization with humansYes[29]ManyYesOnly DraculaUsually live in packsThe majority of humans remained unaware or in denial of the existence of vampires, until Season Eight when the existence of vampires became public knowledge
BladeVampires: Dracula / Dagon / DrakeTemplate:Supernatural virusYes
  • Werewolves
  • Revenants
SomeNoVampire society is broken up into houses and the combination of this houses form the Vampire NationHidden
Reapers: Jared NomakGenetic sequencing of vampire DNAYesNoNoThey follow NomakExtinct
Night WorldMaya Hearth-WomanSpellNo
  • Werewolves
  • Witches
  • Ghouls
  • Shapeshifters
Ultraviolet (TV serial)?VirusNoNoYes?Hidden
30 Days of Night (2002)Vincente and his lover Lilith claimed that they were the parents of all other vampires.Being described as some kind of virus?NoIn some cases?Know with humans then became hidden.
  • Werewolves
  • Witches
  • Zombies
  • Igors
  • Numerous others
YesSomeSeveral organizations, most prominently the Vampire League of TemperanceYes
True Blood(possibly) Lilith?In the books
  • Maenads
  • Shapeshifters
  • Witches
  • Weres
  • Fairies
  • Demons (books)
YesThey can choose to rest in coffins or bedsThey have a hierarchy with The Authority at the top, magisters in the middle, kings and queens in third place and sheriffs at the bottomOut since invention of Trublood
The Little Vampire?A comet of soul which fell to the earth hundreds of years agoNoNoYes?Hidden
The Vampire DiariesNovels: The Old Ones?No
  • Werewolves
  • Kitsune
  • Witches
Television Series: The OriginalsA ritual spell cast by a WitchSpecifically stated to exist
  • Werewolves
  • Vampire/Werewolf Hybrid
  • Ghosts
  • Doppelgänger
  • Witches
Count Chocula??Brief cameo
  • Werewolves - Fruit Brute
Children as part of this complete breakfast??
Sesame Street??Is a comical reimaginingNo?Out
Count Duckula??Yes
  • Werewolves
Vampire Hunter D??Most honored member of Nobility; D's fatherManyYes?Highly advanced society, now in steady decline
Let the Right One In??NoNoYesNoHidden
House of NightNyx (possible)?No
  • Gods
  • Deity
  • Raven Mocker
  • Tsi Sgili
  • Angels
YesOnly red vampyresMatriarchalHidden
Batman & Dracula??YesWerecatYesYesThey follow some kind of master, either vampire or humanHidden
Preacher???Yes?Hidden, only 3 shown
American VampireOld World bloodline: ? ??Humans with vampire characteristicsYesNoThey usually follow a vampire leaderHidden
American bloodline: Skinner SweetEvolution of the European vampires?YesNoHidden
Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter??Using the name Dracula has been banned
  • Wereanimals
  • Ghouls
  • Zombies
  • Naga
  • Fey
  • Mer-people
Being Human (BBC)Two brothersDeal with the devilNo
  • Werewolves
  • Zombies
  • Ghosts
  • Succubi
  • Demons (implied)
YesNoUnder the ruling of the Old OnesHidden, but some wish to out themselves and enslave humans
Being Human (Syfy) ? ?No
  • Werewolves
  • Zombies
  • Ghosts
  • Witches
YesNoUnder the ruling of the Mother and The DutchHidden
The Saga of Darren Shan?Vampires believe they are descended from wolves; most vampire powers were added to the race by Des Tiny after their genesisNoYesYesYesDivided into Vampire and Vampanese races/culturesHidden to most humans
World of DarknessCaineDivine curseMember of the Tzimisce clanManyYesYesHidden
Blood Omen/Legacy of Kain??No
  • Werewolves
  • Telepaths
Night Watch??Probably existed in the universe, but not plot-relevant
  • Werewolves
  • Others
UnderworldMarkus CorvinusVirusNo
  • Werewolves
  • Lycans
  • Immortals
  • Hybrids
YesOnly the vampire elders while another vampire elder rulesRuled by Vampire Elders and a CouncilThey were hidden during the first three films, but their existence became public in Underworld: Awakening
Chibi Vampire/Karin?Vampire's are a species of the Homo genus, separate from Homo sapiens, but capable of producing sterile hybrid children with HumansBrief cameo of Bram Stoker's bookYes?Clans/Families control various territories with treaties and all-clan-meetings once a yearHidden within Japan
Vampire Academy ? ?NoDhampirYesNoMonarchyHidden.
