List of units of the United States Navy

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This article is a list of commands of the United States Navy.

The list is organized along administrative Chains of Command, and does not include the CNO's office or Shore Establishments.

Deployable/operational U.S. Navy units typically have two chains of command (CoC) – the operational chain and the administrative chains.

Operational CoCs change quite often based on a unit's location and current mission. For example, USS Roosevelt is always administratively assigned to Commander, Naval Air Force, Atlantic Fleet (CNAL). It might also be operationally assigned to CNAL early in its Inter-Deployment Readiness Cycle (IDRC). Later in the IDRC, it is assigned to Commander, Second Fleet, which is responsible for Carrier Strike Group (CSG) training and operations on the east coast.

Once the CSG deploys and transits the Strait of Gibraltar, it then reports to (is "chopped") the Sixth Fleet (responsible for the Mediterranean).

Once the CSG enters the Suez Canal, it "chops" to the Fifth Fleet for operational control.

Operationally, the Roosevelt CSG CoC is: Commander Fifth Fleet, Commander U.S. Naval Forces Central Command, Commander U.S. Forces Central Command, Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff, SecDef, Commander in Chief.

Commander, United States Pacific Fleet (COMPACFLT)[edit]

Commander, United States Third Fleet[edit]

Commander, United States Seventh Fleet[edit]

Commander, Naval Surface Force, United States Pacific Fleet (COMSURFPAC)[edit]

Commander, Submarine Force, United States Pacific Fleet (COMSUBPAC)[edit]

Commander, Naval Air Force, United States Pacific Fleet (COMNAVAIRPAC)[edit]


Commander, United States Fleet Forces Command[edit]

The United States Fleet Forces Command was previously known as the U.S. Atlantic Fleet.

Commander, Naval Surface Forces, United States Atlantic Fleet[edit]


Commander, Submarine Force, United States Atlantic Fleet (COMSUBLANT)[edit]

See also: ComSubLant

Commander, Naval Air Force, United States Atlantic Fleet (COMNAVAIRLANT)[edit]


Commander, Navy Expeditionary Combat Command[edit]

Commander, Military Sealift Command[edit]

U.S. Naval Forces Southern Command/Fourth Fleet[edit]

U.S. Naval Forces Europe/Sixth Fleet[edit]

(While retaining both names, CNE/C6F has a combined staff)

U.S. Naval Forces Central Command/Fifth Fleet[edit]

U.S. Fleet Cyber Command/Tenth Fleet[edit]

See: U.S. Fleet Cyber Command/Tenth Fleet

Naval Special Warfare Command[edit]

Naval Network Warfare Command[edit]

Naval Reserve Force[edit]

Operational Test and Evaluation Force[edit]

See Operational Test and Evaluation Force (OPTEVFOR)



  1. ^ Disbanded 20 September 2005,
  2. ^ Changed from Force to Group by OPNAVNOTE 3100 3111-66, November 2003. Commander, Patrol and Reconnaissance Wing Five, NAS Brunswick, disbanded 2009