Abraham Lincoln, Vampire HunterElizabeth BáthoryDemonic Hybridization with humansNoUnknownYes?Hidden but wants to take over the world
The Lost Boys??NoHellhoundsNone shown?Gang run by sireHidden
Dungeons & DragonsBy individual campaign or setting; Strahd von Zarovich in RavenloftNegative Material PlaneNoManyYes?By campaign/setting
Forever Knight??NoNoYes[44][41]?Hidden
The Parasol Protectorate?Implied to be virus or similar, only works on those with excess soul?
  • Werewolves
  • Ghosts
  • Soulless
  • Metanaturals
Yes?Most vampires are in hives, led by a single queen, the only femaleOut in Britain and help in the government, hidden (but known) in many other countries
NecroscopeShaitanVampiric leechNo
  • Werewolves
  • Necroscopes
No?Divided on two different "factions", with lords and ladies on top
Moon Child??NoNoYes?Hidden
DaybreakersA Vampire batVirusNoNo?NoOut, run society
Dark Shadows?Witch's Curse; Vampire BatNo
  • Witches
  • Wizards
  • Satanic Warlocks
  • Demons, Ghosts
  • Werewolves
  • Naga
  • Frankensteinian Hominids
  • The Phoenix
FrostbitenMaria is the progenitor of the Swedish vampires, but there are older onesBelieved to be a virus but implied to be supernaturalNo?NoYesThe vampire horde made up of Sebastian, John and the other teens. Annika and Maria.The films ends with the vampires taking over the entire Norrland
Dresden Files??Mentioned to still be alive
  • Wizards
  • Werewolves (several types)
  • Fae (many types)
  • Angels
  • Demons
  • Dragons
  • Ghosts
Definitely for White Court, probable for Red Court, unknown for Black and Jade?Formal vampire courts: White, Red, Black, and Jade.No
Touhou??Remilia claims to be a descendant, although she is not?YesThere is no secret about the mythological creatures who live in Gensokyo, Gensokyo itself is isolated from "our" world, though
Marvel ComicsVarnaeSpell from the DarkholdYesManyYes?Divided on Vampire SectsHidden
Fright Night ? ?NoFamiliars/GhoulsYesYesJerry Dandrige controlled all the vampires he createdHidden
We Are The Night ? ?No?YesNoLouise coven. Possible others around the world
Blindsight (2007)Homo sapiens vampiris coevolved with baseline humans as predator; speciation occurred around 400000–500000 years BPX-chromosome mutationNoNoLikely, not documented?Originally solitary predators, went extinct due to "crucifix glitch" and proliferation of perpendicular lines due to human technology. Species fully recreated in late 21st century and eventually reestablished position as apex predator on a virtual reality-befuddled humanity
Blood: The Last Vampire?The original Chiropterans evolve alongside humans, while the actual are human/chiropteran hybridizationNoNoYesNoHidden
Blood+?Believed to evolve alongside humansNoNoYesNoHidden
Trinity BloodMethuselahs: ?Injection of the Bacillus nanomachines in human bodiesNoNoYesNoThe Methuselahs have their capital in ByzantiumYes
Crusniks: All four Crusniks were created around the same timeInstallation of the Crusnik nanomachines in the bodies of four test tube babiesNoNoYesNoThey have gained a high position of power, as Commanders during the Human-Methuselah war and as leaders after the warNo
SupernaturalAlpha VampireCreated by EveNoManyYesNoOrganized into nestsNo
DC ComicsCainDivine curse?ManyYesNoRuled by a vampire king or queenNo
Sanctuary?Evolve alongside humansNoManyYes?Used to rule the world until humans rose up against their oppressors and hunted them to extinction
Rosario + VampireDracula?AlucardManyYesNoFamilies are headed by a First AncestorHidden
Charmed??NoManyYesNoRuled by queensNo
Wizards of Waverly Place??NoManyYesYesHidden
Gantz?They are the result of numerous nanomachines within the human bodyNoAliensYesNoThey are members of some criminal organizationHidden
Goosebumps (Welcome To Dead House)?Chemical accidentNoNoNoThey don't sleepLike a club with a WatcherHidden
Adventure Time???ManyYes?Marceline is "The Vampire Queen" as she was in the grand meeting of Ooo royaltyYes
Vampire KnightAncestorsPureblood descended from the AncestorsNoVampire HuntersYesSometimesA Senate was established to govern themHidden
Castlevania seriesIn Castlevania: Lords of Shadow CarmillaIn Lord of Shadows, Carmilla was half good and half evil, after her death, her evil half stay on earth as the first vampireYesManyYesYesRuled by Dracula?
  • Vampire/humans hybrids (Splits)
  • Demons
YesNoOrganized by a Vampire Council, a council of vampires with the authority to judge and define laws, which has to obey the Blood Chosen's rulesHidden
TsukihimeTrue Ancestors: Crimson Moon BrunestudCreated by the Earth as a defense mechanism against humans, but were born with a flaw: thirst for bloodNo
  • Aristoteles
  • Familiars
  • Demons
  • Humunculus
  • Phantasmal Species
  • Spirits
  • Mages
Dead Apostles: True AncestorsCreated to act as counter-measures in the case of a True Ancestor being overwhelmed by his or her thirst for bloodNoYesNoThe Twenty Seven Ancestors of the Dead Apostles act as a form of ruling bodyHidden
StargateAncientsHuman/Iratus Bug hybridizationNo
  • Aliens
  • Robots
YesThey hibernate on hibernation podsHive societyTheir existence is public in the Pegasus Galaxy, but on Earth only few humans know they exist
Hollows (series)?VirusNo
  • Inderlanders
  • Ghosts and spirits
  • Gods and goddesses
  • Weres
YesNoOrganized in camarillas with a vampire master at the topOut since the Turn
Black Blood Brothers??NoNoYesNoDivided into Vampires and Kowloon Children culturesHidden to most humans
Stephen King?Descended from the PrimNoManyYesYesTypes one usually control the other typesHidden
VampirellaLillithChildren between Lillith and demonsYesManyYes??Hidden
The Elder ScrollsMolag BalMagical ritual, diseaseNoManyYesYesDivided in various clans and factionsYes
My Babysitter's a Vampire??No
  • Witches
  • Weres
  • Ghosts
YesNoThe Vampire CouncilHidden
JoJo's Bizarre AdventurePillar MenStone MaskNo
  • Pillar Men (beings that prey on vampires)
  • Stand users
  • Ghosts
  • Aliens (Possibly)
The LibrarianJudas IscariotDivine CurseYesManyYesNoDracula wants to control all of themHidden
David Wellington??NoUndeadYesYes?But believed to be extinct
Darkstalkers??NoManyYes?He is the king of all his servantsYes
The HistorianVlad ŢepeşMagical ritual (possibly)Yes?YesYesDracula control all of themHidden
Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi?Their own worldNo
  • Demons
  • Elves (manga)
YesNoNot anymore, since Saitohimea is the last surviving vampireOnly to certain organizations. (the Church, the military, etc.)
Saga of the Noble Dead??NoManyYesNoCovensHidden
Doctor WhoGreat Vampires: ?Evolved in their home planetYesAliensYesNo?No
Vampires: Great vampiresGreat vampire biteYesAliensYesNoThey live in covensNo
Dance in the Vampire Bund ?Evolved humansNoWerewolvesYes?MonarchyYes
BloodRayne series ? ?No
  • Dhampir
  • Daemites
  • Maraisreq
  • Diseased
  • Mutates
  • Demons
YesNoRuled by some superior vampireHidden
Vamps ? ?NoNoYesNoCovensHidden
The StrainThe Ancient OnesFrom the body of an archangel that was cut into seven partsNoArchangelsYes?Each strain follows the Ancient that created itOut since The Night Eternal
Blood Alone??There are elements based on Dracula, like characters and terms
  • Renfields
  • Witches
YesNoRuled by vampire eldersHidden
Anno Dracula seriesYesManyYesYesDivided in bloodlinesOut
Hotel Transylvania??One of main charactersYesYesDracula and his family; his castle is also a haven for other supernatural creaturesHidden
VampireologyBelial, Ba'al and MolochBloodthirstNo
  • Werewolves
  • Ghouls
  • Zombies
  • Angels
  • God
  • Dragons
  • Griffins

(if considered canonical with the rest of the Ology series, many more)

Blood Moon?Virus/EvolutionNo
  • Werewolves
  • Witches (mentioned)
YesNoTerritorial CovensYes
Shadowspawn?GeneticsMention was made of Stoker being "useful", probably implying that Dracula is fictionalhalfbreedsYesNoYesHidden
Shadowrun?Magical virusNoManyYesNoOut since the return of magic to the Earth
AdventureQuestpossibly SafiriacurseNoYesYesNoYesYes
The Shadowhunter Chronicles (The Mortal Instruments)Vlad III and members of his courtHecate powersYes
  • Shadowhunters or Nephilim
  • Warlocks (term used for both sexes).
  • Werewolves
  • Endarkened
  • Ghosts
  • Fay
  • Forsaken
  • Angels
  • Demons
  • God
  • Fay /Nephilim hybrids
YesNoLoosely organized geographically into covens.Hidden
Penny Dreadful??There are elements based on Dracula; and a character that maybe DraculaManyYesNoPacksHidden

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